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Business Coach : Efficiency In Business.

This business coach content is written for the world’s best business coach radio show, The Thrivetime Show.

There was woman who I was working with as a business coach … she excelled in baking.  She was so talented in fact that she decided to open a bakery so others could enjoy her goods. She found the perfect place and bought it. To make the bakery work it had to be reworked to become its optimal in efficiency and design. She designed the bakery. She reworked the bakery. She bought all the new appliances. She reworked the electrical. She painted it and did all the interior design. She designed her menu and created her website. She did all the shopping for supplies. She did all the advertising to get her name out there. To do all this, first the woman had to study and learn each area. Then she was able to implement all aspects of it. This took years.  When she was done, she had the satisfaction of saying she did it all herself. In the end, she was burned out and closed her shop. She should have called Clay Clark at 855-955-7469 for his business coach. She should also have gone to the Thrivetime Show and learned business strategies, it would have saved her in the long run.


The fictional woman in the story above had a passion for baking. Her passion did not extend toward the electrical or the design. She did not excel in each area and so had to work 10 times harder than someone who is gifted in this area. In the end, she never got to see her dream become a success, why?  Just because she was gifted in baking did not make her gifted in all the other areas. Where did she go wrong?  She did not enlist the aide of professionals in the areas she was not proficient in. If she had just stuck to baking, and hired out all the other services, she would be baking today. Why tell that story?  The reason I tell this story is to make it clear why entrepreneurs need the business coach services of Thrive 15.

If this women would have hired Thrive 15 business coach services, all her business needs would have been met and she would have been free to work on her menu and the baking. This makes sense doesn’t it?  Then why as an entrepreneur do you try to do “ it all” for your business. Where does you gift lay?  Stick to what you know best and let others use their gifts and talents to make your passion stand out above the rest.

Thrive 15 was founded by Clay Clark for such a reason. He has a team of experts in all things business. Some excel in graphic design. Some excel in franchising. Others excel in real estate. Every area of business has an expert  and Thrive 15 has a team of all of these experts. Go to for a comprehensive list of all they do.

Stick to your gift. Keep yourself passionate about it. Use the multitalented services of Thrive 15 to turn it into a reality. Call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469 and learn from the best. Reap the benefits of the Thrivetime Show business radio talk show where share the tools of the trade.

Business Coach – Clear Direction for your business

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

It can be scary to invest. The option to invest is crucial in your business. The problem is, what do you invest in first? Does your business need a virtual assistant? Does your business need a marketing agency? Are you investing in marketing itself? When you are confused about your next steps, you need to bring an experience. Experience comes from investing in the business coaching. The program will bring you guidance, accountability, and the experience you need. All three of these things are crucial for business growth. If you need more information about this, go to the Trivetime show. Clay Clark, co-owner, will answer your questions at 855-955-7469.

Businesses need guidance. When starting out as an entrepreneur, you are not sure of the right moves for business growth. You spend hours upon hours researching every business book, podcasts, and study that you can. You look to the most successful people in the world. You study their paths. You study their thoughts. After a while, you receive so much information about business growth. Even though you have all the information, you are confused on which steps to take next. There is a specific linear path you need to take in order for your business to grow. This is where business coach comes in. The coach will be able to tell you your next move. All the moves are related to business growth. They know The most efficient way to grow your business. Wasting time on business growth tactics will not be beneficial for you. Coach is cut out the time wasted. as a business owner, you just need to do what they tell you to do.

It is important to have accountability in your business. When only answering to yourself, business growth will not move as fast. This is inevitable. You will start to accept the excuses you make up. If you want to grow quickly, invest in business coaching. Coaches will be there to know what’s going on in your process. In agenda will be given to you each week. This agenda will have deadlines on each task. If you do not complete your task by the deadline, you have someone to answer to. Without a coach, this wouldn’t be an option. Deadlines are set and only you know about them.

Lastly, you need the experience in your business. As mentioned before, you are an experienced in business growth. This is what coaches do for a living. Their passion is to grow businesses. Coaches have built their own business from the ground up. Coaches have also built many other businesses as well. because of this, you start seven steps ahead. They have a learn from their mistakes. Your business will not make the same mistakes I did in the beginning. Because of this, you start out seven steps ahead of the game. Coaches have also learned from other business owners. gaining instant experience is crucial for growth.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make the greatest investment for your business. The best coach in the United States is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has done the research so you can build a better business. Get more information about Clay Clark on the Thrivetime Show. He loves to answer your questions at 855-955-7469.


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