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Business Coach Teaching You To Get Those Google Reviews

Transcribed for the business coach program at Thrive15.

Clay Clark: Against the Google rules. as a business coach I pay close attention to these rules. 

Robert Zoellner: That’s against the Google rules and they make the rules because it’s their game.

Clay Clark: Here’s what I could say, and this is what I am saying to you the thrivers. Not only a hypothetical scenario but a real scenario. If you Google Dr. Zoellner and Associates and the word Tulsa, and you find the Google map. You’ll write an honest review of how you … your last experience there. I will give you a copy of my newest book Thrive as a way to thank you for being transparent about your experience.

Now I can’t tell you that you have to write something positive or negative, but if you’ll just write something. I might just happen to give you a copy of my book to thank you for taking the time to be transparent, but I can’t say, “you only get the book if you write the positive thing.”

Robert Zoellner: That’s important for everybody out there that has a business that … getting Google positive Google reviews is obviously something that helps get you to the top of Google. That helps your business. People look at them, obviously. But, you can’t tell people, “listen, I’ll reimburse you for writing a positive review.” All you could do is say, “listen, please get on, do an honest review.” You could … you don’t have to reimburse them, but you could give them something for that. That’s a little subtle difference there. You gotta pay attention to that.

Vanessa Clark: You make it super easy for them, right. I know you wanna send the actual link because if you’re like me? You’re on the inter … webs, you don’t know where to go. There’s too many email addresses. Gotta have … make a Google one. I could have to … separate one.

Announcer: Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show.

Vanessa Clark: If you send a link to my email, I just click on it. I’m already at your right business address. It’s so easy. That’s gonna probably also increase- [crosstalk 00:19:29]

Robert Zoellner: Nice call Berg. Make it easy.

Clay Clark: I have a question for you Z. Would you be impressed if you knew that one of the my business coach clients now has 101,000 Google reviews? Would you be impressed if you knew that information? Would you hypothetically, yet again, as we go down this hypothetical parallel universe?

Robert Zoellner: It takes about 102,000 for me to reach a level of-

Clay Clark: Okay. Please-

Robert Zoellner: Impressed. No, that’s very impre … 101,000?

Clay Clark: Yes. Please use your Google-

Robert Zoellner: Damn-

Clay Clark: Please use your Google.

Robert Zoellner: My Google?

Clay Clark: Okay. We’ll wait for you.

Robert Zoellner: Okay.

Clay Clark: Drivers will wait. We’ll wait for you as well. Google carpet cleaning

Robert Zoellner: Carpet

Clay Clark: And then space. You know, give the little space blank. Oxi Fresh. Carpet cleaning Oxi Fresh. I’ll give you a moment, and once you find it I want you to scroll down until you see Oxi Fresh. It should say carpet cleaning Oxi … keep on Oxi Fresh. You see the stars?

Robert Zoellner: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Clay Clark: You see them? How many stars do we have today? My friend. You see those stars down there? Do you see that number? I know you’re an optometrist. I know your vision is always 20/20. Or even better than 20/20, if that’s possible? [crosstalk 00:20:31]

Robert Zoellner: You have 4.6 and 101,393 reviews.

Clay Clark: Oh. So Oxi Fresh. It’s a Tulsa guy. He went to Victory Christian Center. Went to Oral Roberts University with me before I became a business coach. He is systemically created a system, which we’ve worked with John for years. He’s a guy we’re happy to work with. He’s actually a partner now, the elephant in the room. It’s a way that after every experience we prompt the customer to write a review whether good or bad. We just want to know your feedback. 101,000 customers have now done it. You know what? thrivers that is ethical. Check it out, people don’t want to write a review unless there is some kind of pressure.

Why would you take time out of your schedule … if time is the one thing we cannot make more of? Why would we ever want to take time out of our schedule? If you could make more money, but you can’t make more time … if you have a finite amount on the planet, why would you ever take time out of your schedule to ever write a review? Would you do it Z? Why would you write a review?

Robert Zoellner: Yeah. No, unless you’re just truly upset. And then you’re doing it- [crosstalk 00:21:32] and then I wouldn’t write a review I would contact the company and try to work through there. I would never just throw out that kind of negative.

Clay Clark: Vanessa, have you ever written a review on Google?

Vanessa Clark: Only the what … companies that have nicely asked me to. I have a fondness for them. Maybe I have a relationship that company. That’s what motivates me to do it, because I love them.

Clay Clark: So here’s the deal thrivers and business coach clients. That’s a kind of a positive pressure you’d want to apply. I would encourage you … this is my move number one I’d give you. Move number one, I would encourage you to use humor, and persistence to get Google reviews. Persistence meaning, I would send them an email saying, “Hey it would mean the world to me if you could share your feedback about your last experience with us. As you know, so many people read Google reviews. But, so few people write them. It would mean the world to me if you would write a review. I’d put a link right there in the email so they could just click the link and go right to the review source.

The second move I would do, is I encourage you to use a little bit of humor. If someone hasn’t written a review yet, call them all and go, “hey I was on Google and I noticed I don’t see a review from you.” I’d put, “I’d love it if you’d write a review, or I just might toilet paper your house” no, I’m just kidding. [inaudible 00:22:36]

When we come back I’m gonna give you another secret move and how to get reviews.

Robert Zoellner: On your Google thing.

Clay Clark: Stay tuned to the Google thing. Alright. Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio dial. I’m telling you what, if you are looking for a show that has practical business tips that will definitely help you increase your income. Today’s show, if you apply the principles I’m teaching you today … I have one Thriver today that I’ve talked to this morning at seven a.m. inside the world headquarters. I met this guy today. No exaggeration. He has tripled his income and is almost over $90,000 a year of income now. Where last year he made 30,000. As a result of just the first tip we’re teaching today. We’re teaching you how to apply positive pressure when you ethically agree with the motive. Specifically, we’re talking about how to gather reviews on the Google thing.

Some of you hear of Al Gore. You’ve heard of the Google. This is what we’re talking about, Google reviews. Have you ever Googled a business and you read the reviews? You look in there for a restaurant. Everybody, if you’re ever looking for a restaurant, a place to eat. What do you do? You Google the name of the company, you read reviews, and you decide whether it’s a good thing.

Do you write the reviews? Dr. Z you have a tip for gathering reviews, my friend.

Robert Zoellner: I know, right before the break I said “I’d have a little hot sauce, a little tip that I do-

Clay Clark: So hot. I review all of my business coach clients. 

Robert Zoellner: This follows the Google rules. So pay attention. Listen closely. Don’t think I’m saying something I’m not. What I do is I tell my staff members, is that if I … when I’m looking through the Google reviews of the businesses. If I happen to find one, you know, just happen to kind of see one. Right? It’s a five star and it mentions their name specifically. I give them a bonus.

Clay Clark: I have an audio clip from a Thriver. He tried to call in. As soon as you said, he tried to call in. And, Sam our executive producer. He’s like, listen I’m trying to produce a show here. I can’t just let everyone just get through. He recorded the call. He’s cued up the audio. Thank you Sam, so much for doing that. Okay so here we go. Here we go.

Thriver: Strange. I’m just curious. I am serious. Now don’t call me Shirley.

Clay Clark: Okay. See. Now repeat that one more time.

Vanessa Clark: Knock me down.

Robert Zoellner: I tell all my staff. I say, “listen, we can’t go out there and tell people to write positive reviews about us. But we can say, listen, if you had a good experience or if you had an experience. Please get on and be honest and write a review of us.” If they happen to … if I happen to see it. That they have a five star review, which is the best you can do. Boom As a business coach would you recommend that?

Clay Clark: Boom. Business coach boom. 

Robert Zoellner: And they mention your name specifically. That you went above and beyond. You did all of the five A’s that a great employee does and you got mentioned in the review. I am going to take that as a sign that you need a bonus and I’m gonna give you one. A little financial reward.

Vanessa Clark: You know why I think that really works? Is because, like I said, the companies I’ve written reviews for is because it was motivated by a personal connection I felt with someone there. If his employee, Bob goes back and preps someone for their eyes, or whatever, and they really connect with the client. Then Bob lets them know, “hey, just to let you know if you get on and write a review, I would really appreciate it.” That’s great. They are gonna be so much more willing to do it. Not because of the company, but because of … because they have this connection now with Bob they feel. I think it’s such a great super move you have there.

Clay Clark: As far as Google reviews, I wanna be clear this is just a … I’m tryna make sure we get all the details here. All the details. One, at our in person workshops we will teach you the canonical the canonize the specific way to build your google map properly we’ll teach you that we’ll show you the art of gathering and reviews ethically. But heres the thing when you do solicit reviews, we had a thriver who had attended our workshop hysterical, we asked him to write a review about the conference’s feedback so his feedback focused on entirely on the lack of commendation that he perceive Tulsa to have and gave us a four. So he was like “the conference was good but the accommodation oh my gosh the hotels here just aren’t [inaudible 00:26:46]” [crosstalk 00:26:46]

Vanessa Clark: [inaudible 00:26:47] connected to us at all

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