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Business Coach : Get The Help You Are After

Business Coach : Get The Help You Are After
-So how do you decide what you need to be working on and what you don’t need to be working on?

-Very difficult. I try to put the priority. What is a priority? Now I have one of the main things I use a lot is, is this for a client? Because I have to prioritize client items over my projects. Because I have projects that I’m working on that are for my business or for my nonprofit. And getting advice from a business coach helps.

-Yeah, a big idea you have.

-Right, that I have versus I have this client issue. So I have to prioritize client issues. For two reasons, one, if you don’t get clients’ work done in a timely manner, they won’t be clients very long. Number two, as an attorney, if you don’t get clients’ matters done in a timely manner, you could get a bar complaint, which would impede my ability to continue to practice law. So I try to prioritize. What is the most pressing? What is the highest priority? And put it there. And then what’s the time period? Because as a lawyer, I’m trained to work within deadlines. That’s what I do. So if I know something’s going to take 20 days, that’s not as high a priority as something that’s going to be due in three days. Having a business coach helps as well.

-Let me ask you this here. We all, I think, struggle to balance. We have our spirit, right? We have our mind. We have our body.


-We have those relationships, those critical relationships.


-And then we have finances.


-Your phone does not stop ringing.


-We’ve been sitting here. I bet you get 20 calls, 20 texts.

-Too many.

-How do you balance spirit, mind, body, relationships, finances? What is your method?

-Well, I mean, when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I try to connect with my God. I’m a Christian. And so that’s how I try to balance the spirit aspect of it. My mind, I try to make sure I meditate, try to do that once a day. It doesn’t always happen. But I know when it does happen, it really helps me. My body, I try to work out at least three times a week. I really like to work out five times a week, but at least three times a week. Relationships, which I value and I place them at the top of the list, my wife is my best friend. And that’s the way I want to keep it. I believe at the day, in this life, it’s all about relationships, having good relationships with people. In fact, I was talking to a friend today, a mentee of mine. Have you ever had a mentee who they get to a level that now you may be the mentee?

-Yeah, where you mentored somebody, they get to a level now they’re helping you.

-Right, so there’s this a guy that– I mean, he’s just a phenomenal, phenomenal young man. He’s 24. And we talk. We get together once a week and I was explaining that to him. He was talking about what he’s trying to get into, a business. I said, well, just remember, regardless of everything, make sure you keep your relationships strong. Also your relationship with your business coach.That’s your biggest asset outside of your time. As far as finances, just try to do what’s best for the business. One of my favorite shows on TV– even though it comes on– it’s on right now, in fact. It’s “Shark Tank.”


-I love “Shark Tank.”

-You do?

-I love it. I love that show.

-What do you like about it?

-I love the fact that it’s what we’re doing here, hopefully. It’s entertaining and education at the same time. You can learn about business watching that particular show. I mean, those guys and the women on there are successful. I believe they’re honest. They talk about business. But Robert Herjavec, I think that’s how you say his name. I hope I said your name correctly. He said something when he’s talking about finances, do what’s best for the business and everything else will work out. That’s a strong statement.

-So now you have the spirit, mind, body, relationships, finances. You’re saying it all just comes together. You try to balance that all.

-I try. I’m not successful all the time.

-I hear you say it a lot. And I want to make sure I don’t forget it. This is like a notable, quotable here. You’re saying the second most valuable thing outside of your time is your relationships?


-So time is your number one asset in your mind?




-How so?

-I mean, my time is what I trade. That’s what anybody really trades is their time. What are you going to do? The one equalizer that we all have in this life, from David Robertson, who’s seven feet, to Shaquille O’Neal, to LeBron James, to Deon, whatever, whoever you are, we all have 24 hours. And we all can decide how we’re going to utilize it. Period.

-I love that.


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