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Business Coach : Fulfilled Living

Business Coach : Fulfilled Living

-I love that, that you’re saying, you’re headed towards a destination, and you’re stopped at a stoplight, of course you’re going to think about, always, where you are in relation to that. A business coach can help you get to that destination.

I hope you are.



-But why do you think it’s so rare for people to do that in their lives?

-Because it’s so easy not to. It’s so easy to just get up in the morning, have the exact same breakfast, go to work in the exact same way, and do the same drill that you did before, because it’s comfortable. And comfort is the softest way to die. Any business coach will tell you that.

CALEB TAYLOR: Hm. And that’s true.


-I love it. Well, let’s jump on into the next notable quotable here.


-We’re going to jump on in. This one says–


–how much real quality living do you do?


-How much real quality living do you do? Talk to us about this. How is this different, and why is this important to have?

-Well, let’s just reflect on, let’s say, your last 48 hours. Think of the last two days. What’d you do? I mean, seriously stop and think about it. Write down some of the things that you did over the last two days. And then ask yourself, how fully were you living?

How completely engaged, how alive, how invigorated, how caring, how– I don’t know– dedicated were you in the last two days, to anything? And it may have been there were only little tiny moments where you were truly, fully engaged and living as intensely as you could in that way.


-And I’m not talking about hard work. I’m talking about just really being alive.

-Like the first day of summer at the beach with friends, you’re just, wow, thank you God. Bring it on.



-I love that. So I feel like you’ve given us one action item. But the action item right now is to just stop, write down what you’ve done the last two days.

-Everything starts with awareness.


-So you’ve got to stop and take a photograph, snapshot, of where you are right now so that you can begin the process of enhancing that.

-I love that. That’s huge. Now, I want you to go ahead, we’ve got one more. I guess I want to give us the next action item, if you will. A business coach can help with your action items. So we’re going to stop and pause here. We’re going to have the self-awareness. I am now motivated–

-I’m stopped and paused. OK.

-He stopped and paused.

-Yeah, go ahead.

-What do we do now, though? We’ve noticed, you know what, I haven’t been living a high-quality life. I haven’t been living fully the last 48 hours. How do I even start, because that seems like such a deep, big, overwhelming question.

-Just find one spot. Ask yourself what matters. What’s important right now? What’s the best use of my time right now? And whatever that is, do it. And I mean, really do it.

For example, if you’re watching a Thrive episode, turn off your phone, stop texting, get the other distracting things out of your line of sight, and pay attention to this. And just really focus on this. Ask yourself, what does this mean to me?

Do I believe this guy? Does it matter? Do I even like this person? What’s this about? How can I benefit from this? Who else could benefit from this?

-Hm. That’s huge. So it starts with that self-awareness.

-Yeah. Don’t focus.

-Don’t get overwhelmed. Focus on one area.


-And really do that area well, you’re saying?


BOTH: And–

-Oh, go ahead.

-And at the end of whatever that activity is, shift to something else. But give it the same kind of focus. So that’s the beauty of the high-achievers, is that they tend to really laser in on whatever it is they’re doing to get it done well. Example– pause for a sec. No, you keep the cameras rolling.

-Oh, here we go.

-Just pause for a second.

-Here’s an example.

-This is good. Just so you guys know, I have had the pleasure of listening to this. You said, what have you done in the last 48 hours?


-I’ve gotten to bask in glory of Jim Cathcart’s music. So please.

-Well, thank you.


You can play guitar. And if you focus on it partially, then some of the cords are going to turn out right and some of them are not. But if you look at the really, really high-achieving prose in music, every note, when they’re going–


–up and down the neck like that, every note is just–


–crystal clear.


And that’s what I’m talking about in life. It just makes your–


–whatever you’re doing, give it the focus it deserves so that you do it well and you enjoy it and get the payoff that you were hoping for.

-That’s huge. That is huge. Thank you so much, Jim.

-You bet.

-I feel like this is very, very helpful. We gotta live with that intentionality with every little thing we do. Focus after you’ve taken time to be self-aware. But now, as you guys know, it’s meaningless if we don’t actually do it. If you don’t knwo how, hire a business coach.


-So don’t do anything without actually doing these action items. So thank you so much, Jim, I appreciate it.

-My pleasure.



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