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Business Coach What are your F6 Goals

Transcribed for business coach program at Thrive15

Business Coach 131

Melania: learning about my F6 from a business coach was so helpful. It is so challenging, because in photography there’s a lot of sitting involved. A lot of editing. I do not do well sitting for long periods of time. I often will take breaks. I will go on the treadmill for literally just a quarter mile. I’ll take my dog for a walk. I’ll take my dogs for a run. I’ll go to bootcamp. I’ll do yoga, pushups, whatever. Because I just need that blood flowing and that good energy going.

If I don’t schedule in working out, I will slowly become a grumpy, angry, miserable person.

Clay – business coach program founder and lead business coach: Really? It happens that quick?

Melania: Yes.

Clay: How quick is it? Like two days, four days? I’ve notice that recently you’ve become very hateful. No, I’m just kidding. Seriously how long does it take before you kind of drift into that abyss of sort of becoming like an evil, angry. Kind of like the Emperor from Star Wars where you’re just sort of angry looking all the time. Kind of upset.

Melena Wright: I can do about three days, and then I start to get really antsy. In a week I’m not myself.

Clay: Okay, okay. Thrivers, you might be going, that is so weird. What is wrong with her? If you get a chance to go Google the Mel. You get a chance to meet the Mel. Mel’s in shape. This is something she prioritizes. Some of you are going, well, who is she to judge us. Well, you don’t understand my schedule. Well, maybe you’re doing awesome at faith thrivers, but maybe you’re not scheduling time for fitness.

Rumor has it, if you die physically, you can’t probably enjoy your money. What? That was [inaudible 01:17:35]. Rumor has it too. If you’re in great shape, but you can’t afford to feed yourself that’s not a good move either. Okay, so you got to balance all the scheduled time for what matters.

Now we’re moving onto the next F which is friendships. a good business coach will tell you that you have to cut people out of your life. I’m going to pick on our successful entrepreneur and she’s one of the entrepreneurs where you’re like. It’s just, I’m so jealous of this person. What is her deal? She’s 25. She’s financially free. I’m sure she inherited it all. I’m going to ask you the rude questions here, Megan. Did you inherit all your money that you’ve built up there with Bow and Arrow in your successful business with two locations? Did you inherit all of it?

Megan: None of it.

Clay: What percentage of all of it did you inherit?

Megan: .0000.

Clay: Okay, so you built the business. Talk to me about friendships. How have you found time to maintain friendships. Why have you you completely cut yourself off from society. Why aren’t you living in a bunker somewhere. How have you scheduled time for building friendships, dating human, these kind of things. I’ve seen these scenarios 100’s of times as a business coach

Megan: Well, I actually have realized that I am pretty introverted. It sounds pretty ideal to kind of lock myself away and not have friendships. I’ve realized that makes a slightly depressed Megan. It is very important for me to schedule that time whether it’s just hanging out one on one or being in a group setting. It’s been pretty easy to schedule that time. I have found that it’s important to do even though sometimes I don’t want to.

Clay: I think thrivers it’s so important that you schedule time for people that lift you up and that encourage you. People that share your faith and that share your values. Because like I can spend tons of time with Dr. Z. He’s never said a negative word to me. It’s always encouraging, or it’s a coaching moment. He’s never just attacking me. He might attack the problem. When you’re surrounded by people that are going the same direction you are. It’s like you’re all rowing in the same direction. It’s awesome.

Here’s my deal. This is my issue with friendships. I call it the geography friendship. Where your friends because you went to high school together. Because all of a sudden your parents lived on the same block, now the thing you have in common is that you were in the same zipcode. That’s just dumb to me. Just stop doing that. Make a list of people that you want to spend more time with. Make a list of people you want to spend less time with. Begin designing the life that you want. You mean you’d actually make a list?

I remember when I made a list, and I’m like I’m definitely going to spend less time with this person. I remember one person in my life who used to just love coming over to our apartment and we’d argue about politics. He knew that I’m a shameless Liberatarian. I just want the government to get the heck out of my life. Leave me alone. If I just die, because I can’t afford medical care, it’s fine. Just please don’t come over and say, hi I’m with the government. I’m here to help. Just leave me alone. That’s my world view.

His real world view is hi, I’m from the government. I’m here to solve everything. I want to give you a phone. I want to pay for your college. I want to help you out. Government and regulations. Now, we’re never going to agree, so I just never brought up politics. For whatever reason he felt the need to come over to my house and every time it would be just hopping into the politics. When I said, hey, moving forward. I want to spend less time with you, because I think I drive you nuts, or you drive me nuts. Either way, it’s not a positive thing. I remember how offended he was and how upset he was. Now how happy I am.

I’ll just say that I encourage you to make sure that you have spent time with people that matter to you. Cut off the relationships with people that don’t matter to you. Find some sort of boundary there.

Now, fun. Scheduling time for fun. Mel, how important is it for you to schedule time for fun?

Melania: Well, my fun is exercising, so it’s very important.

Clay: You know Robert, what’s fun in the world of Robert Redman business coach? What’s fun in your world, my friend.

Robert R.: You know Clay, and I’m not just saying this because your background. Because of how you started out in business. Lately, I’ve been kind of using my fun time, my free time to get into my DJ game a little bit.

Clay: Really?

Robert R.: I’m just starting out. I’m not trying to have a competition here or anything like that. It’s something I really enjoy. I love music. I actually just was asked to DJ a upcoming 90s party.

Clay: Are you being serious?

Robert R.: I’m being completely serious.

Clay: You’re being real?

Robert R.: For real. 100%.

Clay: Wow, well that’s a …

Robert R.: You seem surprised.

Clay: I tell you what. He’s the Godfather of DJ. Perhaps I will pull you aside and teach a few things. You probably don’t have what it takes. You know what I’m saying? You pry just don’t have what it takes, Robert. You know what I mean.

Robert R.: I have what it takes.

Clay: Okay, we’ll see. We’ll see. No. Robert, I’m excited about your new DJ career. I also want to encourage you that there’s a new carnie, the people who work at carnivals. There’s carnies or people who work at carnivals. If you want to work at a carnival, and you get rejected. They’ll say, I’m sorry you don’t qualify to become a carnie. You don’t qualify to run the Himalaya, or to run various rides that don’t work well consistently. You could apply to be a DJ. A DJ is a step below a carnie. As a former DJ I could tell you it’s one step below. You know what I mean? If you can’t be a carnie? Do you understand that you accept that?

Robert R.: I do. I’m doing it for fun. It’s an ultimate backup plan. Then, I’ve seen you do it.

Clay: Now listen, I’m just telling you because I had no discernible skills or talent. It was a low bear of entry. Over time, I systemized it. I’m glad I did it. I’m just telling you. Be careful, pretty soon you’re going to Djing at the Yucatan Liquor Stand on Thursdays, thirsty Thursdays. Trying to pitch long necks to people in their 40s who have beer bellies and you’re trying to convince them to play volleyball. That’s what’s going to happen to you.

Robert R.: Yeah. I’ll stick to the business coaching. I think that’s working pretty well right now. I’ll have that as my primary focus.

Clay: Pretty soon if you’re not careful, you’re going to sign a six day a week contract with the Holiday Inn Select at I44 and Yale. Then a bonus gig on Sundays at Applebee’s to run the karoake. Any of the ladies out there are really going to just want to run away from you.

Robert R.: How did you know I was in contact with a Holiday Inn Select. How do you know that.

Clay: I was just telling you what happened to my life.

Robert R.: Oh man.

Clay: I’m just telling you be careful my friend.

Robert R.: They’re still trying to find someone.

Clay: Yeah, I don’t know why my wife stayed married to me. I was Djing every single night. I’m telling you what, thirsty Thursdays Yucatan Liquor Stand. Thirsty Thursdays, sign up for the volleyball tournament. We’ve got a 40 and older tournament. When you see people with mullets who are grossly out of shape. Who are half drunk playing volleyball. You think it’s entertainment. You’ve got some problems with you.

Thrivers, I’m telling you. We are always excited to have you on the show, listening to the show. You definitely don’t want to miss out on our next upcoming show. You also want to get out to our in person workshops. If you want to kind of live an adventurous life. You want to become successful in a way that creates both time, freedom, and financial freedom. If you want to build a business that’s going to give you that time freedom and financial freedom so you can pursue that F 6 life. We have goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship, and your fun. You want to get out to our next in person workshop. How can you learn more? It’s at Check it out, it’s a dollar for your first month. There’s no reason you can’t afford it. Check it out. Learn more at We’ll see you at our next in person workshop. Boom!

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