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Business Coach : Get Educated

Business Coach : Get Educated

-I would say until to about 2007, my strategy for life balance was to just do whatever I thought I needed to do until I upset my wife. And then once I upset my wife, I knew that I in fact was making the wrong decision. And now I’ve been more proactive about, OK, I need to be home at a certain time and plan things out for family and work. This is advice from a business coach who started out doing it wrong.

But I would just encourage– if you’re watching this business coach video and you’re going, gosh, [GROANS] I really am guilty of putting too much focus in one area. Just think about it. And just design the life you want to have. And think about how you want to balance that out.

And then life lesson number 12– this is the final life lesson that you articulated in your book, there. “You make a living out of what you get, but you make a life out of what you give.” It sounds very Yoda-esque, very Dagobah, like we went to Dagobah and talked to Yoda. What does this mean in your mind, my friend?

-[CHUCKLES] Again, this is not an original thought, either. But it’s a very important one. And I know that many of our viewers are going to have a hard time visualizing this point in their life. But there is a point in your life when you really have enough, you accumulate enough. If you need help with this, a business coach can help!

And truly, at that point, you look around– and I’ve seen it happen in my own life, and I’ve seen it in others– you look around. And you go, this is it? I did all this work. And I did all this building for this? And what you learn is that life truly is about how you can help others and how you can give, it really is. This isn’t some Tony Robbins speech that I’m giving here. This is factual.

And so the point of the book when this comes up is when our character in the book has gone through their entire life and has really made it. And he begins to realize that it was really about the journey. And it was really about what he was able to give back to his community, to his family, and to others. That’s really what mattered.

He was staring at his office full of plaques and trophies and appreciation awards and all these types of things. And when he realized was it wasn’t about those things. And it wasn’t about his balance sheet and his net worth. It was really about what he was able to give back. And I fully believe this is true.

-Now, Sean, if people want to get your book, where can they buy your book? Isn’t it on Amazon and Barnes Noble, pretty much anywhere that books are sold?

-You can really get it anywhere. “12 Life Lessons Every Graduate Should Know” is the one we’re talking about here today. It’s available anywhere, including on Kindle. We talked a lot about roles and balancing roles. My most recent book is called “The Priority Promise.” And it deals only with that topic. And it’s a life management system. And you can also get it anywhere.

-Sean, I appreciate you for being here. I appreciate you for being a mentor in my life. But I think the most important thing I want to thank you for is, because you have done things the right way, or at least tried to for a long period of time, you’ve been able to demonstrate to me through your actions what to do and how to do it. And it’s been a great example. So I just appreciate you–

-Thank you.

– –sharing some of your time today and investing that with us. And again, thank you very much.

-You’re welcome. Thank you.

-Take care.

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