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Business Coach : Entrepreneur With A Dream

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Are you an entrepreneur with great dreams for success?  Do you want to change the world with your business?  In ten years will you be financially stable with a successful business? Do you find yourself wondering, after looking where you are now, if that will ever be possible? Can it be possible?  Yes. The solution to your problems is at your fingertips, Clay Clark-855-955-7469, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!  He is the CEO of the Thrivetime Show and is the expert on Business Coach.   

Clay Clark is the business and consultant choice for many of the world’s top businesses. Hewlett-Packard , Valspar Paints and Trinity Employment are a few but do not even scratch the surface of the companies his Business Coach strategies have helped.  His company, Thrive 15, offers you, the entrepreneur, a multitude of tools to grow your business big. Thrive 15 offers graphic design, branding, IT/Tech support, life coaching, website design to just name a few of the benefits you receive when you use his company. By utilizing his proven strategies and services, your organization will have outstanding results and skyrocket to success. The success you visualized when you dreamed about your company back in the beginning.

Imagine having the opportunity to take your dream and turn it into a reality. You can when you hire Thrive 15 as your coach. The knowledge you have now combined with what you will learn from working with Thrive15 will be amazing. The tools they offer and the instruction they give is a hands on step by step process that guarantees success. Their strategies are easy to grasp and implement. The Business Coach Thrive15 uses is not like any other offered on-line. It starts from the ground floor and works up. They will build your business precept upon precept, leaving nothing to chance making your dream a reality.

Wherever you are in your business, Thrive 15 can help make the difference between a sluggish growth rate to a steady in increase in business growth.  If you already have a website, their specialists can make it better. Thrive15 has a specialist in every area your business needs. From graphic design to raising capital for your business. When you hire Thrive15, the specialists come as part of the package.  Their goal is to make you look good and grow your business. Go to their website at if you’re still not convinced you need their wisdom and insights.

The questions is; do you go it alone or do you invest. The word invest itself means to put money into a financial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit. As an entrepreneur, you want to invest with someone who has had a proven documented  success rate. Thrive15 is a sound company that has had a 100% success rate with its clients.  Clay Clark at 855-9557469 would enjoy the opportunity to prove this with you. Check out the Thrivetime Show or one of his podcasts to see some of his proven strategies he employs in his company Thrive15.

Business Coach – Clear Direction for your business

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Do you have a business? If so, you want to be successful. I mean, who doesn’t? How do you learn to run a successful company? Some might say to read as many motivational books you can, and others might tell you to attend as many network events possible. What if I told you there was a better way to gain traction in your business? Let’s cut to the chase. There will not be anymore rabbit trails going on in your life. Let’s take the straight path to success through business coach. The bumps and hard times will be inevitable. You need to be strategic in how you handle each curveball. Time freedom, financial freedom, and growing your business are all part of the success trail. Cut out the unnecessary rabbit trails by getting information you need from the man with the answers, Clay Clark. You can find him on the Thrivetime show or contact him at 1-855-955-7469.

Time freedom is vital for your F6 goals. What are F6 goals? They are the goals of faith, family, finances, fitness, friendships, and fun in your life. Setting yourself up to always work in your business is not what you want. You may want to spend more time with your family. You may want to go to that golfing range each week. Whatever your goals are, put them in stone and work towards them. Compromising your goals because you don’t know how to achieve them is not the way to live. Many business owners forget about their goals by working in their business all the time. Start working on your business to achieve success in your life. How do you do that? First, visit Second, get into the perfect business coach program.

Another key to success is to gain financial freedom from the information in your business coach program. Running your business will not be fun if you are making many sales with little to no profit. Profit is the secret to getting financial freedom. Are you having trouble gaining profit? Have you been trying to take your business to the next level and realize you might actually be negative in your profits if you continue to scale? Believe it or not, this is a common problem within the business world. Don’t be the common business. Be like Sprik Realty, Barbee Cookies, and the Tulsa Oilers. Take action now towards a better business and a better life by choosing the same coach they did.

When entrepreneurs start a business, they expect it to grow and gain profit. You hear all about how to grow your business in half the time from many different articles. There will be a few points about growth, but it ends there. You might be reading as many articles possible that claim you can double your profits in 30 days by just a few secrets. Many ‘overnight successes’ take ten years. This doesn’t mean you will have to put many hours into your business for ten years just to make profit. You can choose to take the steady road to your dreams. The best way to achieve this is through a coach. A coach can cut your success time in half through strategic action.

Take strategic action today with a strategic coach. You want the best results for the money you choose to invest into your business. Allow a coach to show you the right path. The best option is to work alongside Clay Clark, co-owner of the Thrivetime show. The best way to receive more information is to call 855-955-7469.


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