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Business Coach Are You in Front of Your Prospects?

Business Coach client Justin: Well, like any business we’re down next to Burn Co. If you’ve ever been to burn co.

Business Coach 156

Business Coach Clay Clark: Smells like barbecue.

Justin: So if you follow that smell you’ll find us too. But, their smell, their aroma takes up a couple of blocks. People flock to that place based off their smell. So to say smell doesn’t have a place in business is wrong. I guarantee you if you walk through the mall, blind folded you can tell which stores you’re crossing by just based off the smells. And they purposefully pump that smell out there to get your attention and to market themselves when you think of that. So if you can tap into someone’s subconscious and memory into a positive memory. If it’s a smell or a scent of something. When you come in you’re going to smell our essential oils, you’re going to smell that eucalyptus peppermint smell.

Clay Clark: We go beyond the smell now we get the atmosphere of the place. People walk into the place it seems like you have a certain kind of music style that’s playing. There’s a certain up tempo deal. So I’m going to play some music here, you tell me if this kind of fits the mojo and if not tell me why. So here we go. Here’s music audio track number one here. Does this fit the Elephant In The Room mojo? Is this too weird? Is it weird? Does it need something else? We can skip the track a little bit here. Would this work in Elephant In The Room? Hey welcome to Elephant In The Room, my name is Jose. Would this work? Would this not work? Tell me about the music in the Elephant In The Room. Does this mojo work for you?

Justin: Put some Brian McKnight.

Clay Clark: Oh wow.

Justin: Usher.

Clay Clark: What kind of music can you find in Elephant In The Room?

Justin: I like that music and it’s got a time and place but and I won’t say what kind of music that is on the radio but to be honest, the music that we pick, the style that we pick. You need to be able to tap your foot to it. You don’t realize you’re tapping your foot. It’s got a beat, it’s got a rhythm. It’s up tempo. It’s positive. It’s uplifting. So you don’t know what’s going on but you walked away from the shop saying there’s something different, there’s something going on there and I want to come back here because I want that. It’s not just the haircut. The music has a big play in that. The volume as well has a huge play in that.

Clay Clark: When you walk into the Elephant In The Room the volume is a certain volume so it kind of creates a conversational high energy atmosphere.

Justin: I’m going to make you talk loud. I’m going to make you talk loud.

Clay Clark: It creates a fun environment there. Now talk about the visuals. You have a historic barn wood, you got Edison bulbs, you’ve got reclaimed materials, you’ve got a lot of original pipe. It’s really cool, smokey, kind of a man’s man place. We’ve had some men that will literally will go there, I’ve talked to some men who go, it’s kind of like my man escape. It’s kind of like my man cave. A business coach can help you think of all these.

Justin: I’ll share this with you live on the radio and you don’t even know this. We just put our first mounted deer head on the wall.

Clay Clark: You did?

Justin: His name is Fred.

Clay Clark: Wow, you put a mounted deer head?

Justin: It’s hard to come by. And I don’t hunt but I’ve definitely hit some things while driving. But you have something I can purchase from you, totally legal stuff. Clay, you have a squirrel right here, I love that guy. He needs to be in Elephant In The Room. A squirrel, a raccoon, a deer, an elephant, a zebra. Whatever you got, we’ll make room for it.

Clay Clark: Sam, have you killed our bobcat on our property yet?

Justin: Bobcats.

Clay Clark: No, seriously Sam have you killed him yet?

Sam: Not yet.

Clay Clark: Not yet. Sam’s not mine, he’s the other coaches. Has my wife talked to you about getting up there? Are you going to go get it? Seriously.

Justin: He’s going to be in Elephant In The Room.

Clay Clark: You got the bow and arrow with you?

Sam: Yeah.

Clay Clark: Oh this is awesome. So he’s going to be doing a bow and arrow. I guess the sound effect for that.

Justin: Taxidermy, I’ll pay for that. Seriously, we added him but it adds to the décor. So these are all talking pieces. So yeah, if you come in we seriously have a hundred year old barn wood that we took down from a barn in Heavener, Oklahoma. We brought that back so the saw cuts. People talked this week, look at those saw cuts. You can’t get that anymore. A hundred year old barn wood. So it’s talking pieces. We could have ran down to Home Depot, Lowes, or Joes, or wherever and just gotten some wood but it’s talking pieces.

Clay Clark – America’s Number one business coach: It’s unbelievable. The thing is yes you have to reach out to your clients with a database, and voicemails, and text messages, and emails but you got to have a purple cow. To see a brown cow you have to have a purple cow or you do not stand out. If you want people all around the world to be talking about your business it’s not going to happen unless it’s something that’s going to generate word of mouth. Guess what? People won’t talk about something unless it’s remarkable. The word remarkable means it causes people to literally remark. So if you got a beautiful business idea, I’m asking you, is it remarkable? Does it cause people to remark? Think about it and stay tuned. Learn more at the thrive time show dot com. Stay tuned.

Thrive nation, welcome back into the conversation. It’s the thrive time show on the radio. You’re daily audio dojo of mojo where we teach you what you need to know to make that wallet grow. It’s like miracle grow. If you want to maintain some homeostasis in all the right places you have found your right radio show. You could be listening to politics, you could be listening to the gardening show but instead you’re listening to the thrive time business show.

Inside the box that rocks we have a wonderful cast of characters. We have Justin Moore, the founder of the Elephant In The Room men’s grooming lounge. We have a very successful business coach Mr Robert Redman. He coaches businesses all over the planet. We’re talking today about how to stir up that database. You want to stir up that database because once you learn to stir it up, once you learn to make that database move, what happens is you’re able to generate revenue from what was potentially maybe a dormant database.

Move number nine, I want to teach everybody right now. Once you learn these moves, you’ve got to block out time to execute it. So Justin, I’m going to start with you. Why is it so important that we make time, we block out time to execute these things. We actually put it in the calendar, they actually schedule a specific appointed time to do these things.

Justin: So time management is huge, that’s one of the qualities we look for in hiring our potential team mates and employees. Show up to work on time, getting tasks done, reliable transportation, but in your to do schedule, in your daily calendar you need to schedule time for everything to argue, to pay bills, the work schedule, the home life. Everything needs to be in a category and you will find you have so much more that you’ve accomplished because of your time management skills.

Clay Clark: Now, time management is not something that most people know how to do Robert, so you been to our in person workshops, you’ve seen the thrive time workshops, you’ve met the people who have attended from California, and Toronto, and Tennessee. Did you meet Dr. Jay from Nashville? Did you meet him? He’s now a business coach client with Thrive15.

Business Coach Robert: I did.

Clay Clark: So when you talk about time management, you’ve worked here in this environment, you’ve met the thrivers that attended our workshops. What kind of time management lessons have you learned and time management lessons that maybe thrivers can learn at our workshops?

Robert: So the single most important lesson that I have ever learned can be summed up in one quote from a very wise thrive mentor Lee Cockerell. He says, “What doesn’t get scheduled, doesn’t get done.”


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