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Business Coach : Guide To Wealth

Business Coach : Guide To Wealth
-Yeah, I love it. I will just tell you, I’ve yet to meet a successful entrepreneur who does not do this concept of writing down their goals, and putting them out in front of them in some way. I’ve never seen it happen. I probably never will it happen.

-Clay, just watching you do this, and your obsession with this, has just lit a fire under my rear to get me going on this. I mean, I want to thank you for reminding me of that, because your obsession with that. And people do call you crazy. I’ve talked to these guys, the guys at East [INAUDIBLE] They look crazy too. But anyway, your obsession with that is contagious, and it’s helped me to say, that’s what the game’s all about. Hire a business coach to help you.

-I love having a to-do list too, because you have those little pockets of time, like 10 minutes while you’re getting on a subway to go from a to b, or you’re running a taxi, or maybe you’re walking somewhere. Now again, this is not like what Steven Spielberg was talking about, when you’re supposed to be enjoying a walk with your wife, and maybe I’m trying to get something done. The point is that you find time to get those things done. Whether it’s with my kids– I’ll put down things I need to get done with my kids.

So I really want to read the Walt Disney story to my kids right now. So I have it on my to-do list. And we had little pocket of times, so we spent a half hour doing that. But the whole idea is just scheduling and ordaining your destiny, one item at a time. Schedule a business coach to help you today.

Now, I’m going to skip down here. I want to read you did a couple things here from this Forbes article on October 3, 2013, called 12 Things Successful People Do Every Day. Find success by solidifying goals that are SMART, smart, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. This is what a business coach can help you with.

Again, that’s smart, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Which it’s going to go into each one. We’ll do kind of a lightning round here. So smart, what does it mean in your mind to have a smart goal on your to-do list?

-OK, well, I like to say the S is very specific, ask for specific. So it’s not, I want to improve humanity’s welfare for–

-Well it could be humanity today.

-It’s very specific. It’s down to say, I’m going to drink, because I would dehydrate and almost die, I’m going to drink eight glasses of water during the day. So I know it’s very specific, it’s eight glasses of water. It’s how many of them. I know if I reached it. It’s specific enough, it’s clear enough for me to go after that goal.

-Also, I will say was smart. I want to add some clarity to this as well, a little anecdotal from my life. I discovered smart goals are things that need to be done, and dumb goals are things they don’t need to be done.

So I’ve got a guy right now who texts me all the time. He wants me to hang out with him. And he’s a bad dude, like this dude is not a hot high quality person. And he knows that he’s a high quality person, and he does some pretty shady stuff.

And he’s always like, hey, we should get together. And so, I won’t get together. If that ever makes its way onto my to-do list, to get together with him, shame on me for putting a dumb goal on there.

And you mentioned specific. That also ties into being measurable. That’s something where you can say, OK, I got it done or I didn’t.

Attainable, that’s something that you can actually accomplish?

-Right. Yeah. If I’m going to build a hundred million dollar business, and if you are not even at a hundred thousand dollars on an annual basis, then is that obtainable right now? It’s not saying that you can’t have it in the future, but don’t bite off more than you can chew.

-This is different than dreaming. The dreaming is where you make that big visualization. Now, we’re getting into the specifics of doing it, so I want to make sure if you’re watching this, if you feel like it’s maybe contradicting, it’s really not. It’s just, you’re dreaming over here, where there’s no limits, but now you’re doing things within limits, because you have to get it done. A business coach can help you get it done.

-And if you’re trying to get it done, and you overwhelm yourself with cramming too much, or it’s too big, it hasn’t been broken down enough, you’re going to get overwhelmed, and you’ll find yourself throwing in the towel.

-Now, the next thing is realistic. It kind of ties into what you just said there. It’s important that we have things that we can actually get done in a day.

And then the final is timely. Tim–

TIM REDMOND: It’s time activated.

–why is it so important that we schedule a time to get something done. and not just say, well, today I’m going to get this done. Why is it important we take that extra step, and schedule a specific time to do each item? You’ve heard the anecdote about taking a vacation?


-And the three days before a vacation are the absolutely most productive, intense days that we work on the– it’s time activated. Then I’m going to jump on the plane, and be with my family for this week here, so it is time activated. If you give yourself a deadline that you’re going to die unless you hit that deadline, you’re not motivated by that. So you want to time activate to really make sure where you are.

Are you on track? Are you behind? Are you ahead of track on that? You’ve got to give yourself a time to say, this needs to be done by this time. Otherwise, whenever you get it done, you’ve reached your goal.


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