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Business Coach : Grow Your Wealth

Business Coach : Grow Your Wealth

-I want to share this with the Thrivers watching this. There’s the word centric, which basically means be in the center. And then there’s the word eccentric, which means that you’re not in the center. If you look up any statistic– if you’re watching this, go ahead and hit pause. You can Google it up, check it out.

The average American– look up the average American. Look at how the average American is going to retire or not be able to retire. Look up the average American, how much student loans they have. Look up the average American and if they like their job or not.

You’ll find that Gallup shows that the average American is not engaged in their job, doesn’t like their job, they can’t retire.

You don’t want to be centric. So if people aren’t telling you that you’re a little eccentric, you’re probably destined for average and that’s not a place you want to be. So I would encourage you. You want to aim to be eccentric. That’s a goal you have.

-I was just with a client this last weekend in California. He probably not more than 15 years ago, he was busted for distributing pot, marijuana before it became medicinal and legal in some places. And serving some time and he had this business– he actually said that he learned a lot of his business in that business– but he had this crazy idea of starting this construction company.

And he wanted to be the number one provider of apartment renovators, OK. And he went from selling pot to putting up dry wall and he was horrible at it. And I don’t know how he got any business on it. But he had this vision, he’s visualizing here that he wanted to become the state’s largest apartment renovator. Now he’s going to exceed $75 million in revenue. He’s now number three.

He’s got a team going here. He’s got momentum. A business coach can help you gain momentum as well. People are tracking him down to do business. It’s like he saw this crazy vision and he began to take these little, bitty steps towards that. And I got the privilege of training his executive team this last week and it’s just phenomenal to see it come to pass.

-Let me ask you this, what are the action steps that the Thrivers out there can begin to take right now to begin visualizing their success? What’s something you recommend? What would a business coach recommend?

-Simple, simple, simple. Simple, simple, simple. OK, write down on a sheet of paper your vision. If you go 23 pages, you’re not getting it. But just a picture. Write down a picture of what your future looks like, some aspect of it.

And during the time where you’re reading in the morning, or you’re taking a walk, or you’re praying, or whatever you do to start your day to get yourself charged up on the inside– go inward before you go outward– look at that picture and see yourself in the middle of that picture. A very simple thing, it can be three seconds, eight seconds, 15 seconds.

-This is so important and I want to share this with the Thrivers out there because I know that if you’re doing this, you might go am I weird? Maybe instinctively you feel like you should do this. Or maybe you haven’t done this and this is new information to you. You need to have a visual. A business coach can help with the visual.

That’s why you have to turn your thought into things and write it down. Now I’m going to say this and not ’cause I’m old school and I’m anti-digital. I see people that type these things and it falls into the junk drawer of their computer where they don’t really ever access it again. You’ve got to make it tangible. You’ve got to turn your thought into a thing.

You gotta get like a dream board or a sheet of paper. I’ve seen people cut pictures out of magazines. One of my friends is a ridiculously wealthy lady, millions and millions of dollars. It looks like when you go into her bathroom, if you see her mirror, that her vision board– she has all these declarations. And she has pictures written and pictures pasted to the mirror.A business coach will encourage you to create a vision board as well.

But you’ve got to make it real. You got to turn your thoughts into things. That’s something we can all do.

-We’ve got to use the language of the brain, which is pictures not words, pictures. Now I’ve had it on a little three by five card. I put it in my pants, in my pants pocket, and I can feel that thing. And so the visualization doesn’t have to be this 30 minutes of meditation and floating through the air. It’s a five second bam just thinking about this one picture.

-You guys this isn’t funny. The camera guys are laughing. I’ve been like, the last couple weeks, trying to float through the air and it’s not been going so well. So they just think this is hilarious.

-OK, so we’re going to actually do a special Thrive episode on how to float as you meditate.

-Yeah, yeah. It hasn’t worked for me so far.


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