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Transcribed for the business coach program at

Clay Clark: And they’re just like oh yeah. It’s a deal. I always tell clients all the time … People say … I had a business coach client the other day. He’s in Dallas and he was saying, Clay, we really really don’t think our website is hurting us. I’m not going to argue with him. I said, absolutely. What’s your main concern, what do you mean by that? He goes, I don’t think our website hurts us at all. I said, okay. How many deals do you get a year on your website right now? He tells me a number that approaches zero. I said, your exactly right. What a lot of people find is that they don’t even know how many deals they’re losing.

I pulled an analytics report on your site. You have over 200 people visiting your site a day. But you’ve never sold anything on the site. I believe that if you improve it a little bit, maybe you could close some more deals. That’s why our in-person business coach workshops are right for you.

What’s fun with these stories is you see these people six months later and they go hey, I’m selling like two or three deals a month on my site. I’m telling you what thrivers and business coach clients. If you have the right motive and you believe your product and service can help somebody. Like Phil’s product. You’ve got to ask for the deal.

Phil if I’m listening right now. And I want to take the challenge. I do want to compare my credit card fees. I want to find out how much money I could be losing, maybe, how much money I’m owed. How could they find out more?

Phil Pickle: They can go to our website you can also call our office and speak with one of our cost recovery experts. That’s 918-591-2880.

Clay Clark: If you don’t want to save money on credit card fees, there’s one great tip for burning money. You wanna set it on fire. You want to get a match and what you do … I go the matches are you with me. You want to light it. As you can see I’ve lit the match right there-

Phil Pickle: That’s fire.

Robert Zoellner: [inaudible 01:14:19] don’t burn any cash.

Clay Clark: Just put it under the money. Don’t take the challenge. Stay tuned. All right Thrive nation. Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on the radio. Welcome back to your audio doe joe of moe joe. The place where we teach your wallet how to grow. If you are into some … if you want to know more about wallet photosynthesis? Let me tell you what, then you want to get into this because we’re gonna teach you how to increase your earning. How to sell more stuff. Specifically, we’re getting into the details of how to sell. How to effectively communicate. How to close deals. Z give us our next move.

Robert Zoellner: The next move is stay with the buyer. You don’t want to be getting up and going checkin on thing and leaving the closing situation. You want to stay with the buyer. I know that sounds … when you walk away it causes a little angst in them. You want to stay with the buyer.

Clay Clark: Phil, I’m gonna see if this scenario here. You obviously helped a lot of companies save a lot of money and you also helped them plan their financial futures. One of the things you do is you’ll go in there and you’ll analyze, maybe where they’re over paying on insurance premiums why do you and Chris not go to the house of the business owner go to their business and sit down with them for seven or eight minutes, disappear, go to dentist, go rent a movie, go get some [crosstalk 01:15:48]

Robert Zoellner: Or go get something out of the car [crosstalk 01:15:49]

Clay Clark: It’s in the car … [crosstalk 01:15:50]

Robert Zoellner: [inaudible 01:15:50]

Clay Clark: Go to coma Joe’s,

Robert Zoellner: Come back with.

Clay Clark: Come back with a puppet, leave the puppet, come back, put a kite up in the air, make some barbecue, why do you sit down have an intelligent conversation, why not one time, what’s the logic there.

Phil Pickle: Well we want to keep them engaged, and you got them, you’re showing this great stuff and they’re getting excited, and then you’re gonna go off and leave them, that won’t work.

Clay Clark: I have a funny story for you phil. You need to coach me through this. Years ago I was working with a financial planner, and he asked to meet up near Panera Bread, cause he said “he could save me money on insurance” and as he’s talking he begins talking about insurance and how he save me money, and somehow he pivots into a mutual fund discussion and he forgets the very reason why we even have the meeting.

Phil Pickle: Right.

Clay Clark: And so now he’s mentally not even present, and by the end of it he’s talking about his kids and we never got to a point. Can you tell me how an appointment would go with you, cause I am worried that if I sit down with you or any financial planner, and I’m talking about insurance premium a how you can save me money somehow Z it’s gonna end up in some high pressure upscale of stuff I don’t need, what does that look like what does an appointment with you look like.

Phil Pickle: Basically, an appointment with me is, first of all we sit down and talk with the client about what they want to accomplish, a lot of times is their paying too much for their insurance. So they want to save money, and not only do we have programs that can get them savings, we also have programs that can get them back premiums, that they over paid. That’s a little different angle than most of your people that you run into that are selling insurance. We’re not gonna necessarily change the company insurance carrier. We’re just gonna do a valuation of the last five to seven years, check the classifications and I’m talking specifically about work comp insurance, which is over paid a lot [crosstalk 01:17:47]

Clay Clark: How long is this, sounds like colonoscopy. How long does this take, how long of a procedure is this to sit down an audit my insurance? Are we talking about several hours? Several weeks?

Phil Pickle: I can ask the business owner … I have an automated questionnaire that has exactly eight questions on it. It takes about 10 minutes. At the end of that questionnaire I can show them a percentage or amount of money that I can possibly get them back.

Clay Clark: If I’m listening right now and I’m doubtful, I say, I’m doubtful, I’ve got a lot going on. I’m doubtful that you could actually save me. Do you have any sort of claim? Not a threat, don’t use my earlier inedible quotable about whether there’s a whip there’s a way. Don’t threaten me. Do you have any kind of claim, any kind of guarantee, any kind of move?

Phil Pickle: Here’s our guarantee. If we can’t save you money, it doesn’t cost you anything.

Clay Clark: How long does it take though? Several weeks, several years?

Phil Pickle: No. It actually … the appointment, real short. Short and sweet. We’re busy people, they’re busy people. 15-20 minutes we’re out of there.

Clay Clark: You promise?

Phil Pickle: Yup. Then, we do the evaluation. When we do the evaluation we come back and show you how much money we’re gonna get you back.

Clay Clark: I’m only beaten you up on it because … By the way, what’s your website?

Phil Pickle:

Clay Clark: I’m only beaten you up cuz we’ve all had that meeting where the insurance guy comes to the house and two and a half hours later he’s just still- [crosstalk 01:19:05] he separates you and the wife into different rooms. He begins to do the separation move. We both are in a timeshare [inaudible 01:19:13] As a business coach I already know these moves.

Robert Zoellner: Oh my Gosh. [inaudible 01:19:15] thinking about it. All those business coach moves you see them using.

Clay Clark: And they ask these questions, so do you care about your health. I guess you don’t care about your family. Do you care about your health? Your going, yeah I care about my health. Well than what you want to do is … so your saying this is not any hide and pressure move.

Phil Pickle: Nope we’re past that. We don’t do that anymore. When I first got into the industry, I was trained that you either get thrown out of house or you leave with a check. That was your two options. That’s not a fun way to approach your careers. [crosstalk 01:19:43] No. We’re not like that.

Announcer: Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show.

Clay Clark: Z what are the next moves?

Robert Zoellner: Always treat prospects like buyers. Hey, just because you think that person is not gonna be buyer, always treat prospects like buyers. That way you’ll turn them into buyers. Immensely, if it’s a prospect treat them like a buyer.

Clay Clark: Here’s a move. I typically used to wear a suit every day. Red tie, white shirt, blue suit. Did that for 16 years. Always wearing a suit. When I go into Mathis wearing a suit, sales guys would just be on me. They would wow. They knew that I was a buyer. Potentially. I go into businesses and if I’m wearing a hoodie sweat shirt, no one talks to you.

The move is, when my wife and I would travel on airplanes. I’m like, It’s a hoodie trip. I wear a hoodie cuz I don’t want anybody talking to me. Selling me something. You don’t ever want to disqualify or have a bias and write somebody off because the way they dress or the way they look. Some of the wealthiest people around you are very very frugal in their dress and very conservative in their appearance and their dress. So don’t prejudge prospects.

Robert Zoellner: And something like you just said, do it on purpose to keep people from coming up to you. I’m a try to sell them stuff. You’re the same guy whether you got on a hoodie or you have on your suit.

The last three business coach moves, I’m gonna put them together because we’re running out of time here. Clay I want to get all 12 of these moves out here. They go like this. We can break them down, talk about them a little bit.

Number 10 is stay confident. Number 11 is be positive. I tell you what, that goes along way making the close. Showing up positive. All that negativity out of it. And 12 is sound self evident. Always smile.

Clay Clark: I’ll tell you this, you can be confidant and you can be happy and smile, if you believe in your product. If you’re selling something right now you don’t believe in, switch jobs. If you’re selling something you believe in, get all in it.

I’m going to ask you this Phil. This is your chance. Tulsa wants to know, because you’re confident in your product … You’re happy to be here on the show with the listeners. I know you want to help them. If you could say listeners please do this one thing, here’s the challenge. What’s your challenge for every listener right now?

Phil Pickle: I challenge anybody to call in and let us give you an evaluation and see if we can get you money back. If we can’t get you any money back, it’s not gonna cost you anything.

Clay Clark: What’s the phone number, man?

Phil Pickle: It is 918-591-2880

Clay Clark: Thrive nation we have something coming up exciting in just a few days. It’s our next in-person Thrive Time Workshop. If you ever wondered, what is that?

One it’s super affordable, meaning that we have a scholarship program. We have never ever in the history of … we’ve been at it for about four years now. We’ve never turned anybody down whose wanted to come to a workshop because of financial reasons. We have a scholarship program. The face value of the ticket is $500. It’s a two day in-person workshop. During that two day workshop, we go through methodically through the Boom book, which are the 13 proven steps to business success that we’ve documented.

A lot of people want to know. How did doctor Z build a successful optometrist clinic? How did Clay build a super large wedding photography company? How did Clay build a men’s grooming lounge chain. How did Z build the auto auction?

We have a proven business coach system that we will teach you. In this system we cover the sales the marketing, the accounting, the personal finance, we talk about building systems, we talk about time management. You can have an entire workshop devoted just to that search engine optimization, social media marketing. The whole thing is there for you.

You’ve gotta take the first step. You’ve gotta go to and claim your ticket. We only have a few left. So you want to go to to claim your ticket.

Z for anybody who’s listening to our show for the first time. We have four ways we can help all the listeners. What are the four ways, my friend?

Robert Zoellner: With the original way that we started about three years ago. It’s that’s T-H-R-I-V-E-1-5-.-COM you can go on there and for $1 your first month have access to the best business school without the b.s. We have gone around the country, we’ve gathered up great mentors, success stories, great people and room for business coach clients.

For example, if your a mompreneur and you want to start a business out of your own spare bedroom? We’ve got Jill Donovan on there Rustic Cuff. Teaching you her secret little moves that she did.

You want to learn about time management. We’ve got Lee Cockerell, who managed a thing called Walt Disney World.

Clay Clark: Never heard of Wald Disney World.

Robert Zoellner: We got Labine on their. He did the PR for Michael Jackson, Pizza Hut, little thing called Nike.

Clay Clark: Teaching … the publicist for Nike and Michael Jackson could teach you and it’s all just a $1 for your first month and $19 for every month thereafter. Now Z tell them about the podcast. Tell them about

Robert Zoellner: You can go and all our shows are recorded on there. You can listen to them you can share them with your friends. We’re getting 33,000 of them downloaded last year out of 50 countries. Just last month, over 50 countries. This is something you can share with your friends, you can re-listen to this show. Take your notes because your maybe driving. You could of been at Oklahoma Joe’s eating. You could’ve been doing something.

We got one on one coaching that you can do. We’ve got our in-person business coach workshop coming up March 24th till 25th. We’ve got you covered with business.

Clay Clark: I’m a tell you this though. Henry Ford says, “you cannot build a reputation based upon what your going to do. You can only build your reputation based on what you are doing.”

Take the step. Go to get signed up for in-person workshop or the business coach program and as always 3-2-1 BOOM!

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