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Business Coach on Health Care Prices for Employers

Oh business coach Dr. Z is not with us today unfortunately he’s not expanding his vast entrepreneurial empire but my name is Clay Clark. I am the co-host with the second most and beloved business coach here joining you broadcasting live from the box that rocks sponsored by the good friends at Scripps radio. Those guys own HGTV and David Abel I know you are able I appreciate you for believing in the show Steve Hunter. I know you’re a hunter of talent. I appreciate you looking beyond my lack of talent and just seeing the persistence needed. I appreciate everybody at Scripps radio. I appreciate you for being here today and I appreciate all the listeners for joining us here each and every day on the drive time radio show and the only way that you can show your appreciation for the thrivetime show and the script’s family is to visit our sponsors. I encourage you to put your money. I encourage you to put your money where my mouth is. What we have is training and sponsors and sponsors that put their money where my mouth is. AK they’re there they’re betting on the radio show any sponsor that puts their money where my mouth is is my friend and I will really I try to check them out though to make sure I can. I can sincerely endorse these people. And I went out there to Oklahoma Joe’s the first time and since then I’ve been a believer and I am I’m telling you today I’ll be going to Oklahoma just so. I’m going to do it.

It’s a commitment I’m making I will go to Oklahoma Joe’s and I’m going to enjoy enjoy those baked beans those burnt ends they’re incredible. My son and I are going to go there when I go to the brook at any location over there by the bass pro shop because it’s a good location by the business coach House. We love it. Great people there in one of the gentlemen who works there he’s a manager and when he heard out there he when he heard that my father was dying of a LS He actually came by my father’s house and he brought by a barbecue that he paid for out of his own wallet for my debt. And so I have great people there who go the extra mile and that is what it’s all about in the game of business is really going that extra mile. So you can create the three piece which is a great profit a great product and work with great people that you like. The three piece suit but unfortunately when you begin to do that when you when you begin to put yourself out there and work so hard to build the business you start to occasionally have complaints. And when you have complaints you can either hide in a closet and cry and recoil and retract and begin to recess or you can expand and jump into it lean into it learn from it.

And so Tim when someone gets a complaint why do they have to document it on their workflow and ask systemically What do I need to do to keep this problem from happening over and over and over again why does it why does someone have to do that as an entrepreneur and maybe why is it so hard to do that to think about your business systemically.

Yeah. Well you’re so busy in the whirlwind of every every day things are coming at you at 300 miles an hour. So just to have that process establish you know in my coaching with so many dozens of these business hours they get so busy they feel overwhelmed and they just need to be told. You’ve got to document it so you can directly address the issue. Many times if you see what the problem is you can change something in the system and maybe the script and maybe how you respond in it maybe a program adjustment but you have to know what to solve. You’ve got to say it.

So I will I will give the thrivers an example. Steve you helped fund the construction of new homes is that correct. Yep. And you’ve done a lot of work with Shaw homes. Is that correct. Yeah we are working a little bit with them. And full disclosure we work with Shaw homes and so I love Shaw homes. Full disclosure we work with Shaw homes as a business coach but also full disclosure. We like Shaw homes the whole disclosure if I say something three times I’ll get stuck in her head. So Shaw homes Shaw homes and homes Shaw homes L.A.’s Hernandez. So here’s the deal. Shaw homes they’re building these homes over Tulsa and when they do they use a blueprint and I’m sure that the blueprints they use now are all up to code. They’re all ones that a or an architect or somebody has gone through to make sure that they’re structurally sound. You know any time I ever built anything in woodshop Steve it was not structurally so I have no mechanical skills but they have a floor plans that are proven to work. And when they use those floor plans they’re proven to work so that if I came in I want to buy a house or Tim one to buy a house or you want to buy a house we could just pick from a proven floor plan and it would work right. But for some reason builders aren’t emotional or tests aren’t emotional about a blueprint Why are business owners emotional about their business blueprint because that’s what it is a work flow.

It’s just a documented plan of how you attract customers deliver for customers make profit from customers why are people so emotional why. Those most small business owners so unwilling to make a documented workflow like a blueprint.

You know I don’t know I think that there’s a lot of pride that goes into believing that your product perfect with some people you know they just believe that that they provide a good product and some people aren’t good at taking feedback and when they don’t get it. Yeah. When they don’t get the feedback they don’t think there’s anything. You know what it’s called being unconsciously incompetent. You don’t know what you don’t know. And I think some of the reason why they can’t provide a good workflow is because they don’t think there’s anything wrong with their work from the first place or they don’t work or people don’t like accountability.

Right. We’re following you have it mapped out there. It holds you accountable either you correct.

You know you guys see it all the time because you’re your business coach plays a business coach your business coached him and you see it all the time where we talked about this on our other podcast where the idea guy has the idea what they want to do with their business. And you get to hold him accountable to do it. But people are just all over the place and they they think they want to maybe in their heart mind they want to but some people just can’t physically execute the process.

And you know why I think a lot of people can’t I mean there’s two primary reasons here I think one and I think I know this from firsthand experience why one is most people have never seen a documented workflow they’ve never seen it. And so it’s hard to really grasp it. Steve have you been to San Diego. Yes. Have you been to Colorado Springs. Yes. You have a branch in Colorado Springs right. We sure do. Tim have you been to San Diego. Yes I have. Have you been to Colorado Springs. Love Colorado Springs. OK.

So when we talk about these places I didn’t understand what it meant to be 80 degrees with zero humidity. Having grown up in Tulsa Minnesota I’ve never understood that. No mosquitoes. TIM How would you describe San Diego. I mean just that the the weather of San Diego for someone who’s never been there before.

Well it is clinically and has actually been estimated to be as close to heaven as it can be.

I mean it’s awesome. I mean it’s a deal where wonderful you’re I mean right now it’s 65 degrees there. It’s unbelievable in San Diego. I’m just telling you it is a great place to be. And that’s why people pay a lot of money to live out there towards crowded people who want to live out there. The weather is incredible but it’s so hard to explain that to someone who’s not been there before I could say it’s excellent. It’s great but I really don’t have enough words to explain to you what it’s like to want to be outside as opposed to wanting to go inside. It’s emotional to seek air conditioning. Now the majesty the beauty of the mountains in Colorado Springs Steve how would you describe the view in Colorado Springs of just the mountains out there my friend how do you discover someone has never been there before you want it to be like light outside all the time because you can see it.

But yeah it’s amazing actually one of our branches. You know there’s a lot of military out there would be a lot of loans in that area. But there’s literally I don’t know what it is but it’s it’s in the side of a mountain where they have built.

Steve when we come back we’re going to tell us more about Colorado Springs. Steve what’s what’s your Web site my friend Steve current dot com. Steve Kearney that comes in to tell us more about his incredible mortgage company and how to deal with customer complaints and all in all Colorado Springs when we return to the drivetime show.

My name is Tyler Scholtz with witness security from here in Tulsa. Well I actually started listening to thrive on the radio 11 70 and then I got my dad to. Listen to the show and then it actually turned into Clay gave us a call and we started actually working with clay on a weekly basis. He’s helped us drastically when it comes to the business a little bit higher in different markets. We then he offered the conference and just learned a lot when it comes to the sales and the employee side of things. It’s going to help our business drastically. Oh very intuitive. Just. Pulling in to. Break down each part of your business. The interview process the employee process of employees not working out. Let them go. It’s a drastic experience and you just have to come and check it out. I mean there’s so many things that they can help you with. Clay’s a funny guy. He just wants to get into each and every person’s business and help you out. I know I’ve asked a couple of questions and he’s broken down that question and answered it in several different ways. There’s so many different things. Yes you know first and foremost he will help you get the. More business coming in. And then once said is coming and then he. Helps you with the employee process of do I need to hire more people. Do I need what. What do I need to put in place. And he gets you there.

You hear of all the other different tech conferences and I myself I’ve never been to one but I’m walking on coals and all that stuff that just seems like a bunch of hype that isn’t really needed.

And I know of several people that have gone to those tech conferences and yet they haven’t because there’s no action actionable deals. You really don’t have any moving forward steps. It’s just hype. And it’s not needed. Well just the cost in is in of itself versus $6000 for one conference and no actionable steps versus fifteen hundred dollars. And. There is actionable steps. You can’t beat it.

Hold on. STOP OK.

All right welcome back to the thrivetime show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark a former SBA Entrepreneur of the year and a father of five human kids and a business coach.

Why. Because that’s just the way that I choose to live. And I am here today joined with my brother from another mother it is none other than a man with a plan to plan the dude who’s probably done provided more mortgages to the great people of Tulsa Oklahoma than any other mortgage banker that I can possibly think of. I’m not just a shameless mortgage thinker but I am a guy who just just praises what I believe to be a great mortgage banker it is Steve Currington Steve Curry and how are you sir. Delicious. Oh well a great night. And we we were talking we were talking about before we headed into the break there about the importance of documenting your workflow and I was explained to the drivers so many people they struggle to build a workflow because a They’ve never done it before or B they’ve never seen it before and they just never seen it before it’s so hard to know what it looks like or looks like and then kind of that maybe the old thing is maybe you don’t want to do it after you see it but I encourage you to book your tickets for the next in-person thrive time workshop or sold out right now for June. But I encourage you to book your tickets for the July workshop because at the workshop we will show you specifically how to create a workflow and once you know how to create a workflow it will unleash an unbelievable scalability to your businesses and that alone right there is worth the price of admission.

Now if you can’t afford the price of admission because of whatever situation you’re going through that’s OK because we have a scholarship available for you. The only way to redeem the scholarship or to book your tickets is to go to thrive time show dotcom comments throughout time should I click on the conferences button and book your tickets check out see read the reviews I mean I’m trying to sell you something. So don’t believe what I’m saying. Read the reviews you know what’s great about.

I’ve been to I think now three or four of them I got every one of them and knew what I loved. Clay and this is a shameless plug maybe for Steve for Clay. There’s no upset. That’s what’s great. How many people have gone to a conference and you walk out you bought a bunch of stuff that you didn’t want. Well OK I’m asking you have you been to a Tony Robbins conference. I been to a not specific. I’ve been to one where he spoke where he came to a conference so walk me through. You’ve been to a lot of conferences on the conference. Walk me through your favorite non thrive conference you’ve been to the one where you thought man that was awesome. What was when you went to where you thought that was really good. I liked the Tony Robbins when he spoke at last year and will tell me what you think about him what do you do. Well I’ll tell you it’s I think he does a really good job of playing on your emotions and getting you excited and your energy.

He uses energy to get you kind of all pumped up and everything going right. But you know I’ll use a quote from Dr. Green from like plothole up. It’s like climbing to the top and getting excited get up a mountain. There’s no there there. You know because I didn’t bring anything from clay except for maybe like that. I was excited and things were good and I was pumped up and and my energy level was high and that was great. And so for that to that extent it was great but I didn’t leave with anything except thinking I needed to buy something.

And I think I think this is what you do right there thrive nation is you’re human. I’m a human. We all need motivation and we need this.

I mean it does. Zig Ziglar said that motivation is like a shower. You know you need to do it everyday and move yourself every day. I believe that you need to motivate yourself every day. Zig Ziglar again said motivation is just like taking a shower you need to get motivated every day.

However I will say once you’re motivated once you’re sufficiently motivated once you are excited about you’ve turned your pursuit of profits into passion. Once you’ve moved beyond a place of of reach of being stuck once you’ve realized that you have the mental capacity and the tenacity to achieve the success that you want all at once you are absolutely anointed and appointed and ready to go.

You do need to know how to make a workflow. You need to know how to build Heaviside really know how to build a Performa but a lot of people don’t line up.

Ladies and gentlemen tonight we’re going to be live here from the Madison Square Garden.

We’re going to have an incredible speaker. We teach you how to make a workflow. I mean few people are like. All right a lot of folks live to be OK and believe me you’ll hear a commercial I want a 6.9.

We’re going to have new kids on the block.

Oh boy so some guy teaching you how to make a workflow or the other the other day and I was like who’s really hungry for other teach you this how to do a workflow workflow. OK. Is it a concert.

You know we’re going to did you guys going to teach us how to actually set aside a set amount of savings so that you actually are making a rate of return greater than inflation.

What are you crazy kids out there getting a tattoo of what is it. Is it a Boys to Men tend to. No no that was old school is it a. No. Old school is that is that it do tattoos that Chris Brown tattoo. No no. Is that an apple tattoo. Is it a Starbucks Tatenda. Is that is it some sort of hip hop lyric knows that if Justin Bieber didn’t and it said it says on here S-Corp is going to have to make it to his core.

You know it is kind of like an LLC of a different way to pay less taxes as a self-employed person. I just wanted to put that on my arm to sell the hashtag S-Corp hashtag winning. I mean a lot of people live in a lot of other excited there going Man I can’t wait to go to that concert there comedy to be talking about how do permalink and optimizing Web sites and how you get the boom look at that. You know Clay has the boot we make it fun though.

How many times have you edited the boom book. Probably thirty four times. So I see the Blue Book and it’s funny because I’ve been to a few of the concerts I know because it’s a good refresher for me and the other thing is and you said this. They do an open like there’s a whiteboard for open questions and you never know where that’s going to go because you know people come in and we have people from like California and Gerano Oh there were people there was a guy that was from Idaho.

Idaho’s Nashville there.

So they ask questions which you know Clay has a spot in his brain he hits play. Right. And it’s like oh why is it that the boom. And so I thought it was interesting because when you talk about changing your workflow you just watch the work flow change in the conferences just based on feedback you get from the people in the conference.

And tomorrow morning we’re going to change the workflow a little bit for thrive because we have so many of you who are reaching out for business coaching experience you want that and we’re trying to streamline the process to make it easier for you to get into the system Steve because right now it’s you have to go through an assessment which is very helpful. But I believe we can make it just a little bit more efficient because right now people go to the the where assessment they go wow that’s great. And we have more people wanting the coaching than we have room for because it can only work with one person in every industry.

And so someone will hear like oh my gosh you guys went for sushi fork they’re on fire. Oh my gosh guys I’ve spoken at Mathis Brothers. They’re on fire. Man you guys worked with Hewlett-Packard they’re on fire. And you guys have worked for Steve curry dinner and fire Barbie cookies. They’re rock’n’roll and did the Tulsa Oilers elephant in the room. I want to get on that train as we go. I’m sorry we can’t because we’re already working in your industry. And so I find it we’re fighting a streamlined way to get more people and to help you and to bring those costs down and you can learn more about it at drive time showed up. But for Steve who is not been able to see a workflow before I was comparing it before the break to you have to see Colorado Springs to really get what Colorado Springs brings.

Yeah we’re driving to Opus Street office which we move from since and we’ve got a new beautiful corner office but you literally drive. You’re driving down the highway into the side of the mountain which inside that mountain is a big military band and it’s a big like technology military thing but it’s beautiful. It is one of the many ways there is the military. Yeah. And you have to it’s one nor at is actually really. Yes. If you drive up just a little bit past our office was there’s like a dead end road and Jeremy Batterson who’s our secondary guy that runs all of our locks and everything out there was telling me just literally like one one turn past his house. If you go past his house you literally get to like the the fence that says if you pass here you may be shot kind of thing. Oh wow he’s Nora but it’s up to me it’s a beautiful mountain out there.

Unbolting no right NATION. I’m just I’m encouraging you one. Go Google Earth. Colorado Springs it’s incredible. It is pretty incredible view but also I want you to go to thrive time show and book your tickets for the next in person drivetime workshop you just simply have to learn how to build a workflow if you’re going to build a scalable business. When we come back we’re going to wrap up this discussion about how do you deal with customer complaints.

Drive time show up.

Listen to talk radio I drive a lot for work. You know. I got tired of listening to the radio all the time and I can’t put my phone into. My truck because. It’s too old. And so you know one day. The show was just in place of the talk show I normally listen to. And it was. More entertaining. Than. Most radio shows. So that’s you know. It. Took. About a week or two before I actually. Looked more into it. I think it’s. Wonderful. It’s been great. It’s a great environment. I love the feel. Here. And I. Love how. To. Play to me as well.

I am so grateful to be here and I love to just learning everything. I’m learning a lot about business coach branding and how to market my business because that’s kind of where. I am. I’ve had a hard time as. I can Take Pictures. I’m good at it. I have my prices and everything. It’s hard to get the business coach clientele so learning about marketing has really helped me and I can’t wait to implement it into my own business. After this because it’s been so great. We’re so grateful to be here. I think I can go home and. I haven’t written out the steps I need to take in and. Everything is very practical. A big thing. Tell me. Our.

Business stuff is just. A mental. And life.

I love it. I’m laughing a lot of the time and it’s so entertaining and. I. I just love being here. So. I. I really like the smaller. Group. So it is more of an interaction. Even if it is. You know fans that. Raise my hand. Here’s the question. Here’s the answer. It’s just that kind of flow is just. A small. It’s great. They haven’t tried to sell us anything. It’s all just been very knowledgeable and. They are just teaching you how to grow your business. So. He’s been very generous with his. Time.

His knowledge his talents. Elsewhere. You know one when I was telling people about this. I hope you’re not trying to. Get rich. You know even if it is he’s not going to charge him for it. I’d recommend it. I mean how many of them have to come again.

All right. Welcome to the prime time show on your radio. It is the pumped up edition of Thrive time show on radio. We’re talking today specifically about how to deal with customer complaints if you’ve been in business for more than I don’t know three months four months you’ve probably dealt with complaints that if you are lean Six Sigma quality or better you’re probably getting a complaint from one out of every hundred customers. And what you have to do is you have to get to a level in a place mentally emotionally and practically where you could not only deal with complaints but learn to improve your business based upon those complaints is not fun to have complaints.

But when you have them you’ve got to learn how to somehow benefit from them and how to make your your battleship a little bit better as a result of the errors that you found so I want to ask you Steve why do you why do we encourage people as the next step here when dealing with complaints. Do we have to learn how to set boundaries. And I mean why is a mortgage guy. I mean what is the boundary that you have said or what’s a boundary you maybe could set better. Just talk to me about boundaries because I think people would call you 24/7 if you let it happen. I mean when do you eventually have to turn off the phone or shut down the day or walk to walk me through the boundaries you’ve had to set as you began scaling. Steve Currington dotcom and the TLC mortgage empire.

Well I think for me bounders had to get set. When I realized that I was losing focus because things were pulling me away from what we needed to focus on to go to the next thing.

So the other thing I think about with boundaries is boundaries within the team of what’s allowed and you know we’ve talked about how you respond to complaints and set your workflow and doing all that stuff. But what I heard and this is just recently I heard something said in the office about something that happened with a client or whatever and I said to to my team I said I never ever want to hear you refer to a client or something it happened like that again because I don’t care what they’ve done or what you think or whatever.

I don’t ever want there ever to be an opportunity for anything to be the listening were they here. And it wasn’t probably anything bad. Right. And I remember specifically it was said it was just a thing. So we had to set a boundary. We were within our our own office of of our what I would call your self-talk of like you know like after you hang up the phone. You know people do that they are tired.

They grumble. In my opinion you know you can weigh in on this claim but my opinion is I don’t want my team grumbling on the phone after they hang up the phone. You know what I’m saying because it’s it’s like an attitude thing because if you’re doing that then you’re probably not a person who is accepting of the feedback. Well a boundary spot for me.

If you’re listening right now and you’re in front of a computer I encourage you to Google service profit chain Harvard service profit chain and Steve put it up on the screen so you can look at it together here. But as you look at the screen you’re going to notice that the first step here is you’re going to deal with the internal service quality. The next step is employee satisfaction the next step is employee retention the next step is to be above the. But you have to look at it like a linear path in each area. Each step of the workflow really does matter.

And one area here is says here internal service quality impacts employee satisfaction. So if you allow your quality to get low and you allow if you’re somebody not like Steve and you allow your team to complain about the customer because they expect you to have a high level of internal service quality then the next step I’m shown right on the screen I know it’s hard to see because you’re not on Google but drivers I encourage you to Google service profit chain and click on images you can see this yellow boxes from left to right. You’re going to see that once employees Steve are satisfied because they do offer a high level of internal service quality that employee retention raises and the value offer goes up and it’s a great cycle now if you don’t do this it’s a failure loop. And so what you have to do is find a way to get your team to be excited about delivering excellence and Steve Jobs once said that most people are not used to an environment where excellence is expected.

You’ve got to get your team to perform with a level of excellence but you have to set boundaries and Steve just set boundaries for the comments your team business coach is allowed to make how they process it when you mess up or a customer is difficult or has high expectations you want to make sure that those are learning opportunities. Now I’m going to give you some very practical things. And Steve I’m going to throw a match in fast and Steve is not a business coach but he is a mortgage banking guru. I’m going to fire matches here we go. You cannot control how the human body responds to complaints when someone complains immediately I mean it could hurt your feelings. It can get you upset. Why can’t we control immediately we see how we weave how we feel when you hear negative really negative feedback.

Well some of that might be from how you were raised you might have. I call it self-talk It’s like the things you tell yourself like it you know for other especially experiences with women in the workplace that you know they’ve got a dad that was a jerk growing up they’ve got somebody and they hear that voice from that customer that reminds them of some person in their life.

And just how your body responds just how it goes.

So one drivers understand you probably cannot control your immediate response you can control you react to i business coach t but your immediate just emotional reaction. It’s like you know back as a kid it’s kind of a stupid thing you shouldn’t do this. But one thing I used to do was I used to take aluminum foil and I take the aluminum foil and I put it in a two liter bottle with the works in it. And if you do that it makes the explosion and you shouldn’t do that. That’s what I did here to that first day.

Do you believe it will blow things up. It’s crazy. I’m going to now. I’m like no. I mean I want to go home.

It’s a pretty epic tinfoil a tooth for a two liter bottle and you just put works in there and it causes a chemical reaction that will make an explosion business coach. What does works. It’s a cleaner that you put into clean toilets that really are have an epic level of cleaning sounds like it works. OK. Now the next thing is you must control you control when you allow yourself to have that input so you don’t have to have your phone on 24/7 you don’t have to drive e-mail up 24/7. And I know that I’m going to get one complaint per hundred customers. So I have set emotional boundaries and times and my schedule when I look at the e-mail when I look at the feedback when I look at those complaints. Steve why is that so important we set boundaries for when we’re going to look at the e-mail.

Well we’re going to respond in a way that you’re out and it’s your birthday and maybe you or someone who doesn’t drink a lot but you know you do and you had it you had a beverage you and with guns and it’s 11:00 o’clock at hoovered you’re responsible you may get a nasty email or text or whatever it was yeah.

And then you respond. I mean you would be the first business person or celebrity or whatever to have a few drinks and respond and tweet or or reply to an e-mail that you shouldn’t or say something you shouldn’t say yet to set that boundary so you don’t set yourself up to respond to somebody when you’re not in the right state of mind.

Now over time I would encourage you I encourage you to drivers over time to understand this that this will become true is that over time you’ll kind of become business coach numb to complaints if you’re not careful and always need to be learning opportunities they always need to be learning opportunities. Steve why can you never get numb to a complaint right now doesn’t matter at all.

I don’t even care free like a freakin battleship. I’m like a rock baby. I don’t even I don’t even deal with business coach complaints don’t even into my brain. I am lost. Why do you why can’t you get to it.

I think you can be numb to the fact of the emotional response so that your customer doesn’t see the negative response that you might feeling but you don’t want to get numb to the complaint because your business will fail eventually. You’re now your employees will become numb to it because they’re doing what they see you doing and you believe that your don’t stink. Yeah right. business coach You don’t have any problem.

So here here’s a notable quarter want give all the three rivers right there. This is from Daniel Goldman the best selling author of a book called Emotional Intelligence. It’s one of the leading psychologists in the world of business his book Emotional Intelligence was powerful in my life and I’m telling you you can change the game for it’s unbelievable and emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman. He wrote We need to recreate boundaries. When you carry a digital gadget that creates a virtual link to the office you need to create a virtual boundary that didn’t exist before. Steve if I’m setting boundaries I’m learning how to deal with complaints but I want to learn sales and marketing and accounting. There’s really four things I can do if I want or in sales marketing accounting I want to well I wouldn’t and all of that.

There’s four things that the drivers can do today. The first one is they are going to thrive time showed up and sign up for the podcast. Steve why would anybody want to sign up for the Thrive time show podcast format because of the content that you get. business coach

I mean you know you’ve got doctors you’ve got Clay you’ve got the number of guests that you guys bring on and there’s just a lot of good content that’s that’s coming out of that that can help you grow your business. business coach

The people that have been places you haven’t been in your business yet it doesn’t it sort of an overwhelming mass of knowledge. I mean isn’t he sort of his his calm and his confidence in like he’s not a guy who’s out there braggadocios about it but how he can just kind of point out the scoreboard if he wants to and show he’s winning. I mean isn’t that pretty awesome to have that access.

Yeah I don’t want to say I’m surprised by some of the things  business coach but it’s surprising because he’s not. Yeah. He’s one of those people that you’re like don’t mess with him.

He’s just great. I feel like I shouldn’t mess with. No I’m sorry. That’s how I felt that I was trying to be like when he’s live as I say I love you I love you as a business coach.

Now the second thing we can do is you can go up to thrive time should act calm and you can book your tickets for an in-person workshop. They we’re all sold out for June already. Steve why does someone need to book their tickets for the July edition of the Thrive time show in person.

15 hour workshops because if you don’t there won’t be any shots left. I have like several people who have been like the guru workshop business coach and I’m like sign up stop talking about it just go do it Steve.

I’m not good I I can’t afford it. Why do I need to sign up for the in-person business coach workshop. That’s your problem because if. You spend money on alcohol or other stuff but you can’t afford a workshop to improve your business check it out rather tene outcome for most affordable business school and hand drive nation we have one on one business coach and get it all done should I come.


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