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Business Coach – The Gift

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

You don’t have to be born with a gift or have a natural talent to be a success, but you must “hold yourself accountable to your goals and dreams.” “Success means sustainably achieving your goals in areas of faith, family, finance, relationships and fitness.” -Clay Clark. As an entrepreneur or business owner, this could sound very disheartening . Clark has taken the fear out of “startup and entrepreneurship.  This takes perseverance, dedication and passion, which Clay Clark knows all about. That is why he is a success today for business coach. Clay Clark (855-955-7469), vision behind Thrive15, has developed a proven path for the entrepreneurs of today. You can see evidence of this at the Thrivetime Show, his show that lives on the edge.

Clay Clark, serial entrepreneur, and creator of Thrive15, a business coach company for the entrepreneur. He designed one company of excellence that meets all your business needs. Thrive 15 has a multitude of services like: website management, graphic design, product design, franchising, business development, life coaching, marketing, copywriting, SEO’s, advertising, interior design, photography, one on one mentor ship, accounting, sales training, It/Tech support, workflow design, drone photo/ video, event planning, website design optimization, sociall media and the list goes on.

Clay Clark has also written many best sellers on the business start up and entrepreneur subject. “Boom”-13 Steps to Business Success; “The Wheel of Wealth”- an entrepreneur’s action guide; “Make Your Life Epic”; “Jackassery”; “Start Here”- The Worlds Best Business Book; “ Thrive”- how to take control of your destiny and move beyond surviving …. now, these are a few of the books he has written from business coach. These will help and encourage the entrepreneur in the quest for success.  You can check out the website at and learn more. The entrepreneur of today can skip so many of the phases others have had to go through because of Thrive 15.

Businesses like Boeing, Farmers insurance, Barbee Cookies, Bama Companies, Oral Roberts University, QuikTrip, Oxifresh, Hewlett-Packard, Valspar Paints, SouthWest Airlines and many more have used the memberships services. In one of his books he writes that an entrepreneur should “find the markets need and fill it in a memorable and differentiated way.”  Then, articulate your vision, figure out your financials and know what course to take to achieve this every week. That’s Thrive 15’sarea of expertise. When you join forces, your business will accomplish this and “Boom” you will be headed to success and financial freedom.

Though Clay Clark coaches, leads workshops and has educated over 1500 audiences it is his passion for excellence that is the force that drives him to be the best in his field. His desire to help the entrepreneur is what birthed Thrive 15. His perseverance to fulfill his dreams and goals is where he learned his winning strategies that cause him to be in such demand. His dry sense of humor breaks up the constant almost tangible force he exudes when he talks about his passion. He is relevant for today, transparent to the point of being brutal sometimes which you will hear on his radio talk show, the Thrivetime Show. Call Clay Clark, 855-955-7469, serial entrepreneur, and turn your dream into a reality today.

Business Coach – Your Business.

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Investing in your business is extremely important. You have started your business, and it has grown. I know, you have done all the work in your business. You are working in your business. You are working on your business. After a while, it becomes overwhelming. You need help sustaining your business. Your business needs help with the right direction. The Internet has many opportunities to invest. All investments are not the smartest decision for your business. You may need an investment, but it might not be the right time. The best option for investing is in business coach. Business coaches have the right path to success, knowledge on growth, and accountability. If you don’t believe me, go to the Clay Clark, call owner of the Thrivetime show, will answer any questions at 855-955-7469.

Your business needs the right path to success. There are many different options you can choose. Two options are a linear path, or you can choose the windy road. Wouldn’t you want to get to success quicker? If so you need to invest in business coaching. They have experience. Coaches have built their own business. Coaches have seen multiple businesses grow as well. There is a formula for success. This formula is shown through many different industries. Just because industries are different, it doesn’t mean there has to be a different formula for each industry. The coach has done the research for you. A coach has been through the experience. They started at the bottom when starting their business. Your business does not have to start at the bottom. You can start several several steps ahead.

Next, you need knowledge on growth. Researching the Internet for hours upon hours can be very easy. You may go down mini rabbit trails to find the answers. Even when researching, you can find many contradicting articles. The question is, what steps to take first? The steps you need to take are the exact knowledge business coach has. When you grow, you get closer to your goals. You get closer to the time freedom you are wanting. Financial freedom is within reach when you have the knowledge to grow. Cut out the stress of figuring out what to do. The coach will cut your bumps in half while going down the road to success.

Lastly, you need accountability. Having accountability will allow you to not answer to yourself. When you answered yourself, excuses arise. Excuses can be the very reason for failure. Hiring a coach will allow you to have an outside accountability partner. You will receive an agenda each week during your meeting. If you don’t complete your agenda, it will be difficult to succeed. Coaches are there to get rid of your excuses and start seeing results.

Don’t get caught up in trying to DIY your own business. Coaches have experience and want to show you how to succeed. Will you succeed, goals become reality. Let your goals become reality. Go to the Thrivetime show for more information. They would love to answer your questions at 855-955-7469.


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