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Business Coach : The Final Steps

Business Coach : The Final Steps

-Now, the final step I want to share with you. This fabulous liberating for some people. It might be discouraging for others. But, as a business coach, I’m going to share it with you.

-Step number 19 is don’t retire. Stay inspired.

Now, Tim, there’s a Forbes article written on January 29, 2013. And this millionaire PR executive, and business coach, Barry Schwartz. He said that he continued to work because he, essentially, loves the game. He says, “If you truly love what you’re doing, why stop?”

Tim, business coach Warren Buffett says this quote that just blows my mind. And I’m going to kind of tee it up for you. And then you can smash it out of the park here, I guess.

-Do it.

-Here we go. I guess golfers don’t smash too many golf balls out of the park. But the point is–

-Oh yeah.

-Here we go. So Warren Buffett says, “There comes a time when you ought to start doing what you want. Take a job that you love. You will jump out of bed in the morning.”

“I think you’re out of your mind if you keep taking jobs that you don’t like because you think that you will look good– because it will look good on your resume. Isn’t that a little like saving up sex for your old age?”

-That’s a depressing thought.

-Um, OK. So Warren Buffett says– he says, “Even though I get older, what I do never gets old. That’s what keeps me hungry.”

Talk to me about this real quick, about this phenomenon of the most successful people never wanting to retire and always being inspired. No matter how old they get, they just keep working. They love it.

-The idea of work as– work as a creative process. You want to create something. I define wealth as creating something to serve other people with it.

And it’s interesting. I had a rabbi tell me, in the old the Jewish tradition, that in the Bible– in the old Hebrew Bible they don’t have the word retirement in there because that’s not a value that God, however you want to make God in–



-You make– God does not want you to retire. He wants you to be fruitful and multiply all the days of your life. So retirement. If that’s not in God’s plan, why should it be in our plan?

We– you know, my idea of this is you want to be productive and a contributing member of society. It makes you come alive. It brings you joy. There’s all kinds of great things.

You’re an entrepreneur right now because you want to serve people with something you create.

-I was thinking about, you know, the word retirement as I was looking into this and researching for this particular training. And the word retiring is all about drawing back, kind of pulling back away from. Why would you want to pull back away from something you love?

And so if you’re watching this and you find yourself right now working at a job that you don’t love, it doesn’t mean you should quit immediately. It just means you should be working– this job should help you move from where you are to where you want to be. A job like a vehicle to move you from point A to point B.

So if you’re watching this today, I want to recap with you. This is where you start, OK? This is where you starts. These are 19 steps. These step by step– the step by step approach to becoming wealthy.

Obviously we’ve given you a fire hose of knowledge. We’ve given you countless statistics, notable quotables, a lot of stuff. But you have to start somewhere.

So don’t be overwhelmed. Deep dive into the curriculum we have here on Thrive15. And we want to encourage you, that you can absolutely live your best life now. You can do it!

Tim, do you have anything you want to share to the folks at home who are watching this, who are kind of going (robotically) you know what? I might be able to do this.

I might just be able to do this entrepreneurship thing.

-Yeah. The one thing that I’d come back to is– with all that Clay and I have shared here in these episodes, pick one thing.

Pick one thing that you start to take action on. One thing here is just subscribing to Thrive15 if they haven’t already.

But get action. Just take this dosage like you take medicine. Every day, be around people like Clay and the other mentors– myself and other mentors here at Thrive15. Where you are taking this medicine every day.

And you’ll find your mind expand. You’ll find yourself getting bigger than these challenges and these problems. You’ll start looking at adversities like they’re your friends. And you’re going to start conquering and making progress.

And people are going to say, wow what happened to you? Man, I want to be with you! That’s what’s going to happen we– when they hang around the Thrive15 environment.

-I– Tim, I appreciate you being here. I know that, literally, you could have been anywhere else in the world. If we ever check your Facebook, it’s like you’re in Brazil or you’re in Canada or you’re wherever.

I appreciate you being here. And I’ll never forget, you know, as an intern how much I was just amazed by the business you guys had built. And so it means a lot to me. And I know for the Thrivers who are watching this, being mentored by somebody like yourself is super valuable. The right business coach makes all the difference.

-It’s been great.

-So thank you for being here.

-Thank you, Clay.

-I appreciate it.



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