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Transcription for the business coach program at

Clay Clark: Right. Its like okay sure so I’m in charge of all the hotels in Tulsa, that’s makes sense.

Robert Zoellner: I thought you were? A business coach with a hotel 

Clay Clark: But he thought … Vanessa did we not have dinner in Las Vegas with a guy who was a foody

Vanessa Clark: Oh yeah [crosstalk 00:26:58]

Clay Clark: He refused to give the meal a five star

Vanessa Clark: He said he never gives them out

Clay Clark: Because he said that the desert was kinda dry

Vanessa Clark: Oh and says it can always be better cause clay said even if it was the best meal you ever had would you give it a five?

Clay Clark: So like a example I saw brave heart and when I saw brave heart that’s a five star

Robert Zoellner: Yes.

Clay Clark: And that’s a definite five star that’s like a … shaw shank redemption BOOM [crosstalk 00:27:23]

Vanessa Clark: You’re also someone who is a five star or a zero star.

Clay Clark: Oh yeah.

Announcer: Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. You’re listening to the thrive time business coach show.

Clay Clark: So the other day on my way to a business coach meeting I go into a gas station in [inaudible 00:27:33] mention it as its not a quick trip it was definitely not a quick I’m being serious this was not a quick trip [crosstalk 00:27:39]

Vanessa Clark: I cannot believe you went to something that was not a quick trip.

Clay Clark: Well its by the house [crosstalk 00:27:42]

Vanessa Clark: Don’t even know you

Clay Clark: I know. But I go in there … its cause its by the house and its sometimes [crosstalk 00:27:45]

Vanessa Clark: All right.

Clay Clark: So I pull over and I go in there and I go into the restroom and its like a bomb went off, its like all of the things that they show in those late night commercials going “if you don’t donate this many dollars a day this is what can happen” it was that whole commercial just running in the bathroom it was like a frog had somehow grown from an amoeba into a rainforest and it was just seepage and sewage and just nasty, it smelled like an undiscovered place it was just not good, the scene from Star Wars where Hon Solo falls into that trash compactor with princess Leia, its weird, smells weird.

Vanessa Clark: A lot going on in there.

Clay Clark: Yeah. So [inaudible 00:28:18] review that place I would go zero across the board smells like a … what an unbelievable smell in that bathroom, clean that beast but I’m the kinda guy … cause I own businesses I do not ever write a review ever negative ever until I’ve talked to management, [crosstalk 00:28:34]

Vanessa Clark: Yeah.

Clay Clark: And they had an opportunity to correct it and they refused to, that’s my whole deal so if I had a problem with any business ever I’m being real I’ve never done it I would not ever do it if I have a problem with a business I will call up and ask to speak with the manager or somebody in charge and if they have an opportunity to fix it,

Vanessa Clark: Yeah.

Clay Clark: Then they can’t, so who’s the first person to hasn’t made a mistake … Jesus? Who’s number 2 its a short list so the thing is that I’m just telling you this, I have made mistakes in my companies’ before I was a business coachand I remember back in the day with the DJ connections someone would call me after the wedding and say “hey you know we were very happy with the wedding” great someone would call me and go “hey your guy you know the music wasn’t … the song we queued it for our first dance started about thirty minutes after we thought it would” or there was a problem with a speaker or whatever we always wanted to make it right and when you try to make it right that’s all you can do is give the business owner a chance to do that so I encourage you ethically do not go up there and write negative reviews about someone until you had a chance to talk to the management because otherwise its just sorta of [crosstalk 00:29:26]

Vanessa Clark: And then you might get a remedy then not even have the problem anymore actually.

Clay Clark: See isn’t that a pet peeve for you people that complain without talking to management.

Robert Zoellner: Absolutely, now I would never do it either because you know we’re in those shoes and we understand you want the opportunity to fix it you know you really measure a company not when things go great that’s not the measure of a company the measure of a company is when something goes wrong and then how they respond to it you gotta give them an opportunity to respond and not some of this you know troller you know from a distant I’m just gonna … you know a review

Clay Clark: Just being transparent my name is Tulsa critic … [crosstalk 00:29:55]

Vanessa Clark: They’re everywhere thou

Clay Clark: At I mean so ambiguous they hide behind pseudo name …

Robert Zoellner: And you know and they put a persons name down and you look it up not even in your system so you’re like I don’t even know this is just kinda jack ass review but I was only while I was talking about when my employees in order to get that five star review from a customer you know there’s the five ways that I coach them up on if you own a business or you’re hiring people or you’re in management right now and you’re listening to this and you’re at lunch probably Oklahoma Joe’s.

Clay Clark: That’s where you’re probably are.

Robert Zoellner: Burnt in.

Clay Clark: [crosstalk 00:30:29] chances are.

Robert Zoellner: Baked beans. Chances are highly one to three locations near the Bass Pro Shop on Broken Arrows, 61st and Sheraton and next to the iconic Cain’s Ballroom-

Clay Clark: Its created a marital problem. I’ve been living at the Oklahoma Joe’s. I’ve been camping at the baked beans and Vanessa’s is saying, “hey, you need to come home. You need to come back.” And I’m like, “baby, they’re open for another 30 minutes.”

Robert Zoellner: A little bit more baked beans. The five A’s that I couch at my people are: accuracy … you can write these down. Above and beyond, in other words doing things above and beyond with their area dictates, attendance, appearance, and attitude. If they do all those five A’s well, then they are in position to ask the customer for that review.

They can’t say, “I need a positive review”, but they can sure say give a review and be honest.

Clay Clark: When we come back we’re gonna talk about the dark art of closing deals. Some of you are like, sales, sales are so unethical. Selling something, pressuring … it’s like your … this is like … this next show … some of you feel like I gotta turn it off. What’s this show writing. What are you talking about sales? On the show?

Robert Zoellner: Close that deal. Close it like a business coach

Clay Clark: Oh wow. Wait a minute now, the word, close. So negative. Stay tuned Thrive Time Show. (singing) One, two, two into the three, on the microphone it is me, Clay Clark business coach and the former SPA Entrepreneur of the year sitting here to make your wallet persevere. To help you make more money than is normal. To make a corpus amount of cash so you can buy whatever you want maybe even spread some extra cash on the dash, right there Z. That’s the whole point of today’s show- [crosstalk 00:32:15]

Vanessa Clark: Rhymes.

Clay Clark: Is to help you make, make a the more money, make a the money.

Robert Zoellner: That’s why we are the number one rated business talk show in the Tulsa, Green country area right now-

Clay Clark: True.

Robert Zoellner: We’re giving practical business knowledge. Not just, “just do it, just chase your dreams, just fire it up and get it on?”-

Clay Clark: It’s all about your passion.-

Robert Zoellner: Walk on the coals of life-

Clay Clark: Here’s the deal. [crosstalk 00:32:41]

Robert Zoellner: Crush the feet and rise up victoriously-

Clay Clark: I wanna tell ya-

Robert Zoellner: the business coach that gives you practical-

Clay Clark: No, no. We want to talk about the other … there’s three things I want to talk about.

Robert Zoellner: Okay.

Clay Clark: One is, you gotta find your passion.

Robert Zoellner: Sure.

Clay Clark: Two, you gotta find something that … you gotta find your why, which is the why behind, you gotta peel back the onion of motivation. [crosstalk 00:32:58]

Robert Zoellner: Of my passion?

Vanessa Clark: If it’s all done basically, right?

Clay Clark: The third thing is, you gotta find a way to leverage your connections into replicate.

Robert Zoellner: Okay. That’s a good show right there. That’ll sell. I’m eating lunch. I just gotta. You know what, I’m sitting here eating my sandwich and I look over at my buddy in the cubicle next to me and I think, “how about if he asks why?”

Clay Clark: No. This is the practical business coach show.

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