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Clay Clark: Logistically, as long as the thrivers understand that this right here, you would take your wedding, it’s kind of like, you go to one level and then above that level there’s another level. And when you go to that next level, its like nirvana for even a business coach.

Business Coach 289

Dr. Zellner: Like third heaven.

Clay Clark: It’s like heaven, yeah. I don’t mean to be sacrilegious. I guess it’s like purgatory where you’re almost in heaven. You’re kinda in that decision area. That’s what your wedding would do and I don’t know if you would be, cause you would be physically located, spiritually located about your own wedding, looking down at it going, it is so awesome down there. If you’re okay to have a meta wedding.

Dr. Zellner: It would be find to DJ a wedding with you, the two of us. Could you imagine?

Clay Clark: So, here’s the deal thrivers. We will do a meta wedding for you, I’m gonna say meta and take it to the next level. We go above the normal wedding. But you have to email us in a compelling reason why and we’re gonna keep talking about it week after week until we find the perfect- because you get business coach Dr. Z and myself.

Dr. Zellner: Until we get the one. Then we’ll film it and put it on the website so we can share it will all of the business coach students. You guys can enjoy all the trickery that we do.

Clay Clark: Oh boy. The technology’s changed as I’ve kind of like retired, like drop the mic. I’m probably gonna have to get DJ Eric Herman with DJ connection to be sorta like our button pusher, kind of our Paul Shaffer. Paul basically is paid to laugh at David Letterman. That was his job to go, hah, that’s great, Dave.

So, when we have some swing and a miss jokes, as we approach the meta level, this person will just kinda, that’s great, Z wow. Wow.

Dr. Zellner: How fun would that be? That’d be fun.

Clay Clark: I’m excited.

Dr. Zellner: Then my life would be complete. That’s one thing on my bucket list I haven’t done, is DJ a wedding and like I said before, you never asked me.

Clay Clark: Can I tell you about the last business coach show I did? This is a true story. If you’re listening right now and you know Dr. Joe Lye, I want you to send him a text right now and say they’re talking about you. Dr. Joe Lye. It you’re kids it’s the largest orthodontist clinics in Tulsa. If you go ahead, if you know Kirkpatrick and Lye, if you know them at all send them a text because he has to know this story. Basically, he was turning 40 and so his wife says, could you DJ? And I’m like, I’m done. I love him, I love you, can you do it? So anyway, they keep kinda raising the ante and the pressure and I love them. They’re good people, some of my original clients from a decade or more ago.

So, I find myself at the Mayo Hotel and I decide if I’m gonna be at the Mayo Hotel I might as well take the party to the next level.

Dr. Zellner: Absolutely.

Clay Clark: So what I started doing is I encouraged the people at the party, I said listen, if you know somebody who’s not here shoot ’em a text. Shoot ’em a Facebook message, whatever. And the Mayo Hotel, the rooftop, can comfortably have about 150 up there.

Dr. Zellner: I’d say so.

Clay Clark: And so, well, these weddings start ending early cause their DJs downstairs were lame and so a bride comes up, kinda looking for something to do with the groom, they’re just hanging out. SO I said, get all your people up here. Bring ’em up here. And then another wedding was wrapping up and they brought their people. No exaggeration, we ended up having hundreds upon hundreds of people. Joe was crowd surfing.

Vanessa: On the roof?

Clay Clark: On the rooftop of the Mayo Hotel. And it just goes to the next level and it was so huge. Finally, the bartender is like we gotta shut this down and I’m going on the mic, everybody, the bartender thinks we need to shut this down. Do you wanna shut this down? And so there’s like 400 people saying we should not shut this down. You couldn’t move, you couldn’t get a drink if you wanted to and when it got to that insane level where it was time to be done we just kept pushing and I don’t even remember how it ended. I think we just ended up going, who’s the guy in the bible who went to heaven in a pillar of fire? He just went to heaven?

Shereeda Bent: Was it Elijah?

Clay Clark: Basically, it was like an Elijah moment. We just went- and then I woke up in my bed.

Dr. Zellner: You woke up in your bed with a fireman over you doing the dead man carrying you into the house.

Clay Clark: And I wasn’t soliciting tips but people kept coming up, giving me hundreds going this is awesome. Cause we were just crowd surfing and so I ended up making thousands of dollars that night. It was a fun deal. So anyway, Thrivers we gotta focus on getting stuff done and today we’re talking about how to avoid distractions like-

Dr. Zellner: Like I just did?

Clay Clark: Yeah there we go. To get things done.

Dr. Zellner: Well, the email’s [email protected]. I’m serious. If you give us a compelling enough reason, we’re gonna, that’d be fun. That would be a fun-


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