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Business Coach : Get Motivated

Business Coach : Get Motivated

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-My name is Clay Clark, and I’m the Visioneer of and one of the business mentors. Today, we are teaching how to find inspiration and motivation through adversity. In today’s episode, you’re going to learn specifically how to take that next frustrating thing that’s going to happen, maybe it just happened, or it’s going to happen as soon as you finish watching this. But you’re going to learn how to take that specific area of frustration, that thing that drives you crazy, and turn it into motivation today. Get motivated with a great business coach.

Today’s episode could be worth a ton of money to you, financially. I can tell you this of my own career, there are so many things that frustrate me. By learning how to turn this into motivation, I have an endless source of fuel, and you will too. Get your source of fuel from a business coach.

Remember, at, our business mentors believe that knowledge without application is meaningless. So as you’re watching today’s episode, make sure you don’t make it more meaningless than a bag of egg yolks by taking the time to ask yourself, what can you do to uniquely apply the principles within today’s episode in your life and business?


-Arthur, in your career, in your life, really, you have battled severe curvature of the spine.


-Scoliosis. The physical pain that comes with it. Your dad left you for age 13 to 18, for all practical purposes. Your mom was so drunk at night that you really had to raise yourself.


-She was an alcoholic. How have you been able to maintain positivity through that adversity?

-Well, I think that for me, I didn’t want to sit there and dwell in that negativity. And so I was constantly looking for what is the shining light out there? What can I– what’s next? How do I get out of this?

Frankly, it stunk being in that environment. So it was one of those, how do I get out of here as fast as I can? And so that was the big thing for me, is that it was really about, what am I going to focus on? I can focus on everything there and be unhappy, or I can take a look at, what do I have that I like? Get a business to help you focus on the good.

-The former CEO of Chrysler, this guy here, he says, he helped save the company from bankruptcy. His name is Lee Iacocca. You know the story, probably. But he famously said, “In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.” Plow your anger or your energy. Did you ever do that? A business coach will help you channel your energy.

-I did. I did. It was mainly into practical jokes when I was younger, or I’m just doing other things. I was always the kid that was looking for something. I wanted more, and I didn’t have it. In fact, we were real poor. We would get government aid.

And I remember I would go around and wash people’s cars in our neighborhood. And so I would go and wash their car, and I would find that I could just take my bucket and the hose and carry it there and wash their cars. And I would.

If I wanted to do something, I would spend all day on Saturday washing their cars, just going down the list. And I don’t know if they felt sorry for me or what, but I would raise enough money to do what I wanted. And I remember–

-That motivated you.

-It did. It did. I wanted to be able to have some things that I wanted, and in my family, it wasn’t there.

-So how do you motivate yourself? I mean, there’s this whole thing about– I see people all the time, and I used to be one of those people, and motivated. I am pumped. I just saw Tony Robbins on TV. I just read a good– I saw “Braveheart.” You know, “Braveheart,” for some reason, when they rip his stomach out, I’m pumped up.

I’m like, yeah, freedom! Yeah! I’m running around. Freedom! And then the next day, I’m like, freaking freedom, who cares? But how do you stay positive? How did you do that?

-Well, one of the things I found is when there is something that motivates me, if I can go and put that in the practice as fast as I can, it makes a difference. So for example, I was at a men’s conference a few weeks ago. And I wasn’t planning on going. Somebody invited me, and I felt guilty not going, and so I went.

And I remember thinking, this is kind of entry level entrepreneurism. But there was something that the gentleman said, and I remember writing the notes down. And I literally ran back to Chick-Fil-A and sat down with the manager, and said, look at this. Look at this. What do you think? And so I immediately got some signs made, and by the end of the day, I got it in place. So then the very next day, it was up and in motion.

-So for you, it’s taking the practical idea and putting it into motion as soon as possible. That helps you to keep motivation.

-Absolutely. Because otherwise, the next day, when you’re worn out, you’re going to be like, oh, well I don’t remember the details. I don’t remember what it is.

-I always say that procrastination leads to basically, frustration, which then ultimately leads to lack of motivation. And I think the opposite is true. If you act upon it right away, you get that sense of momentum. So in your mind, why are a lot of people unable to motivate themselves? Why are a lot of entrepreneurs out there watching me, why are a lot of people watching this right now unable to motivate themselves? Because I can help you as a professional business coach.

-Well, I think one of the keys is what are you using as a tool to motivate yourself? For example, coming from not having a lot of money, having a lot of money was a big deal to me. I remember, literally, on my way home and knowing that there wasn’t a whole lot of food in the house when I was younger and stopping at a restaurant and just seeing the people inside the glass, and they were sitting there eating.

I was like, man, that would sure be nice to get something to eat. I was like, I never want to be in that position again. And even to this day, there’s times when I’ll be walking down a street, or if I’m on a vacation or something, and I’ll have that smell come back.

Whether it was a nice steak being cooked or something in a nice restaurant. And I see them in the glass, and those emotions come back to me and I go, I remember being in that position. I never wanted that feeling again.

Napoleon Hill, the success author who was a personal assistant of late great Andrew Carnegie, the world’s wealthiest man. And then he did a lot of neat things with his life. He says that every adversity has the seed of an equivalent benefit. Again, every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. What does that mean? A business coach can help you answer these questions.

-What that means to me is that there is always something to learn in every adversity. If nothing else, you can learn, I never want to get in that situation again, period. But there’s always something in there that you can learn if you’re looking for it. To learn from the best, find a good business coach to listen to.

If you’re just sit– if you just want to dwell on that, you can sit there and dwell on it as long as you want to. But if you want to say, you know what? I want the next level. Look at that situation, say, what can I learn from that so I can either not repeat it or I can move forward?



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