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Business Coach F6 Goals and KPIs

Transcribed for the business coach program at

Business Coach 132

Clay – Business Coach Program Founder and Head Business Coach: Well, I, you know. Yeah, I probably could. Let me look around. There’s like 10 of us in line. We’re like, ah frick. She’s looking around. Then she comes back with these lotions and potions. Well, what’s the difference between the lavendar and the daffodil? Because this here appears to be sea salt. Where this is more of an aloe base. What is the difference, I mean overall? What would be going through your mind if you were behind this person in line.

Robert R – Business coach.: I think what might be going through my mind is where can I get to the closest self checkout. Where can I find a potion to make this person disappear. I think the beyond refers to the lotion itself.

Clay: It was Bath and Body Works is where I was in the mall.

Robert R.: Okay.

Clay: Okay and I’m not kidding. She goes, well I do have a coupon. I think it might be expired. Can we see if it’s expired. They run it and the thing’s expired or it’s not good. I feel like it is. Could you call in and just see. I think it was like seven dollars on it.

Robert R.: Here’s a real move, if you’re in the line try to buy it on Amazon quicker than you check out and just get out there.

Clay: No, no, no. I’m just telling you what I did. She’s going through. She’s like, so I know there was like seven dollars on. The line’s now like 12 people, 13 people. I said to my daughter, I said, hey why don’t you just go to the restroom. Didn’t I say that? Because you were in line. It was like a half hour? Was it more than a half hour? It was like one hour. We’re in line for like an hour, I’m not kidding. There’s people like it’s lining out. I’m going, are you kidding me? And as a business coach it was driving me crazy.

Finally the kids go to the bathroom. I said, ma’am, I don’t care what it costs. I’ll pay for it. Just whatever the cost is. It’s totally fine. It’s fine. No, I couldn’t. No. Absolutely you could. I’m paying for it. I just can’t handle that stuff. It’s crazy.

The thing is, if I was with that person, I would absolutely either shoot myself or think of shooting. I wouldn’t shoot her. I would definitely. I’d have to hit my head in the face with a rock to decrease my pain level. I’d have to just it over and over and over. Because it just stresses me out. I know if she was around a pragmatic person like me, she’d be like, doesn’t he care about people at all? She’s going to think about it for an hour and a half about what kind of salt scrub to buy for her heals. I know more about her heals than I ever wanted to know about her heals.

The thing is, financially I just know what my wife and I need to be able to take care of our family. We have five kids. They all have health insurance. That kind of thing. I know those goals. Everything else is kind of bonus round. I know my financial goals.

I want to ask you right now. Because I think the thrivers kind of learn from listening to other people here a little bit. Megan, what are your financial goals? Do you want to have a little extra money so you can go buy like a yahoo or a red bull? What kind of financial goals do you have my friend?

Megan: I actually try to live as frugally as possible. Just because one, I see it as a challenge. Two, I figure the more frugally I live now as my business does start to grow and as I become more financially independent building those habits now I think is really important. I think it would be really great one day to have a house with some land. Pay it off and not really dependent upon any source of income. I think it would be great someday to have some kind of animal refuge. That I wasn’t dependent upon financially.

Clay: Animal refuge. Did my daughter just leave the set here? You hear that? Animal refuge, my daughter. She loves animals. We’ve got a reclaimed rabbit. We have chickens. so my kids make me an animal person on top of a business coach.

Megan: What’s a reclaimed rabbit?

Clay: Well, a reclaimed rabbit, like a rabbit where it’s like people have said we’re just going to put this rabbit in this garage. Right? We actually went out to meet a couple about adopting their dog. My daughter reaches down to pet the dog. The dog bites my daughter’s face. Her eye. We ended up having to have like … Go into the hospital, did we not? We had to have stitches. It was a crazy deal. I’m like, oh my gosh. That was crazy. My wife and I are like crying. People are crying. There was blood. It was crazy. We thought my daughter lost her eye. I’m not kidding. It was bad.

Then, after we recover, we have the little slight surgery. We go into this little hospital area. Then my daughter’s thought was, well, what about the rabbit? I’m like, what do you mean the rabbit? They had a rabbit left in the garage. We went back to the home of the people that had the dog that bit my daughter’s face. Mel, it’s okay to laugh on here. It’s okay.

We ended up, my daughter said we can adopt this thing. Now we have Oreo living at our house. This is one of the best rabbits of all time. This is an incredible rabbit. Quite a snuggler I may add. These are goals.

Thrivers, if you’re listening right now and you want to have some kind of animal refuge. You’re not weird. What’s weird is doing what most people do. I’m going to give you a mystic statistic that will blow your gourd. I want you to Google the Atlantic and then my secret shame. The Atlantic that’s the publication and my secret shame.

Do you know the average American has gone to college. Not all. The average has gone to college. They have less than 400 dollars saved regardless of their age. Good job college. Great job. The thing is if you’re listening right now and you’re like that’s me. Do not make any awkward facial expressions the people around you will not know that’s you.

The thing is having $400 saved is something they don’t teach you at college. How to become successful, they don’t teach that at college. They teach the stuff. Well you know the Mesopotamia was this fertile area where the Tigris and Euphrates got together. The silt would come in and what the silt would do was the silt would allow the plants to be more fertile. Next semester we’re going to talk about more things that don’t matter.

On the Thrive Time Show we’re going to talk about the F 6 things that matter. How to have the good life. Specifically, faith, family, finances, fitness, friendships, and fun. You can have it all if you schedule time for it. Stay tuned, we’re talking more about the F 6 goals on the Thrive Time Show. The F6 goals are a large part of the business coach path.

One, two, two and to the three on the microphone. Guess what? It’s me. It’s the Thrive Time Show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark. I’m here to help you create the most successful life possible. Why? Because I know what it’s like to feel like your life’s out of control. Like you’re not scheduling time for what matters to you. I’m telling you when you go to college, they teach you everything except for how to have a successful life.

What are you talking about? I thought they talk a lot about that? I love college. I’m a professor. I love college. College is great. I love my syllabus. Well, apparently according to the Atlantic, I mean the Atlantic. Is that a thing? Time Magazine did a similar study. USA Today has done one. The average American has less than $400 saved regardless of whether they went to college or not.

What we’re talking about today is scheduling time for what matters to you. You can design the life you want as opposed to just by default living the life that you sort of just drift into. We’re talking about the F 6 goals We talked about scheduling time for faith, family, finances.

Now Mel, Mel we’re talking about fitness now. This is Mel, Melania Wright here the founder of Melania Wright Photography. Mel, talk to me about fitness. How important is fitness to you? I always see you sprinting around, running around, climbing ropes. You’re always doing crushers. Always doing jumping jacks. Seems like you’re always doing burpees. It’s like your try to have a meeting with Mel and she’s doing like a burpee or something. How important is fitness to you?

Melania: It’s very important. It’s more important than fun to me.

Clay: Why?

Melena Wright: Because it is fun to me. I don’t know. I just feel good when I’m in shape. I feel terrible when I’m out of shape.

Clay: When did you get this fascination with fitness? When did you get this disorder? You know, when did it happen?

Melania: My mom made me play outside as a kid. I think that might have something to do with it.

Clay: Okay, and so you just it’s become a big thing for you. As you’re building your business, talk to me about how you’ve tried to balance scheduling time for fitness while building the business. What kind of challenges have you run into? What kind of solutions are you trying to find? Just walk me through kind of what’s going on. As you’re building a business trying to schedule time for fitness. How does that work for you? Does a business coach help?


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