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A Business Coach Can Help Grow Your Business

-And so we talked about last year even, saying listen, he is so busy, I don’t have time for people. And in other words, he’s saying, I don’t have time to grow my business because I’m so busy growing my business. It’s a contradiction. Hire a business coach to help you.

So we actually set up deliberate time as part of this intentional leadership that’s so necessary for you to begin to intentionally put your to-do list in order towards the highest and best use of your time. And he would meet with people. And he is about ready to land a $45 million deal. $45 million.


-That’s more than I made–


-And he just landed a $25 million deal. These are relationships he took time just to nurture, just to be in there. And we’ve actually talked about strategies of how do you make that one interaction memorable. Sending gifts or handwritten note, or just the stuff that you hear about and your mom told you to do in kindergarten. We got to do that to make an impact on the people we work with. A business coach will impact you if you work with them.

-For the Thrivers who are watching this who say, I’m kind of introverted. I have a hard time meeting people.

-I’m that way, too.

-We have some great trainings on this. But I want to give you a few notable quotables. And then we’ll transition into the next step here.

Dale Carnegie. He wrote How to Win Friends and Influence People, perhaps one of the best interpersonal relational sort of books on how to relate to people. He says, “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” Now the idea is when you meet people, you want to let them talk 70% of the time. You want to take an interest in what they’re saying. You want to be sincerely excited for their life and their goals and their dreams, and helping them get there.

Now Napoleon Hill, bestselling author, he comes alongside and he says, “No individual may have great power without availing himself of the Master Mind.” That’s the power of networking there. What we’re getting at is that it is very hard to raise– if you want to go get a bank loan. I know some guys right now that working within a different state. And these guys are trying to get money to expand. They have two locations. They’re trying to open up a third and fourth.

And the bank says, we need three references, three letters of recommendation who can vouch for you that you guys would be a good investment for the bank. They have like one. You know.

Well, the thing is that they’re a churn and burn business in their mind. Where they get customers, charge them, go on to the next customer. They don’t have any relationships. A business coach will teach you about building relationships.

So you’re going to need these at some point. So if that’s you, you’re watching this. And there’s an action step you can do. Schedule a time to network. Do it. Your network will determine your net worth.

So add up the estimated net worth of all your friends and the people you associate with. Your top 10 friends. Add up the net worth of your top 10 friends. And divide it by 10. And that’s going to be your net worth almost all the time.

So if you’re watching this, that’s an action step you can do. Think about all your closest associates. Add up their net worth. Divide it by 10. That’s probably how much your net worth is. This is super important.

And we’re moving on to step number 12. Pursue your goals now. Don’t wait.

Tim, Warren Buffett says, “If I had to do it over again, I have done the same thing earlier.” Talk to me about this real quick. For somebody watching this who says, OK. I logged onto this crazy website. I thought I would just do a trial. I am hyper motivated. I’m ready to go. But I’ll probably wait til I get to be 40, until I retire, till I get married, till the big wedding. I don’t know. They just have this idea that once I get my degree, I’ll get going. Once I get my master’s, once I get my MBA, one I– what would you say to that person?

-Get busy. Get moving. Hire a business coach. Create motion in your life. When you set motion in motion in your life, you begin to define your future. And so there’s so many things that we’re not going to catch and learn and adapt to unless we’re in motion.

Most of our opportunities, the big breakthrough, you’re not going to see until you are in motion. Trying to start this business, I was in an entrepreneur setting. And I had questions and answers. And somebody asked me about prototyping. So I gave them some steps on how to do that in a low cost way.

And I said, well, tell me about your idea. And she looked around and said, well I don’t want to tell anybody my idea. Somebody might steal the idea.

And I said, well, how long have you had this idea?

-She goes, I had it for seven years.

-Seven year.

-And I almost began– I just about lost it here. I began to use– I almost began to use– I didn’t actually. I thought these four-letter words that were not nice and love and like. I’m thinking, what are you doing wasting your time?

So you think this one idea is the only idea you have? The main reason this idea came to you is to set you in motion to learn how to interact with people and to learn distribution systems. To learn how to make prototypes. To learn how to adapt. And when you get knocked down, to pick up and stay in motion. That’s part of the game is just to stay in motion. A business coach will tell you that.

So create massive action. That’s the name of the game.

-You have a bias for action. It sounds like.

-A bias for action. That was part of that In Search of Excellence, that was one of the key points that made their book so popular. Tom Peters and Robert Waterman, is these companies that were these excellent companies, they created a bias for action.

-I did not know that.

-Ready, fire, aim.




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