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Business Coach – You Have A Dream

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

You have a dream. Actually, it started as an idea one day and it has just steam rolled into this big endeavor you have just embarked on. Where do you go from here?  How do you market yourself? Does your website work for you? Is your game plan one that will take you all the way? Will you ever be financially independent? When can you quit your day job?  All these questions will not only get answered, but you will also receive proven strategic tools and experience the one on one business coach that Clay Clark offers when you call 855-955-7469. If you are not convinced, read some of the testimonials on their website at Thrivetime Show or listen in on the exceptional business radio talk show.

The Thrivetime Show, with hosts Clay Clark and Dr Z, is a 2 hour business radio talk show that gets into the importance of good business tools and strategies. If it is not working for you then why do you do it the way you do it? Why do you still have C employees on your payroll?  What’s the best hiring strategy? How do you weed out those potential employees that will not be productive from the very beginning? Now that you have employees, what are your responsibilities? When can you quit your day job? All these questions get answered when you use the business coach services that Thrive 15 offer when you sign up for a membership.

Thrive 15 is not like other business coach companies out there. For a fee of $1500, you receive all the services Thrive 15 has. But, what if they do not have what you need?  Not sure that will ever happen as they are so well staffed with people of excellence in every area your business has a need. Do you need financing, copywriting services, someone to write your SEO’s, help you with your website, graphic design support, advertising, PR assistance, photography, interior design? The list does not end there. If it has anything to do with business, Thrive 15 provides that quality service.

When searching for coaching services, most entrepreneurs weigh the risk factor,will I receive my money’s worth? Am I throwing money I can’t afford down the drain? Can I be brutally honest? The only risk you will be  taking is when you do not join forces with Thrive 15. They are proven. They get the job done. Companies such as Bama Companies, Farmers insurance, IBM, QuikTrip, Barbee Cookies, Dunrite Plumbing, Boeing, are just a few that have benefited from Thrive 15. Go to their website for a comprehensive list of services they offer and testimonials from companies they launched in the direction they needed to go.

Do you want to hear a combination of humor, business not as usual, brutally honest steps of action and tools that can shape your business in the right way then check out the Thrivetime Show. They have daily guests that share their expertise in the field. After all, everyone was in your shoes at one time, right? Why not lean from the best of the best.  Call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469, it will be the best phone call you ever make for your business.  Listen in on the Thrivetime Show with hosts Dr Z and Clay Clark.

Business Coach – Persistence Is Key.

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Do you have a hard time choosing which area to invest in your business? There are many options to invest. It can be overwhelming at times. You know your business is growing and needs help. Do you invest in marketing, virtual assistant, website designer, or what? Don’t get distracted by all the options. Choose the perfect investment for your company. The perfect investment is business coaching. Why, you ask? Because, they show you exactly which steps come next, how to grow your business, and keep you accountable in the process. Don’t keep looking around at every resource possible to grow your business. One stop is necessary for all your business questions. That is the Thrivetime Show with Clay Clark and Dr. Z. If you have any questions, call them at 855-955-7469.

So, you started your business. A big step was taken in the right direction. Your months into your business , and you realize you don’t know the steps to succeed. You aren’t gaining the traction you wished to see when you started. A little disappointed, you send yourself on way too many rabbit trails to find every resource possible. You are searching for ways to grow. You start on one piece of advice from the Entrepreneur website. After a week, you don’t see ny difference in your business. Because of this, you move on to the next piece of advice. After a while, you tried ten different avenues that would make you ‘succeed’. None of them work, and you are back at square one. Don’t go back to square one. Allow yourself to skip to the process of trying to DIY your own business. Let the experts handle your business and guide you in the right direction through business coach. This is what a coach is there for. This is also why it is the best investment you can make in your business.

Because they are the experts, they know the right moves. They have built their own business from the ground up. They have also helped many different business owners do the same thing through business coach. You can start ahead of them. They have learned many mistakes along the way. Your business will be able to skip these mistakes. Mistakes do not have to be made twice. Let them teach you what they learned and go from there. Businesses grow very similarly. Just because you are in a different niche, doesn’t mean there isn’t a formula to grow your business. Coaches have extremely knowledgeable answers and will always be ten steps ahead of you.

Lastly, you need accountability. What happens when you answer to yourself? Over time, you realize that you are getting lazy. Because you answer to yourself, you allow excuses to be the reason you didn’t finish what you needed to this week. With a coach, you will want to finish everything. They are there to make sure you get your stuff done for your business. Going into your weekly meeting, without your agenda completed, will feel terrible. It will give you motivation to make your coach proud each and every week. In return, you get your business growing.

Allow your business to succeed seven time faster with a coach. The desire of a coach is to see your business succeed. They are experts in the area of business growth. Many resources are available for you to research about growth. THe only resource you need to look at is the Thrivetime show. Clay Clark hits every area in business and would love to answer your questions at 855-955-7469.


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