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Business Coach | Doomed to Fail

Business coach | Choose a path that suits you

This content was written for Thrive time show

Many small business owners, and entrepreneurs, often be a great idea there had to create and establish their own business. They see something that just sparked her interest, and it would be wonderful if we are able to provide this product or the service for the community. However, they never go as far in creating and filling that entrepreneur idea and great to sit down and create a successful plan. Many business owners and choose the path that is wrong for them, and whether they are just not interested in it, or they make unrealistic goals that do not fit with their dreams. It’s highly important that you have a business coach was able to help you recognize what your goals for your business to help you execute action items to get there.

One of the most incredible programs that are even greater for small business owners, and entrepreneurs, is a program that was created by Clay Clark, and successful optometrists turned tycoon, Dr. Robert Zoellner. Clay Clark is a former United States small business administration entrepreneur of the year. Not just by reading that title, you can assume that he has some of the best-proven systems and practices to help use see your business succeed. I encourage you to go to, because we have many your path in life that becomes available are options for us. Choosing a path that best suits our goals, and the goals of our company is one that we need to go after.

It can be extremely enlightening for you to work with one of our business coach to learn the proven step-by-step processes that have helped Clay Clark, and Dr. Robert Zoellner to create and grow over 13 multimillion dollar businesses for less money than it would cost you to continue going and $8.25 per hour employee. Owning and operating your own business is not just a walk through the park. There is no perfect template or component things you have to do this every day to promise success for your company. That is because every company is different, depending on what services and products to provide there may be a higher demand in the community for them.

However Clay Clark has been able to create alongside with Dr. Roberts a perfected tried and true process to see business owners and entrepreneurs become successful. We are able to help you really focus on your customer service because we all know that customer service is the key to a successful business. Yes your product and services may be out, Amy outshine all of our competitors, but if you have team members who work with a crappy attitude, or are the least helpful people you’ve ever worked with annoyance, comes your company when they need help.

Our business coach will help you learn and that it is okay to fire, and rehire employees. If your employees do not have the best interest of your customers and clients in mind, and they are lazy and are not feasible you should fire them! Do not have the time or financial resources to spend on individuals who will not learn, or grow, or continue to help find a path that will the future benefits for the company. We will teach you processes to conduct interviews that will leave you hiring exceptional a team players.

Business coach | Doomed to fail

This content was written for thrivetime show

Customer service is one of the most aspects of a business model. Because you may have come up with the cure for cancer, or the most perfect product you could ever think of, and customers with still dislike having to work with your company if you had lazy, and trained employees. Our business coach will help you learn the art of conducting group interviews, in creating an environment where only a team players will survive. Because when you have employees were working against the business, instead of for your business, you are dooming your business to fail.

In fact I remember a time when I received the worst possible customer service in my life. This happened about five years ago, it was not really even in business or area where the employee helping you really had to take a lot of time out of their day to help me. I was shopping in a retail store, and all of the products that they had lined up on the shelves were damaged. I was looking for a specific pair of beautiful velvet, 5-inch heels, that would be perfect for my retro soon. However out of the six pairs that they had displayed, they all were either scuffed, there were tears in the fabric, or they were somehow damaged.

I approached one of the saleswomen, and I made her aware that there were only damaged shoes displayed, and that if she could please help me find a pair that did not look to be in such disrepair I would greatly appreciate it. Instead of politely answering me and she just started yelling at these family, saying how I should not have approached her, and it just really left me in a grumpy mood. I never expected that business with them, because if they are going to hire employees who act that way, I don’t need to be giving them my business. Our business coach here at thrivetime show want to make sure that you are hiring employees who will help benefit your company.

Clay Clark, and Dr. Robert Zoellner may have found the perfect systems to ensure success in your business. In fact, Clay Clark has been a former United States small business administration entrepreneur of the year. That is because he and Dr. Robert Zoellner have created over 13 successful outside million-dollar businesses for less money than it would cost you to hire an average employee for just 825 an hour. If you’d like to see when our next business conferences that you can attend please go to

We truly do want to see you succeed as a small owner, or entrepreneur. Whatever goals you have for your business we not only want you to reach an accomplishment, but we want you to be able to go above and beyond and have exceptional results. That is why our business coach can provide for you many resources and programs that will teach you how to execute exceptional customer service. Because the best form of advertising and marketing is in fact word-of-mouth. So when you have customers who leave happy and satisfied they will tell all their friends, family members how wonderful your services were.


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