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Business Coach How to Find Inspiration

This transcript was provided to the thrive business coach program.

Clay Clark: We will be the anti-drift antidote that you needed. Stay tuned.

If you were born in the USA, you’re living in the USA, you have somehow found a way to get a Russian vessel, a naval vessel 30 miles within the coast of Connecticut so you could tune into this podcast. You’ve won the lottery ticket when you step foot on this great country. The people who fought and died for our freedom, it’s unbelievable what a sacrifice these people made for people who didn’t even know. The irony about people who protest the flag and who protest our country, Mr. Kaepernick, it’s such a wonder that no team wants to have him on the sidelines with them this year.

When you’re out there protesting the very freedom that you have, it’s amazing the sacrifice these military men and women have made and one thing that I want to point out to you, is that you have an opportunity to achieve success. Just by being born here, you have an opportunity to achieve success. But in our constitution and our Declaration of Independence, the whole idea was to give you the right to pursue happiness. Not to guarantee you happiness. And so what we were talking about is how to keep yourself from drifting. This habit force that just sucks motivation and makes you depressed when you commit to doing something and you don’t do it. You see, successful people, and I’m going to give you a notable quotable that I wrote myself and I’m gonna read it to ya and I kind of want to have Jeff unpack this idea as well as piling on because he is a psychologist and he helps people get unstuck all the time.

So this is a business coach notable quotable from me, America’s most humble man. Here it says, “Inspiration is the reward. An action is your giant. Action is your sword.”

Jeff Rant: That’s awesome.

Clay Clark: And I just think that’s something where I see people and say I’m looking for inspiration and then I’ll get going. But I have found that inspiration is the reward for doing the thing so Jeff, for the listener who is stuck at a rut, they actually went out and started a business okay, they got a real estate license.

Jeff Rant: Right.

Clay Clark: Imagine this scenario, if you’ve ever seen this one. They got the real estate license-

Jeff Rant: Okay.

Clay Clark: But you say, well how’s it going? And they go, “Well you know, I’m just trying to get going.” Two months in, “Well I’m just you know trying to get a second job just in case it doesn’t work out.” Four months in, “How’s that going?” “Well now I’m gonna do insurance.” The real estate industry is so crowded, so crowded.

Jeff Rant: Right.

Rob Zoellner: So competitive.

Clay Clark: So I’m going to switch, now they’re going to go back to school, “Hey you’re an optometrist.” “Yeah, I’m an optometrist.” “How’s it going?” “Well it’s going good.” Four months in. “Well, I decided to kind of switch professions because it’s so saturated. I wanted to do something else.” And they keep switching the niche.

Jeff Rant: Yeah.

Clay Clark: Jeff, educate and encourage. How do we get out of that rut if I’m a drifter?

Jeff Rant: You break the mindset. Basically there are 12 mistakes in people’s thinking that they make, I’ll give you a few of them.

Clay Clark: Yeah. let me hear it from a business coach point of view. 

Jeff Rant: Helplessness, that they can’t do anything. That life controls them, they don’t control it. That’s never true by the way. Overgeneralization, which means a problem they’ve had in the past is now keeping them from being successful now and it’s not even the same problem. Perfectionism that they have to be perfect and if they can’t be perfect, they’re not gonna try. Emotional reasoning that says if they don’t feel like doing it, they shouldn’t do it. Should statements like I should be successful and things should go the way I want them to go and then they never go that way and then they just quit. I could go on but that’s basically the …

Clay Clark: Now Z, there is a thriver who you don’t … I don’t want to mention his-

Rob Zoellner: Billy Zane.

Clay Clark: I don’t want to mention anything about what niche he’s in, but I just want to tell you the impact you’ve made. I talked to this gentleman in here last week and he said when Z was talking at the event, it was an ask Z anything session, it’s an hour of power where the thrivers can ask you as a business coach any question

Rob Zoellner: That was fun by the way.

Clay Clark: And one of the things you talked about was being purposeful and you talked about being a powerful person. A business coach can help with that, And you talked about how you basically turn your phone off during windows of time. You don’t check emails all the time. You’re purposeful. And he says, “This week,” he had a big smile on his face, “This weekend … ” He’s one of our coaching clients. He came in to high-five me. He was so pumped. He goes, “This weekend, all my teammates did what they’re supposed to do and no one called me. Nobody called me. No one called in sick. Nobody bombarded me with emergencies. It’s the first weekend in over a decade in business that I’ve done that, and it just … I had my time freedom back man! then i was able to become the business coach i wanted to be.”

Rob Zoellner: Ah, it’s a beautiful thing!

Clay Clark: Something that you shared helped him become a powerful person so I’m gonna have you break down what Jeff had said. For someone who feels helpless, what would you tell them Z on a practical level?

Rob Zoellner: Well, here’s the first thing. If you’re driving, if you’re at your desk, wherever you are you’re listening to this, you may be listening to the podcast and it could be late at night or early in the morning, I want you to go find a mirror. A mirror. Like mirror mirror on the wall …

Clay Clark: Who’s the coolest optometrist of them all?

Rob Zoellner: Who’s the biggest drifter of them all? Here’s the first thing folks, if you can’t be honest with yourself, I can’t help you. Clay can’t help you. A business coach can’t help you. The Thrive Nation can’t help you. We can’t. If you can’t at least step one, be honest.

Clay Clark: Hey, the ghost of Harry Caray, the famed announcer for the Chicago Cubs, he called and he had something he wanted to say there. “Holy cow!” Coming in hot!

If you can’t be honest with yourself-

Rob Zoellner: We can’t help you. So let’s break that down. So step one, let’s assume you can look in the mirror and be honest. Is your business, is your life, is your company, where it needs to be? Where you want it to be, where you know it should be. Okay. Let’s be honest, if it is, great! Let’s make it better. Let’s fine tune it. Let’s get in and let’s learn some other things. Let’s continue to grow it, okay. Awesome. I’m clapping. I’m cheering for you. Okay, you’ve cashed your lottery ticket and you’re spending the money wisely.

If it’s not, guess what? You’re drifting. And we’re talking to you. Now it’s probably not you ’cause you’re listening to this show, the podcast, but it’s somebody that you know. All right? So we’ve already said you’re going to reach out to them, you’re going to share this show with them, you’re going to kick them in the hiney, you’re going to go help them. But here’s the thing that I’m going to tell right now folks and that is the only way I can help you is if you come to us and use the resources we’ve already got built for you. We’ve got an in person workshop March 24th and 25th and with our scholarship money, I’m telling you you can afford it. Bring some of your key employees with you, up to three, so four of you can show up and it will be two days. When you leave here, you’ll go it’s a money back guarantee.

If you leave here and you say, listen I didn’t learn anything and that was a horrible waste of my two days, I’ll give you back your money.

Clay Clark: Z, we have a chiropractor that came in from Nashville, Tennessee, and thankfully he didn’t come from Tulsa ’cause if he came from Tulsa, he’d be competing with your brother so we’d have to basically just sabotage him. So step number one, would be delete your website.

Rob Zoellner: No, we don’t do that because the pie is big enough for all of us to make a good living out here so, anyway. Go ahead.

Clay Clark: The thing is he came in from Nashville, and he said he learned more at these two day workshops than he had learned in his entire professional schooling. He had gone to school to become a chiropractor and they give you some courtesy marketing classes and courses but he had said he had learned more in those two days than the entirety of his academic career and I’m just telling you that you the listener right now, if you are not making $100,000, if you are not doing it you need to get out to a workshop or there is something wrong with your cranium.

Rob Zoellner: There’s something wrong with your cranium because the lottery ticket’s sitting there. Hey, the numbers have been called. It’s a winning number. Now you just have to take the effort to go cash that in. We also have our It’s one dollar for the first month folks! It’s $19 after that. You can binge watch. You can search by category. You can search by mentors and you can get on there and you can learn. There’s downloadables, there’s templates, there’s things … We’ve made it easy for you to do something about the thing.

Now, the third thing is you can do one on one meetings with a business coach. You show up to the workshop, you say, “Listen, this is awesome. This is getting me started. Now I want to make sure I follow through with it. I want someone to make sure that I’m not going to drift again. I’ve done the first steps, I’ve joined the gym. I’ve joined the gym. Now I’m gonna go ahead and get you. You be my trainer. You’re gonna be my coach and here’s my information. You make sure and text me or call me and make sure I’m going to be here at the appointed times. I’m giving you permission to just kind of make sure I’m going to be here, help me hold myself accountable and then … ” That’s what we’re doing in business.

It’s so easy to say yeah we do it in life we do it with doctors and coaches and therapists and yet we have this businesses and we’re just like, “Okay, we’re on like business island.”

Clay Clark: Do you know why people are reluctant to hire a business coach?

Rob Zoellner: They’re almost embarrassed it seems like sometimes.

Clay Clark: Yeah. I think there’s the big three here. One is if you’re in the independent mindset needed to start a business, if you believe okay I can’t work for somebody else because I could do it better, that’s almost the same exact personality that says you can’t help me because I know it all. Number two is there are so many of these contract based coaching programs where they say, “We’ll go ahead and sign you up for a three year contract and it’s gonna be $3000 a month,” and you’re going woah woah woah! Did I just hire a full time person here? That’s maybe and we don’t have contracts. Z there’s no contract. It’s month to month. There’s no contract.

The third is that a lot of people feel that once I learn what to do, I don’t have the team needed even to do it. I don’t have a web developer. I don’t have a graphic designer. I don’t have a photographer, a search engine optimizer. I don’t have a videographer. I don’t have a person who could write ad copy. I don’t have a team of business ninjas, I just have enough money to maybe hire a full time barista on my account. I can maybe splurge for $1500 a month, maybe. And by the way, if I was so successful they I had a whole team, maybe I wouldn’t even need a coach so I’m in that weird zone where I have a business. It’s solvent. I’m able to stay in existence but I can’t grow it. And that’s why our program includes the entire team of business coach ninjas for less money than you would spend on hiring a full time barista.

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