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Business Coach : Don’t Wish For It

Business Coach : Don’t Wish For It

-A deadline is ownership.

-Yes it is! It’s a form of ownership.

-I love it. Well, we’re on to step number four now. Step number four.

-I miss the good old days of step number three, don’t you?

-No, no. I’m excited about step number four. Step number four is tenaciously take action to complete those small action steps every day. So, we’ve defined it on paper. We’ve written out the goal and the outcome– big one– even if we don’t know how to get there. Then we start thinking about the small individual steps. Then we set deadlines on those individual steps. A business coach will tell you that deadlines are everything.

And now with tenacious attitude, we are attacking those action items. Why is this so important, the word tenacious?

-Well tenacious is kind of cool. Because you think about a bulldog. You know how bulldogs got just really, really powerful jaws. But what’s unique about a bulldog is when it bites you, when it attacks you, it bites down and never lets go until you die.

-I did not know that. That is terrible.

-Yeah. The bull– you don’t pry those puppies loose, you know. They just


and they got you. And that’s it. They own you from that point forward. Unlike a wolf, which is very different in his pattern, a bulldog–


–tenacious right?

A wolf, or a wolf pack, will attack like guerrilla warfare. First thing they’ll do is inflict a wound, any wound, especially if they can get your hamstring or something.

And I saw this on one of the National Geographic shows. A wolf pack is trailing a group of elk, a herd of elk. And there’s one elk that’s in the back. That’s obviously the vulnerable one. And one wolf, not the whole pack, one wolf runs up and just nips it on the back of the leg, and then backs off.

-Really. That’s interesting.

-Well, you got him outnumbered, take him down. No, no, no, no, no. No, that’s not how nature works. They go up


nip him on the back of the leg and injure him. So now then, he’s not only slow, he’s slower, and he’s got a secondary problem. So now he’s attending to his wound and not to defense. And the second one comes up and wounds another limb. And the next thing you know, he’s prey.

-So you’re saying that we’ve got to be the bulldog.

-Yeah we’ve got to be the bulldog, or the wolf pack, you know, be the whole pack. And that is just nip away, in little ways, without stopping. And you don’t allow time for healing if it’s an attack metaphor. That’s kind of an angry metaphor. A business coach will tell you that being a bulldog is best.

But you don’t allow time for normalization again if you’re trying to get something achieved. You go after it again, and again, nonstop, until you reach the tipping point where it’s yours.

-That’s good so you–

-Then you’ve got its momentum going, as well as your own.

—So, you’re talking about this tenacious attitude we’ve got to have, this tenacious mindset. How often– I guess this is going to be a truth cannon here. This is a truth cannon rolling out. How often have you seen somebody that has set a goal, understands the small steps to get there, and you see that the missing factor is that tenacious attitude? A business coach will teach that mindset is everything.

I mean do you see that? What do you say to somebody right now that maybe does have these other three steps, and it’s time for that fourth to kick in. A business coach ca

-Well, let’s say, don’t wait for it to come to you. The reason people don’t become tenacious is they think tenacious will happen. You know I’m going to get me some tenacious. You’re going to need tenacious. You know, I’m running a little low on tenacious, tenacity.

-I don’t feel– like I don’t feel tenacious.

-That’s right. That’s the whole point. If you want to be successful, learn how to get yourself to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, whether you feel like it or not and still do it well.

-Oh can we just do that– that’s too much. That’s just too much here. One more time.

-Get yourself to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, whether you feel like it or not and still do it well.

-That’s so good.

-Thank you. That really is the key to success. And that’s why it’s so important for us to learn to manage us. That’s the whole Thrive Nation underlying concept is that you can change you. You can manage your own worl– you can transform your life, your career, your relationships by simply following the patterns that have already been proven by so many hundreds of others before us.

-I love it. That’s huge.

-And tenacity is developed just like a muscle’s developed.

-You’ve got to work it out.

-Got to work– got to work it. And then work it out. You know, work it at first means engage it. And if it’s not engaged, if you’re not showing up, if you’re not measuring the item, if you’re not getting the reports, or checking on the outcomes, or whatever it is– not doing your follow through– then chances are good you’re done.

-OK. Well, that was a little truth cannon, and a little lesson nugget, that you don’t have to wait to feel tenacious.



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