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Business Coach Get Your 3-Legged Marketing Stool business coach program transcript.

Clay: You gotta make sure, sometimes you gotta make those tradeoffs, and they’re not easy tradeoffs. I mean, laying somebody off or trying to- find one of your- help out one of your employees, find another job, that’s not comfortable, but if you’re not growing, I’m just telling you. It’s bad. I see bad businesses owners all the time, they say they can’t afford to advertise, yet they’re fully staffed and I personally would rather be short staff members and be over-advertised than the other way around. And like i said, I+After years as a business coach, I have seen this so many times.

Z: Absolutely, I tell you what, because once you get the advertising going and you’re successful, we have all the different, you know, just running the advertising, doesn’t mean you don’t run advertise- we have all the moves, all the stabs you can get on the and you can make sure that your advertising’s going to be effective because ineffective advertising, you’re right, you are blowing your money away. And that’s what happens. Sometimes I see, Clay, is that person starts up a business, and they get gathered up by some sales rep somewhere who doesn’t really know what they’re talking about. They just want to sell the product.

Clay: Oh yeah.

Z: They sell the product, the person spends money on it, they sit back and they stare at their phone and go, and their front door and they’re like, “Ok, advertising doesn’t work.” Because they didn’t do it right. So it’s not only doing it, but you have to do it correctly, and this, you know, we’ve got so many things to go over in business, which you know, we get topics and we tackled them every single day, so a lot of times, our [inaudible 00:48:08] lays downs all these- he’s got their things for like, trust us, you know, you can come to an in-person workshop, we have our next one on March 24th and 25, we, we have the boom book, just waiting for you. You show up with your own boom book and a nice, kind of robotic picture of Clay. It’s the book your business coach would teach from. 

I like that thing over the eye, what is that, like skin, your skin- [crosstalk 00:48:27]

Clay: That’s from the Terminator, and so I was able to, they peeled back my skin, they shoved back my actual mechanical innards.

Z: Yeah. Absolute, yeah, you got a robotic arm, I think too.

Clay: That thing has not been photoshopped. That’s just me without makeup.

Z: That’s just you without makeup. You can show up 24th and 25th of Mark, $500, we have scholarships if you say, “I can’t afford that. We’ve got scholarships because we feel that much about it. We teach you the 13 steps, we deep dive. We give you tip lists, downloadables, you leave here with your brain exploding.

Clay: You know, if people can’t afford a 2-day in-person workshop, we have a scholarship. It’s basically a 2 day business coach session. So we’ve had who have been able to attend for $100. We’re gonna help you. We have some generous investors that have made that possible for you. And if for some reason, you’re just saying, “I can’t afford even a scholarshipped amount,” you gotta go to University of Tulsa, ’cause it’s only $63,000 a year, right?

Z: I thought it was 56. It went up again?

Clay: It’s $407,000 a year, no but I think it’s 56. It’s an odd 56,000?

Z: Yes it is.

Clay: So it’s a lot of money, and so, this just in.

Z: Here’s the deal. Here’s what you can do though. Here’s what you can do. We’ve got a great thriver in the box right now.

Clay: Oh, yes.

Z: Coach.

Clay: Coach Calvert.

Z: And he has Scores Basketball Clinic, and he’s gonna talk about it here in a second, but you could go there and have him coach you up. Just like we business coach him up. 

Clay: And in the 35 elderly-

Z: And then you get a full-body scholarship.

Clay: At the age of 35-

Z: [crosstalk 00:49:41] to you, and save the $56,000 that way, and then and then you can learn on about business doing that. I mean, those are options.

Clay: I talked to him about it, I said, let’s just first start with your left hand.

Coach Calvert: They don’t pay ball boys. They don’t give-

Z: Well, that’s just mean.

Coach Calvert: Managers-

Z: Coach!

Clay: Now here’s the deal, thrivers and business coach clients. We have some great questions coming in hot from thrivers like you. Robert Redman, a business coach here, he coaches business owners all over the world. What he does, he helps execute the proven plans and systems that we’ve developed over the years. Robert, give us our next question, coming in hot.

Robert: Yeah, speaking of systems, a question, working with this business here in Tulsa, and they do great work. They do a really good job delivering their service to their customers. The only thing is they haven’t developed a system for it, right? There’s not a process established, tangible system developed. So the question was, “How do I build a systems workflow to regularly deliver the services I’ve promised to my customers?”

Clay: Sam, are we on Facebook Live right now? Are we on Facebook- okay, we are. So Robert, I’m gonna give you the marker here real quick here. And if you can just draw on the glass here, this is fun. So you have boxes from left to right. I know it’s hard if you’re not on Facebook Live, which is why you should get on Facebook Live, you should see it. Or you should come out to one of your workshops. But box number one, we’ll call that marketing, okay? And then box two, we’ll call that sales, and box three, we’ll call it customer service.

Announcer 3: Broadcasting live from the center of the universe, you’re listening to the Thrive Time show.

Clay: So box three is customer service, and box four, we’re gonna call it accounting. These are just the four boxes right now, okay? So what you do is you need to make a linear workflow like a timeline from left to right. And you want to go ahead and right down, Z, the three ways that you bring in customers, your three-legged marketing stool. And for our thriver who’s going, “What’s a three-legged marketing stool? Why are you always talking about the three little pigs?” See, what’s kind of the three-legged marketing stool or the three pigs? How does it relate to the business coach system?

Z: Well, what we do is this, is that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. And so in the marketing game, you know, not everybody is doing ever- not everybody is listening the same. You gotta figure out what your high and likely, most likely customer is, and then you gotta say to yourself, “What is that person doing? How can I reach that person?” So then you take three stabs at it. You say, well, “I think that person is listening to this radio station.”

Clay: Okay.

Z: I think this person is probably a Facebooker and they’re probably, you know, I can do some geo ads, I can do some targeting ads, and they’re probably looking for this, this, or this.

Clay: Oh, come on now.

Z: Google searching, you know, baby formula. I don’t know. So you gotta figure out what your high and likely, most likely customer is. And then the third one is, you have to say, “Well, let’s take a stab at him here, too.” And hopefully with those three educated guesses, they’re not just random, “Hey, I’m just gonna get a billboard because I think that I may drive a car every now and then, just gonna get a billboard over here.” You know, the billboard be selective in town where you know that that person that you’re, you make a profile.

Clay: Oof!

Z: And then what happens is, now you take three shots at him. If you’ve ever gone like to the fair and the carnies, I know you love carnies.

Clay: Well, actually, I couldn’t become a carny. I was also rejected when I applied for a job at the carnival, so I became a DJ.

Z: So you gotta knock ’em [crosstalk 00:52:54] they give, they sell you three balls. I was reading one of those, they sell you three balls.

Clay: Step right up! Step right up here, folks! Three for one! You can’t freaking hit me

Z: Yeah, so what you do now, is what you’re doing is you’re increasing your chances of hitting Bobo the clown, you would’ve been a great Bobo the clown, by the way.

Clay: Not too late. Not too late.

Z: [crosstalk 00:53:13] all the smack talking and then you got the dunk tank.

Clay: Yeah.

Z: Yeah. So you have three balls. Why? That increases your chances at dunking Bobo.

Clay: I bet you couldn’t hit a broad side of a bond, Dr. Z. Go ahead, give it a-

Z: Give me some balls right now.

Clay: Throw it if you can.

Z: Wait, I got a football.

Robert: There’s also a hatchet right there.

Z: I got my polo.

Clay: Hey, why don’t you get some protein and avoid some gluten, buddy. You’d get that ball over here so weak, unbelievable. Wow. So the thing is, kind of the, the concept of your thrivers, you want to get your three-legged marketing stool going, and I want to ask you this, coach, coach Calvert of Score Basketball, Sir, what are the three most effective ways that you found to market your business at this point?

Coach Calvert: Well, thanks to having a business coach we understand this point so we do Google. Google’s been huge for us.

Clay: Google optimization.

Coach Calvert: And then we had to, with Google, you have to put all the words in that they might google, like basketball, layout, jumpers, all the different terms you use.

Z: Like potato chips, you know.

Coach Calvert: And then using Facebook. Facebook, we’ll put videos on there. We put our ads on there, and everything we can think of on Facebook, we use.

Clay: What’s another move for you? What’s maybe your third, if you said, okay, Google’s great, Facebook’s great.

Coach Calvert: Third one is, well we went around to all the different organizations around town, and we tried to find their email list. And so we were able to get email lists that we send thousands of emails out every time we have the camp or a clinic or whatever to let people know.

Clay: Now when you do your three-legged marketing stool from the Thrive business coach system, I encourage you to upgrade all the time. So as an example, when I first started marketing, I didn’t have any money for ads except for, I did buy a Tulsa Chamber of Commerce membership, and I committed to going to every single networking event like I was unemployed, and I kinda was because I was an entrepreneur without any income. So any time there was any event, I mean, it’s a state of the union, state of the state, state of the city,

I knew every political challenge the city was face, and I’d go out there and pass out cards and say, “Do you know of anyone getting married soon?” They go, “No, no, no, yes, I do, my daughter.” “Oh, great! Boom, let me get that information. And hey, we have a Chamber discount running this month. It goes until, you know, today is, it goes until tomorrow, what do you know?” And I would just constantly market, market, market. Over time, I realized, now I have enough money, let’s go ahead and spend some money on some Yellow Page ads. Well, the Yellow Page ads produced far better fruit than that did. So I replaced that once I had another stable leg and then before I sold the business, we dominated bridal shows, we dominated Google, and we dominated social media advertising,

So if you’re listening right now, and you don’t have a turn-key way to market to your ideal and likely buyers, I invite you to come out to one of our in-person workshops, where we’re gonna break it down like fractions. We’re gonna break it down like an old-school beatboxer back in the day, where he’s, you’re hearing the huge boombox, he’s throwing out some linoleum, he’s getting out the breakdancing beats, that’s how we’re gonna break it down. And when we come back here, thrivers, we come back here from our commercial break here, Robert’s gonna be asking us some questions behind the question about how do you set up this repeatable system. Maybe the questions that you’ve run into time and time again with your clients. It’s gonna be like a back and forth super fast aggressive system-making, version of the Thrive Time Show. Stay tuned, tell a friend, it’s Get a little Oklahoma Joes, grab those baked beans. Stay tuned.

I want to dedicate this song to my incredible wife of 15 years, my brown-eyed girl, almost 16 years you’ve been stuck with me. Thank you for putting up with me, thank you for life coaching me. Thank you for giving me subtle tips like “Your fly’s open! You’re dressing like an idiot! Hey, be on time!” Those kind of things. I appreciate that mentorship. And Z, before we get into the mailbag questions, I have a really deep thought that I want to share with you.

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