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Business Coach : Dream Bigger

Business Coach : Dream Bigger

-I always find my biggest dreams require the smallest actions. And if I just keep that in mind, it works. And- I want to–

-What did you just say there?

-My biggest dreams require my smallest actions.

TIM REDMOND: That’s beautiful. That’s awesome.

-That’s like the thing that always helps me. Now, Gary Keller, I’m going to give you one more quote, and then we’re going to hop onto the next point here. He says, the people who achieve extraordinary results don’t achieve them working more hours, they achieve them by getting more done in the hours they work. And also by getting a business coach.

I’m going to give you an example. I have found that I cannot work in my house, at all. I can’t. I can get my bath there, I can do my planning for the day, but I can’t work there. Why?

My kids– I have five kids– they come in and say, Dad, what’s the meaning of life? Dad, how come this, how come that? Dad, where’s my shoe? Dad, what are we going to eat? I can’t think.

And no matter what I do, I can’t think. And then finally, if the kids aren’t there, I’m like, I’ll work from home today. So I sit down, and my stapler’s missing, and my printer’s been unplugged, and my computer–

-All these distractions.

-Yeah, and it’s just I can’t. So for me, I can get more done in one hour at the office at 4:00 in the morning, then I can with seven hours at home. And so, I think if you’re watching this and you’re struggling to get stuff done, understand there’s only a certain number of hours in the day. A business coach will tell you this as well. He just have to find out how to get more done during that time. Don’t feel like the answer’s always more and more time.

Now, we’re moving on to step number 11, networking consistently. Network consistently. Tim, as an entrepreneur, I know it’s very possible to get so focused on achieving our goals, that we forget the importance of networking. And so, I’m going to just give an onslaught of statistics and quotes here, and then I’m going to go to you to kind of maybe illustrate some examples of this.

But 79% of wealthy people network five hours or more each month, versus 18%, of poor people. Again, according to, where Dave Ramsey comments a lot on these things. That’s crazy. 79% of wealthy people are networking five hours a month, versus 16% percent of the poor.

Now, Oprah Winfrey here, she says surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher. Now, Napoleon Hill, this is the author of Think and Grow Rich, he says right here. This is an action step.

Ally yourself with a group of as many people as you may need for the creation and carrying out of your plan, or plans for the accumulation of money. Compliance with this instruction is absolutely essential. Do not neglect it. Have a business coach help hold you accountable.

Tim, I’m going to say this. Here we go. It’s a confessional I’m going to make to the Thrivers worldwide. I don’t like networking.



-I went to church this Sunday. And what I try to do is to make eye contact with as few of people as possible. I honestly do this. And I go in, and I’ll try to not make eye contact. And I’ll do a little games, and I don’t even realize I’m doing it until my wife points it out.

But like I’m just become extremely anti-social. I will park as far away as I can from other people. I’ll try to get there a little bit later, so I can sit in the very back, because I know that networking causes me to follow up, or I’m a bad networker. A business coach can help you get better in these areas.

-OK, Thrivers, I want you to find out where Clay goes to church, and I want you to destroy this habit–

-Well, let me tell you what. Whit George, who’s one of our Thrive mentors, and he is actually the–

-He’s one of your pastors, right?

-Yeah. he’s one of the top pastors at the church, at Church on the Move, where I go. He says he’s tired of creating a church of consumers, and he wants to create a community where people interact. And I’m like, did he make that rule for me? Is that like the Clay Clark is a bad person rule? But I know that, naturally,

I could go weeks without socializing with other people. So can you talk to me though, why it’s important we don’t just get stuck in our home office, or get stuck in the office, and we don’t get stuck there where we’re not networking. Why is it so important that we ally ourselves with people and surround ourselves with people that can help us.

-Yeah. Getting on step. When you realize that business is primarily the process of nurturing relationships, where you’re going to get ideas, perspectives, you’re going to get contacts that somebody knows somebody who knows somebody. And you’ve covered about 86% of the world with that. The business growth, your own development and your growth, is going to happen by these interactions here. And there’s two extremes. There is more the introverted, and I’ll tend to be that way a little bit–

-That’s how I tend to be if I let myself.

– –where, see you later, or I hope I don’t see you later kind of thing. So we have that thing going on. And then, we have other people that are like this sanguine, and they’re a portable party. They’re going everywhere, and they’re friends with everybody.

And they network, but there’s no intelligence in their network. They’re just, hey, how you doing? And then there’s no substantive discussions, there’s no follow up with this. There’s just, I just want to feel good be around people. And so those are two extremes there that will work against you building well. You got to understand that business is all about building and nurturing relationships.


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