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Business Coach – Filling A Need

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

You’re a new business owner. Business is booming and you realize you can’t do it all anymore. Items need to be taken off your plate. Delegation is key at this point. You start looking around the internet about how to delegate and grow at the same time. It gets overwhelming. Too many pieces of information are available. The information is all saying different things. Where do you start? Which move would be the most efficient at this point? I have all the answers to your problems. First, you need to check out There is the only business information you need. Second, you need to invest in the greatest option for you business. The greatest option is business coach. Coaches are there to bring in expert eyes, accountability, and to speed up your growth seven times faster. Clay Clark, co-owner of the Thrivetime Show, will answer any question you have at 855-955-7469.

Why do you need expert eyes? You have not grown a business before. Starting, and wearing all hats, of entrepreneurship is difficult. You can either choose to start at the bottom. Or, you can choose to start several steps up. A business coach has experience for a reason. They have grown their own businesses. They have also stood by while their clients grew tremendous amounts. Their clients didn’t have to start at the bottom because business coaches have already made mistakes. The clients, of business coach, were lucky enough to not have to make the same mistakes. They were able to use the information on the other side of the mistake before it was made. This allows you to be ahead of the game. Use the expertise of a coach to really get ahead.

Second, coaches will bring accountability to the table. Accountability is crucial for business growth. If you only answer to yourself, eventually you will give in to your excuses. You will allow yourself to take days off here and there because you deserve it. Don’t get me wrong, you do deserve it. The questions is, was that excuse worth your business suffering? Did it bring you farther away from creating the life you want to live? If so, this proves my point. Business coach is there to not let your excuses be an option. They push you in every area. Coaches see the end goal and strive towards that, with you, every week.

LAstly, you need a coach to grow seven times faster. Starting out, you may need to work many more hours than you really want to in  your business. It’s called the hustle. I know you have heard that word way too many times when looking up resources for business growth. A coach has experience and knows the next move for success. Your business is their priority. They have passion for the growth of your business and want to see your goals become reality. If you allow them to grow your business seven time faster, you will reach the time and financial freedom you long for. Working in your business is not your dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, business growth is full of hard work and dedication. YOu need to consistently work to succeed in your business. Having a coach will cut the stress of trying to DIY your business. They know the next moves. They know how to make your business succeed. Get all this information at the Thrivetime Show with Clay Clark and Dr. Z. Get your questions answered at 855-955-7469.

Business Coach – Delegate.

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Thrive 15, the best business coaching company where they give you specific and practical training to grow your business. They offer a two day business workshop that will turn your business around. Do you need a business coach? Bill Gates says “ everyone needs a coach… with no feedback, no coaching, there’s just no way to improve.”  Even if your company is growing, there are a multitude of ways for your company to improve. Founder of Thrive 15, Clay Clark, 855-955-7469, provides you with everything you need to grow your business. Join the Thrivetime Show radio audience and learn the fundamentals of growing a business that is successful.

Thrive 15 has strategic plan of action and tools to work you business. They offer accounting, systems creation, graphic design, social media, branding, business development, finance,franchising, customer service,product design, SEO, interior design, PR, sales training, step-by-step mentorship, online marketing, advertising, copywriting, management training, HR/staff management, life coaching, IT/tech support, proforma, website design, publishing and more. “With tools like, people of any age can learn to start or take their business to the next level.”- Forbes. This is business coach kicked up a notch.

Clay Clay he has written 7 books so far and currently working on the next one. . He has travels, speaking and teaching his business coach strategies. The demand for his time and insights on business entrepreneurship became so high that he was left with no recourse but solve this problem with another business, Thrive15. He calls himself the general contractor of Thrive 15. Thrive15 teaches and equips the entrepreneur with all the tools necessary to run and grow their business to be successful and financially independent   When you team up with Thrive 15 for a fee of $1500, all their business services are accessible. The Thrive team of gifted men and women lend their skills to your business. These areas of expertise range from copy writing all the way to graphic design. Thrive15 membership in Luke’s all this.

Clay Clark has joined forces with many companies looking to increase their growth and grow to the next level. Companies such as Boeing, Bama Companies, Oral Roberts University, OReillys Auto Parts, QuikTrip to just name a few. You can go to his website at and check out the testimonies many have written. Clay Clark never stands still. Always looking for solutions. Always striving for excellence.

If you’re worrying about failing or just not being the best you can be then this Thrive15 Is for you. Do you feel as though you are stuck and can’t solve your biggest problems? Maybe you think everyone thinks you’re nuts and you don’t have what it takes to be that successful entrepreneur, your dream. Clay Clark has developed Thrive 15 with you in mind. He doesn’t want you to fail. His business strategies are proven to work and they will work for you and your business. He can identify your biggest limiting factors and what is keeping your business from growing. Call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469 and start the process today. Visit the Thrivetime Show where you’ll learn you are not alone.


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