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Business Coach: Entrepreneur Success

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

What does an entrepreneur have to do to succeed in the world today where there is so much competition. They have to produce a product that wows their customer. They have to run a business with excellence. They have to know their competition. They have to know their strengths. If you know their weaknesses. They have to know how to manage employees. They have to excel in website design and copywriting and SEO’s. They have to get their finances straight and know how much money they need to generate through their product or services. They need to know how many clients they need to produce the amount of income they need to operate on a daily basis. And they need to do all this week after week. Call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469, owner and visionary of thrive 15. Check out the Thrive time show where they discuss all the subjects and more of business coach.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a small start up company you really want to get your name out there. How do you do that without a business coach? Maybe you have a family with children and your time is extremely valuable and yet all your hours and energy go towards your new business. What about using the services of a coach for business? Have you done your research on business coach companies? If you have you know it can get very pricey. Most business coaches do not offer every service your company will need. Because of this,  you’ll have to look elsewhere to fill the needs of your company for each area. It’s either that or you,  yourself, have to be the expert in all fields business. Who can do this and still have time for what matters most; faith, family finances, relationships and fitness.

Clay Clark, serial entrepreneur ,visionary, self-starter, award-winning entrepreneur of the year and founder of Thrive 15, has been where you are before business coach. He has done all the research to find the best strategies and tools an entrepreneur like yourself needs to start their business. He designed Thrive 15 to meet all your business needs in one place. When you join forces with Thrive 15 you receive a staff that excels in their area of expertise.  Maybe your company needs management training or help in advertising or online marketing for SEO’s or product design Thrive 15 has the staff to meet that need.

Clay Clark is Thrive 15. He has helped companies such as Trinity Employment, Bama Companies, Farmers Insurance, Barbee Cookies, Dunrite Plumbing, Elephant in the Room, Total Lending Concepts, the Tulsa Oilers,Sprik Realty, Hewlett Packard, IBM and more. These companies with a baby large or small all receive the help they needed to get where they are today. They are financially stable and have time freedom.

Thrive 15 provides a very practical and productive approach to building your business. When you join forces with them you receive all their service support in one package. No other company out there that does this. They stand alone providing all these services. If you go to their website you will all their services listed that you an take advantage of, Call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469 and begin your process now. Check out the Thrivetime Show for more information.

Business Coach – Clear Direction for your business

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Can the actions to invest be overwhelming? Many different options a raise every single day. Do you need to invest in a marketing agency? Do you need to invest in a branding coach. Do you need to invest in a copyright expert? The answer is no. The only thing you need to invest in, right away, is business coaching. They will give you the right direction, accountability, and a faster way to grow. You can find any information pieces of that business growth online. The best resource is the third time show. Clay Clark, the co-owner at, will answer all your questions at 855-955-7469.

Running a business can you lead you down many different rabbit trails. You want to know about success. Business growth is a hot topic for you. You research for hours upon hours on how to effectively grow your business. Many articles are very contradicting. They give you bits and pieces of information. You have The little pieces of information, but you do not know what to do with him. He coach knows how to take the information and put it into a linear path to success. Having a coach will give you the exact direction to reach your goals. After investing in business coaching, you may because you didn’t realize before. Don’t miss out on getting the right path to success. Figure out the right steps, in order, to take for success.

Do you need business coaching for accountability. Accountability is extremely important in regards to success. When you answer to yourself, it will be easy to make up excuses. Excuses can’t prolong your success. Having a coach will give you the linear agenda for each week. I don’t mind a set for each task of the week. Because of this, you will never miss a deadline. keeping up with deadlines, success will come quicker. Do not lose this opportunity for accountability. Answering to yourself will get you in trouble.

Lastly, a coach will allow your business to grow seven times faster. First, you do not have to DIY your own business. Because of this, you save time and money. Bringing a coach will give you the expertise your business success needs. They have experience in growing many print types of businesses. Because of this, they have done much research. Your business can start out seven steps ahead. Don’t start at the bottom like they did. Learn from their mistakes. Learn from other business owner mistakes. Start your business out ahead.

These few reasons only scratched the surface for the benefits of a coach. The benefits of a coach can mean the difference in a five figure year compared to a six-figure year. There will be dedication required for success. Hard work is also required for success. Have you coach does not mean everything will come easy. It will mean the distractions are eliminated. Get the resources you need for business growth at the Thrivetime Show by Clay Clark. Call them with questions at 855-955-7469.


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