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Business Coach : The Most Experienced

Business Coach : The Most Experienced
-How do you do that with someone you don’t know, Arthur? Because you do it all the time. Someone you don’t know, how do you generate that law of reciprocity, doing for others what you want them to do for you? If you don’t know what that means… hire a business coach.

-You look for opportunities. My family, my kids, Christmas is a big thing for us. We will literally look for opportunities. We’ve done a lot of crazy things for people over the years. We will listen.

This was kind of a joke, but it kind of wasn’t. A friend of mine and I were having a discussion, and we were talking about some hot dogs from QuikTrip. I love QuikTrip hot dogs. We’re not getting paid for this, by the way. I love them.

-It’s unbiased if you love them.

-Yeah. He had told me he had never had a QuikTrip hot dog. While we’re sitting there at this meeting, this luncheon meeting, I texted a friend of mine that was there– actually I was at Oral Roberts University, on the campus there– and I said, hey, I need three QuikTrip hot dogs, as fast as you can. Sure enough, it shows up.

I had somebody on campus that I had a relationship with for that. And then, when they came in, I knew the caterer, and I said hey– I need a plate and a lid. And so they got a plate and lid. We put these hot dogs on it and brought it out and slid it to him. So he literally has a plate of steak and mashed potatoes and everything here– and three QuikTrip hot dogs.

They pulled it off, and he just laughed hysterically about it. Of course we made him eat them. But the thing was that he’ll never forget that.

-You don’t wait for someone to ask you– hey, please do something nice for me.


-You don’t wait. You initiate.

-That’s right.

-I will say this, too. A lot of people watching this right now are saying– nobody invites me to parties. Nobody invites me to parties. And I will tell you this. You’re one of the most generous people I know in terms of inviting people to activities and events. You do that all the time. I think that’s neat, because in my life, I get invited to a lot of things. And a lot of things we can’t go to, a lot of things we can go to. But I always try to be an inviter. I’m always like– hey,  business coach Arthur, could you come to this Festivus party? Could you come to this birthday party? Could you come?

A lot of times you can’t. A lot of times you can. But you’re never going to be invited unless you’re an inviter.

-That’s right. A lot of people come to me and say– how do you have so many friends? I had a guy from the corporate office one time show up. I said– hey, me and some guys are going to go out tonight. He meets us at the restaurant, and there’s 19 of us.

And he goes– are these your friends?

I was like– yeah.

And he goes– are they all your friends?

And I was like– yeah, they’re all my friends.

CLAY CLARK: Except for  business coach Greg and Daryl.

-Yeah, didn’t like them. Are these your friends?

And he goes– that’s just crazy. You guys are going to see a movie, and you have 19.

I said when we’re going to see a movie, we’re going to invite everyone we know. Because guess what? We have this habit. As humans, we get locked into our lives, and we just sit at home. And so if I can invite them to come out and I can do something that will make a difference in their day, then I’ve done my job.

CLAY CLARK: I agree with that.

-And it doesn’t hurt me any to invite them. It’s kind of like liking somebody on Facebook. It doesn’t hurt you to like every single person, even if you don’t like what they’re saying. I’m not saying to do that. And start liking my posts, by the way.

-Get on Facebook and like business coach Arthur Greeno.

ARTHUR GREENO: There you go.


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