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Business Coach : The Guidance You Need

Business Coach : The Guidance You Need
-Anybody who’s achieving at the highest levels of success is planning. Having a business coach helping is even better. This is what’s happening. Now, Coach Scott, who’s the head coach of the Lakers, he’s known as being one of the most diligent coaches out there. I mean, he’s organized, he’s professional, he goes about its business in a very workmanlike, professional way. Like a business coach. What time does he get to the arena, usually?

-Oh, he’s an early guy. He might get up at 6:00 in the morning.

-So up at the practice facility or the arena maybe 6:00 or 7:00?

-He’s a workout guru.

-Workout guru.

-So he gets in there, gets his workouts in and has a little breakfast, goes into his office, and plans the practice plan. It’s kind of a shell. And then we have our meeting. And then he’ll go– guys, this is what I have. Blah, blah, blah. What do you guys think?

-At the NBA level, have you ever seen or played for a successful coach who does not get up and plan their day before they see their employees?

-No. no.

-No. Not possible?

-It’s possible.

-You can’t just wing it?

-Well, I will say one guy could do it.

-One guy could do it?

-And that was Don Nelson.

-And Don Nilssen, again, I talked about him in another episode. I’m going to record an episode about Don Nelson, the basketball coach, in my mind, who’s from another planet. This guy is first guy to go after the European players, first guy to have the forwards be bringing up the ball all the time. He has a whole different philosophy towards basketball, doesn’t he?

-He had a vision. I mean, he just got a vision. Some guys just got a knack of– I already see in my mind what we need to do and what we need to work on. So let’s do it. You get over here, you get over here, you flip that jersey over. I need these five guys over here. It’s happening that quick.

-Now, are there any organizational systems that you use to keep your stuff– all your plays, all the your practice notes– organized? Are you a paper and pen and binder guy? Are you an iPad guy? Are you a phone guy? How do you organize all your thoughts?

-I’m more of a paper guy. And I hate paper.

-You hate paper?

-I hate paper.

-What’s that?

-But I also hate electronics, because I don’t know how to operate them. But paper is what I can feel and I can touch, and I can get to it, and if I screw it up, can do it again.

-Quick disclaimer for anybody who’s in the paper industry– we apologize. We didn’t even know he was going to say that. We don’t know.

PAUL PRESSEY: I’m sorry. You’ve got paper there.

-You guys working at the paper mills, I’m printing paper to help you guys, and this guy, he just doesn’t like the paper. Every entrepreneur and top professional, though, we have so we distractions. I mean, you’ve got distractions. Even a business coach will tell you that.


-You have fans yelling. When you guys get in the arena, they’re yelling. They’re all giving you tips, too. Guys like me, sitting in the 18th row.

PAUL PRESSEY: They’re also rooting for you and against you.

-Yeah. I’m always giving you tips– you’ve got to put in Kobe! Put him in! That kind of stuff.

So how do you decide what you should be working on, and then what you should not be working on? An example– you’ve got guys yelling at you. Put in Kobe! Coach! Take him out! Do this kind of defense, too!

How do you determine what you should be working on and then what distractions you should pay attention to? I mean, how do you organize your day, my friend? From a business coach, organizing your day is super important.

-Like I say, it’s very simple. I make sure I have my spiritual moment. I make sure I talk to my wife– as much as I can, to my kids. So when I get there, I’m already set up. I’ll give you a perfect example of a game situation.

So we’re playing, and this one player is not playing. He’s always the last guy to go in. And we’re beating this team by 25. There’s two minutes left in the game. A fan gets up, and they yell– put so-and-so in! Put so-and-so in! We want so-and-so! We want so-and-so! So he stands up, and he does this.

-Oh, yeah! Yeah!

-And the coach goes– I was about to put you in, but because you did that, you ain’t going in. That being said, you keep a humble heart– all the time. Wait your time. Be patient. And you don’t need to do that. Let them do that for you. They already had a motivating thing going on for you, and then you go– yeah, that’s right. Tell them. Tell them they need to put me in.

-Tell them to put me in.

-But I keep an even keel everyday. Like I said, joy in my life because of God and my faith is overabundant, because I know where I came from. That village put so much foundation in me, and then all the stuff I’ve been through to get to where I am now, it’s just joyful. It’s not a bad thing.

-I’m going to say this. Take out the Christian faith. I’m just going to say faith so that way, people who are subscribing on this website who are speaking Mandarin that kind of different thing going on. Let’s say if somebody is in the NBA– this is a rough percentage. There’s multiple statistics you can look up, but it’s roughly 80% of all the players do not stay married. How many of the ones who do stay married are a person of faith? Some kind of faith? You have to have faith in processes as well. Especially if you hire a business coach.

When you think about all the guys that you know who are still married, are most of them people of faith, or not?

-I would say 90% of them.


-Faith. There’s a faith foundation somewhere. Because when it’s all said and done, you both have to be of one accord.

-I’m going to throw out a big Thrive coincidence. 80% of the players in the NBA are no longer married. They’re getting divorced. The ones who continued to be married, of those, 90% of them have some sort of faith. To me, I just say that’s a coincidence. Bah!


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