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Business Coach on Growing Profits

Thriving welcome back into the conversation it is the Thrivetime show on your radio is the number one business coach radio program on the planet. It is business school without the b.s.. And yes my name is Clay Clark and I am here to help you start and grow a successful business. Typically I’m joined here with Dr. Robert Zoellner Maya co-host with the most. But today he’s out expanding his vast entrepreneurial empire. You might not know this but he’s actually expanding his optometry clinic that’s been open for 25 years. Fairly dramatically he’s expanding the Harvard location the memorial location. Things are good over there. Dr. Robert Zellner and associates so thank you Tulsa for supporting him and his businesses for twenty five years. And so today we’re answering the questions that you have about the business coach experience you know what his business coaching look like who’s going to be my business coach. These kind of things and so the next question that we have that the people have asked was you know can you give me an expectation of the results that I can expect to see after one month. Well when I said that if you if you do have a product that nobody wants it could take forever. Right. Move Number two though is it. If you do have a product that people want people like Dora the Barbie cookies are taken off quickly. There’s a calibration company we’re working with right now that they actually do just in can calibrate equipment they can actually do what they say they can to oh my gosh you mean they’re practicing the Golden Rule. You mean they’re doing what they said they would do.

Business Coach 205

You mean they’re doing that prop Proverbs 10. Forget Proverbs 10:04 kind of thing where they are being blessed because they’re diligent. Yes. So for those kind of people it’s fairly easy for them to see a result. However point number three if you’re unwilling to hold yourself accountable in your team accountable then it is insurmountable. You cannot improve if you’re not willing to hold the team accountable. You have to take action. I have a bias towards action. You must have a bias towards action if you don’t have that action bias then you’re not going to have success is what’s going to happen is you’re going to start looking for new ideas and unicorns and then look it over here the grass is greener. Look over there there’s a unicorn on the grass is greener. Look at the look at the greener grass. Look at the Unicorn that’s on the green grass. Is that a leprechaun. Let’s go let’s go find the leprechaun. Guys let’s go find the leprechaun. That’s a great idea. Let’s go find the leprechaun on the greener grass over there that’s being. Is it a leprechaun riding the unicorn. Oh my gosh this is incredible. This is a new idea.

If that’s you you’re never going to have success. All right so the next question that drivers ask though is what if I was not happy with my previous business coach program. Well then as you I am honestly very very sorry to hear that because nobody likes to hear that somebody has a bad experience. However I can tell you what makes the Thrive 15 business coach program different from the other programs out there. And then you can do your research and make an educated decision for yourself. So I can say from firsthand experience having done this for a long long time I have found that basically there are really only four business coach programs out there right now that are good. There’s not you know five or 507 there’s really only four and so on my desk I have my stack of stuff here for me and I’m going to go ahead and kind of get into it here. So one the E-Myth program by Michael Gerber. That program is reputable. He is the best selling author of the book called The E-Myth. From what I’ve heard from drivers like you that program is about $3000 a month and it does not include any of the deliverables that we actually build your website. We do your photography we do your search engine optimization we do your perform a creation your script creation we do all those things here at at 3:15 dot com. So we’re really into execution not just into the theory but he also teaches a lot of execution.

I just know that you have to do a contract and it’s about $3000 a month and it is a they don’t do the the action items that we do for you. The second program I know is reputable is that the Tony Robbins program now Tony Robbins as a business coach is obsessed with helping people move beyond where they’re stuck. And I think there’s a there’s a place for that in the marketplace. But for Tony Robbins I mean it is a situation where with his program there’s a lot of upselling that goes on. There’s just a lot of. You know buy this and then you get that and when you buy Does she get that you get this you get that and it starts off with a two to $3000 conference that you’ll head out to. And when you get out to that conference you get to be bombarded with upswell so I can say Tony Robbins is about $3000 for the program there’s typically a contract a longer term contract and it costs more than thrive 15 there. The other program I know about is the rich dad program that’s rich Dad poured and series by Robert Kiyosaki. That program is going to be about 25 to $45000. And I just I have I’m sure there’s people out there that are having a ton of success with the program. I have just never met them and it’s probably because people are only calling me you know after they’ve had it hasn’t worked for them for another program or something. But again that’s a longer term contract a bigger ticket. It’s expensive. And then there’s the Maui mastermind program which to me is hysterical because that thing is a thirty thousand dollar charge to get out to their workshop. Thirty thousand.

So anyway if you’re looking at workshop’s I mean Tony Robbins is going to get you for about $2000 to $3000. Then up sell you the whole time. Rich Dad poured out thousands upon thousands of dollars. The Mouly mastermind is $30000. So our program the Thrive time show program. It’s $500 to attend our in-person workshop and you can bring three people with you you know. And you don’t have to bring your wallet with you because we don’t upset anything. There’s no upselling that happens. We just teach you the proven path and the system. And so our program is one thousand five hundred dollars a month where it starts and there’s no contract. And so as we grow your business if you go into multiple markets and you want us to help you there and we can do that and we also would be willing to sign a non-compete agreement if you’re seeing the fruit and the success because you’re executing the proven path. People typically don’t want our our team to go out there and help the competition so we would be happy to sign non-compete and to do that if we are specific to your niche in your city and we do that on many many occasions so that that would be my advice for you if you weren’t happy with your previous coaching program would be just to look into what makes our our program different from the other programs that are out there. And then we can help you move beyond that.

But the thing I want to break into your mind today the thing I want to make sure that we don’t escape from that we don’t move on as we get through our stack of stuff here. Is that your time to succeed is now. It’s not farther along you know I went to a church who used to go to higher dimensions church where from a religious context I agree that you know Matthew 5 10 Let me let me pull this up real quick. I don’t want to paraphrase a Bible verse here so let me let me get it. Matthew 5 10 and I encourage you to read the whole thing but Matthew 5 10 read it on your own. Do your own research. It says blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness for theirs is the kingdom of heaven meaning that in heaven you’ll get your reward if you’re persecuted on the planet. And I see that to be a consistent thing. Great people get persecuted they get attacked. Anybody in a position of leadership is constantly criticized. I agree with that but I don’t agree that your financial success is at all related to some spiritual force. I’ve met a lot of people that are just awful awful humans but are very successful in the world of business simply because they know the proven path. They know the millionaire map if you will. They know the systems. They know there’s a systemic repeatable processes to have success and that’s why they’re able to do it. And so that’s what we focus on teaching you over here at 3:15 dotcom. But I want to cue up my song farther along because I love farther along the song that was saying by Carlton Pearson a former minister here in Tulsa. I love the song.

I just totally disagree that your success has to be farther along in the world of business. You could start your success today and all you have to do is go to thrive time show and book your tickets for the world’s number one business coach conference and in or sign up for an evaluation because we are going to go through a detailed thirteen point assessment with you to figure out where you’re stuck. What your biggest limiting factors are what’s impeding your growth what are your biggest obstacles your challenges what your weaknesses are and they’re going to help you quickly overcome those. So at the end of the year you can have a completely re-energized recreated business you don’t have to stay loyal to dysfunction your success doesn’t have to be farther along. We’ll come on. No you know what. We still practicing along. Here we go.

Right now right nation now you know a little bit more about the business coach experience but it’s up to you if you’re going to take some action. So if you want to kind of dip your toes into the water if you’re an existing business owner and you want to just stay in touch with this program so you can learn what you need to learn to move beyond surviving. I encourage you to go to thrive 15 dot com and check out the world’s best business school. It’s only a dollar to try it out. It is only one dollar to trout thrive 15 Also you can go to drivetime show dot com and subscribe to this podcast so you never miss an episode or you could schedule your one on one consultation at drivetime show dotcom with a business coach who knows what they’re talking about. Or you could book your tickets to the next in person workshop. Either way it’s always a pleasure to be joined with you today. Have a blessed day. We’ll see you next time and as always three to one pope basking.


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