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Business Coach : Goal Setting Mastery

Business Coach : Goal Setting Mastery
-You know, if I want that goal, as long as it’s in my head, it is nothing but a thought. It’s never going to be a reality. When I write it down and get specific about it, when I set the goal, when I say, I’m going to get that, sooner or later– it may cost too much, may take longer than I thought, whatever– I’m going to figure out a way, I’m going to get that. A business coach can help you get laser focused on what it is you are after.

Then things start organizing to make that happen. But it’s not tangible until I either write it down, get a picture of it, or somehow identify with serious intent that it’s going to happen. A business coach can help you with the serious intent

-OK, that’s huge. I love that. Honestly, all these notable quotables, obviously they tie together. The next notable quotable is from Pablo Picasso. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s an artist who is the Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, I mean, he had it all, poet– he did a lot of different types of–

-Go to Barcelona and you can tour his museum.

-You will see him, yes.

-We did that last year.

-That’s incredible.

-It is incredible.

-This is what Pablo has to say. He says, “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” Have a business coach help you with the plan.

-Now think about this. He’s saying, fervently believe and vigorously act. And he’s talking about setting goals. He was an artist. He drew pictures. He painted paintings. He did sculptures. He was an artist.

That art is so not goal setting to most people. You think, I’ve got an impulse— [WHIZZING SOUNDS]. Color that in. I’ll be back.


But, Picasso, there’s a cool story about him. One time, he was in– I don’t know if it’s true or not– he was in a restaurant, and he forgot his money. And so when the check came, he took a napkin and he did a drawing on it and he handed it to the server.

And that server said, nuh-uh, I want money. Trust me, that’s going to be worth a whole lot more. And it was.

-That was crazy. I don’t think that would work for me.

-No, I don’t think it would work for me either. But if you fervently believe in something, what does that mean? That means that you honestly believe that it matters enough that you’re willing to do whatever is necessary– that’s legal and ethical and within some kind of reason– to make it a reality. See, if you’re not willing to change you, you’re not willing to change your world.

If you’re not willing to change you, you’re not willing to change your world. You may say you are. But until you’re ready to change, change the behaviors or the beliefs or the patterns or the relationships or the whatever around you, then nothing else is going to change. And your goals, intended goals that never became real goals, will simply be wishes.

-Wow, that’s powerful. That’s some truth canon right there.

-There you go.

-Yeah, I love it. The last notable quotable I have is from Jim Rohn. And you said you studied with him. I mean– self help author, I think there was Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy– all these gentleman think of him as a mentor.

-Oh, totally, totally.

-He had a huge impact on this society.

-Well, I had the privilege of receiving the Speaker Hall of Fame Award–

-That’s that ring right there.

-In 1985, in Washington, DC at the JW Marriott. And they bestowed five Hall of Fame inductions that night, and one of the others was Jim Rohn. And another one was my former partner, and my current best friend, Tony Alessandra.

-That is unbelievable. I love that.

-And I didn’t know Jim Rohn at the time.


-I didn’t. He was inducted, and I thought, well, why that guy. And he wasn’t involved in the National Speakers Association, so I didn’t see much of him. But I was hype involved in it, on the board and such.

But then I took an interest in him, and I started watching some of his videos and listening to some of his recordings, and I thought, dude, this is my kind of guy.

-It’s unbelievable.


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