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Business Coach on Helping Grow Your Business

My name is Clay Clark and today do we have a show for you. If you have ever wanted to know anything about what the business coach experience looks like if you’ve ever wanted to know anything about business coaching this is the coach for you. Because if you want to create time freedom and financial freedom that is what we’re talking about today we’re specifically Today’s show is entitled How to create a business and not just a job how to create a business and not just a job well how do you know if you’ve done that. Well you know you’ve done that when your business creates financial freedom and time freedom for you when your business produces profits when you’re not actually physically present. And so the kind of the checklist we talked about in the previous segment that you want to make sure that you have implemented this has got to check check this box check this box and check this box and once you check these three boxes you know that you have built a turnkey business that’s creating time freedom and financial freedom for you. One is you must admit your business must be reliant upon systems and not people. Therefore it must work regardless of who’s doing the job. It’s more of a certain make and model of person but it’s not you that has to do it. You create the systems and then people can execute the systems for you. Every password every marketing idea every sales skill every sales move. Those aren’t locked inside the head of a key person. Those are documented and those are systems that other people could implement.

Business Coach 212

The second is that you want to know the number of customers that you need to achieve your financial freedom so you have a good idea of how many customers you actually need in total to achieve your financial goals. You’ll want to be very very clear on that with your business coach which would require a pro-forma detailed profit and loss statement. There’s a lot of details that will teach you at our in-person workshop that you must have in place in order to have a business that produces both time freedom and financial freedom for you. And third you want to make sure you’re filling a need. You’ve got to fill a need if you’re if you’re creating a product or service that the world doesn’t want and then you have to run around educating people that they do need this service you’re going to find yourself struggling perpetually because you’re fighting the gravitational pull of the planet. You know as an example right now if you are selling anything that’s organic life is probably a little bit easier for you than it was 20 years ago because right now people are really really waking up to the dangers of eating food that is heavily processed. They’re discovering the dangers of eating food that’s heavily pumped up with steroids and with all sorts of pesticides and things to make things grow faster. And what happens is is that that when you ingest those chemicals into your body right. Bad things happen. And their research is starting to show that. And so it’s it’s very maybe a good time to get on to the organic train you know that does the parade. Doctors he always talks about the parade with a business coach.

Dr. Zellner my partner and the co-host of the drivetime show Dr. Zellner is always talking about finding good parade and get out front of it. You know so the parade right now is organic anything organic food that’s so that’s the thing all natural that kind of thing. Also the big parade out there right now is environmentally friendly Go Green. You know the world’s greenest. This the world’s greenest. That is an example of that would be one of the companies we work with has called oxy fresh Oaks fresh. And as a business coach it’s always an honor to work with a company filled with diligent doers and Jonathan Barnett the CEO of Oxy fresh and his team they execute the proven systems. And so then and now they are in hundreds and hundreds of locations. And if you type in a carpet cleaning quote They actually have a 103 thousand reviews. And by the way we will teach you how to do that as well. But the questions that are coming in hot from you to thrive are about the business coaching experience. I actually want to open up I’m going to turn here now to page 24 of Larry Bird’s autobiography entitled Dr. The Story of my life. And he says I had known the man all my life. I thought of Jim Jones as someone who was always making remarks. You’ve got to do this you’ve got to do that. I would generally have cared less about the things he said to me then.

But once I started getting seriously interested in basketball I listened to business coach Jonesy and everything he told me a lot of kids still let it go in one ear and out the other. But I’ve been blessed with a good memory and I was able to remember every piece of instruction I discovered that Coach Jones always gave me sound advice when Jonesy said to try something it worked. He told me to work on my left hand and my and right away I could see an improvement in my game. He taught me that there was a lot more to the game of basketball than just shooting a lot of kids just like to shoot. And if they aren’t hitting they get frustrated and don’t play as well in other phases of the game. Shooting stopped being such a big thing with me moving on there. He goes on to say just being good at something change my entire self-image. I had this skill. And what’s more it all came to a game so easy to me once I started working at it. It didn’t mind I didn’t mind the hard work. I felt that every time I applied myself I learned something new about the game. What he’s talking about is he had a coach who he wasn’t even listening to for the longest time he had a coach right there. I was teaching and teaching the fundamentals of the game of basketball. But he wasn’t even open to the coaching. So I would say one you have to be real with yourself and discover you have to ask yourself today. Obviously figuratively speaking but how good it might shooting.

I mean if you are not good at shooting then you probably need a shooting coach. If your business is not growing at the rate that you want to grow at if you’re working all the time and creating zero financial freedom and time freedom it probably makes sense for you to have a coach that definitely makes sense for you to have a business coach when you are not happy with your rate of growth and the time freedom and financial freedom your business is creating. So then I’m going to pile on with other people. So if the former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt This is what he says he says My advice to you probably not youth drivers but to other people. My advice to you is to have a coach the coach doesn’t have to play the sport as well as you do. They have to watch you and get you to be your best. Well in the context of business coaching as an example reviews you have to get reviews. So let’s go ahead and challenge me on this OK so go ahead and do a google search real quick for Jefferson City carpet cleaning. Go ahead I’ll wait I’ll wait. Here we go. I’ll be over here behind the microphone. You google you google on your smartphone on your on your computer. Jefferson City carpet cleaning what comes up top oxy fresh oxy fresh will. Now if you google carpet cleaning quote what comes up top. Oxy fresh. Bam. If you google Tulsa men’s haircuts what comes next comes up top or near the top. I don’t have it right in front of me here.

If you Google broken arrow men’s haircuts what comes up top if you google Tulsa. That’s elephant in the room. Men’s grooming lounge. That will come up top. If you google Tulsa cookies right. Tulsa Cookie’s Tulsa gluten free cookies what comes up top. It’s Kat Graham and her company Barbie cookies. Why do you need a business coach? Because we’ve implemented the proven systems to getting to the top of Google and I don’t and I don’t care how motivated you are you’re not going to have success if you’re not implementing a proven system and strategy. And so Larry Bird and NBA Hall of Fame basketball player and his on his own autobiography he talks about the value of having a business coach but he also admits hey I wasn’t even listening for a while. The coach had no ability to impact him because he wasn’t receptive. That the teacher will appear when the student is ready.


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