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Read this excerpt from our business coach Clay Clark and singing sensation Sharita Bent

Business Coach 290

Clay Clark: Can We Talk? I’m just telling you, thrivers, that people are trying to distract you. And so we’re talking about the high art of getting things done, step three. You gotta use a to-do list. One to-do list for your one life where you write down your f-6 goals. Now Sharita has now joined us inside the box that rocks. Sharita Bent, business coach, singing phenomenon. So, Sharita we’re looking through the goals here, the faith, the family, the fitness, the finances, the friendships, the fun. You’re kinda looking through that list here, and you’ve been around myself. You’ve witnessed the Zolhaun, Dr. Z business coach pro here in action. Could you maybe describe from your perspective maybe what he does differently than the average person or what you’ve seen as far as blocking out time to get done what he needs to get done? Cause you see it from a fresh perspective in my opinion.

Sharita Bent: Yeah, definitely. First of all, I’m glad to be here with you guys. Love your reconciliation, your song dedications, it’s so heartwarming. I’m glad to be in here with you guys.

Clay Clark: Can we talk?

Dr. Zellner: We really have a bromance going on. You can’t really tell but.

Sharita Bent: I know, I love it. Love between each business coach.

Dr. Zellner: He’s a tough man to love. He’s a tough man to love.

Sharita Bent: But you do it. You do it well. The thing that I noticed about both of you all is just, you both are so myopically focused just like Z was saying. He has his bag, he’s ready to go, he’s going to the next thing. I feel like he knows what he is doing. He does not want to be distracted from that. You have your goals, your agenda and really just the word myopically focused, no distractions. That’s what I notice. When Z walks in the building, you can see on his face, you can see in his eyes, he has purpose. He knows what he’s here to do. He’s gonna get it done. He’s gonna bring his best and then he’s off to the races for the next thing, you know? You’re like a prized stallion, Z.

Dr. Zellner: Why the long face?

Clay Clark: Cause I’m a horse.

Sharita Bent: He’s a good one, he’s a good one, that witty business coach clay clark

Clay Clark: Now here’s a business coach notable quotable for all the thrivers, I want you to marinate on this. This comes at you via Napoleon Hill. Also, Jack Welch has said the same statement so you can either attribute it to Jack Welch of Napoleon Hill, but the point is, control your own destiny or someone else will. THat’s huge. That’s so huge, because there’s so many times, I’m just thinking of examples today. I mean, just today somebody sent me a text and said, can I come over tonight and talk? Well, let me just walk you through the scenario. This particular situation, I know this conversation’s not gonna go well. It’s about nothing that I can control. It’s about decisions this other person has made and do I wanna give up my night? Cause I worked really hard for time freedom. Do I want to? And I have to decide that, but if you just say yes by default, Z, you’re gonna drift and drift and you’re never gonna get ahead. It’s so hard as an entrepreneur, to build a business you have to kinda say yes a lot when you get started, don’t you?

Dr. Zellner: Absolutely, but that’s one of the, the skill sets that when you go to the next level is learning how to say no. Because no sometimes gets a lot more done than yes. And one of the things, the concept we’re talking about today, we go over in our in person workshop, which the next one is April 21st and 22nd. People can understand when we talk about the finances in the workshop. They understand a budget, they understand okay, if I don’t tell my money where to go it’s gonna just go where it wants to go. So, you make a budget, people understand, they got that concept. We have money, we have money coming in, money coming out. We have bills. The concept we’re trying to do is budgeting your time, budgeting your day and planning it with purpose so that it doesn’t just happen to you.

Clay Clark: If you wanna build a million dollar business, Jim Stoval, one of our listeners and a great Tulsan entrepreneur, he wrote a book called The Millionaire Map, where he teaches you how to basically set up certain guardrails to get where you want to go. I would argue that our workshop are kinda like the million dollar business map. If you wanna build a multimillion dollar business, you wanna build a business that’s gonna provide your financial freedom for both you and your spouse, your family, your kids, the time freedom, that financial freedom. You really owe it to yourself to go to during the break. Check it out, read the reviews,

Z, it’s heating up here as we’re heading into summertime. You crank that up my friend? Oh wow, DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Dr. Zellner: You call me the DJ Jazzy Z, so I just had to dig this one out of archives.

Clay Clark: And I just came up with it on the spot and that’s the problem. I do a lot of free planning, I do a lot of show prep and I gotta work on those nicknames. But I think it should be DJ Jazzy. That’s it. DJ Jazzy.

Sharita Bent: Capital Z on the end.

Clay Clark: That coulda been your DJ name.

Dr. Zellner: Is it too late to have a DJ name?

Clay Clark: No, no. You, that is your new- henceforth you will be known as DJ Jazzy.

Dr. Zellner: Let’s do this, let’s have a thriver out there email us and I’m gonna do this. Let’s have a contest. Someone out there is gonna want you, now listen, I was fortunate enough that when my children got married, well my daughter actually. When my daughter got married I insisted upon Clay personally doing the wedding. And he was gracious enough. He had six billion DJs working for him he’d grown the company so big, but he was like okay I’ll do it for you, Z. So, he was there and personally did it. How fun would that be? You and I like DJ an event. That would be fun.

Clay Clark: A wedding?

Dr. Zellner: A wedding, or a Bar Mitzvah. Or something.

Vanessa: I wanna be there. I want to be there whenever you do it.

Dr. Zellner: That’d be fun for someone like email in and say listen, I want you two to DJ my wedding.


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