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Business Coach : Get The Help You Are Looking For

Business Coach : Get The Help You Are Looking For

-My name is Clay Clark, and I’m the visioneer of and the business coach on the website. Today we are joined by Arthur Greeno of the Chick-fil-A fame, and we’re going to be teaching daily life management. A lot of us struggle with just managing the basics, managing our day timer, our day planner, and our to do lists. And today you’re going to learn specifically how to take all that clutter and to turn it into some sense of order so that can manage our life on a daily basis.

I meet entrepreneurs every day who have big ideas and no idea how to master those small details, but at the end of today’s episode, you’re going to learn how to manage your life effectively. And a business coach can help. So today’s episode can be worth millions and millions of dollars for you. Remember, at, we believe that knowledge without application is meaningless. Learn to apply the knowledge with the help of a business coach. So as you’re watching today’s episode, ask yourself specifically what you need to do to apply these principles in your life. Otherwise, today’s episode may be more meaningless than a leash for a goldfish.

Arthur, over the years, every article that I’ve read and all research that I’ve done– and I’m sure you’ve done, too– I’ve found that every successful entrepreneur and business mentor has this routine, and that has allowed them to become successful. And so it’s not so much it’s an event, but it’s a process to becoming successful. So I want to know for you, what time do you wake up every day?

-I generally wake up– the latest will be 6 o’clock.

-What time do you speculate most of your employees wake up based upon how they look when they show up right at work– or most– not your employees, but most employees. Not yours, other people.

-I think most people probably wake up about 30 minutes before they get to work.

-There’s an article I read in “Forbes” that talked about how the average millionaire– like 80% of these people– wake up three hours before they get the work, whereas the average employee, it’s usually 30 minutes, which is craziness. How does somebody– anyway.

-Some of them don’t even bother to put their hair down from having bed head.

-That’s a hot look now.


-Now, to stay organized, how do you manage your time on a daily basis? I mean, do you run around just kind of trying to remember what to do, or do you write things down? What’s your system?

-For me, I use a calendar, and my calendar is one that syncs with my phone, with my iPad, with my computer so that all of them stay in sync.

CLAY CLARK: What program?

-I use CalenMob.


-How do you spell that? Is that real?

-Yep, C-A-L-E-N-M-O-B.

-I don’t know what that is, but could you maybe describe it more. One, so I know that you’re not making it up. And two, so that–

-Look, it’s just a cheap iTunes app.

CLAY CLARK: But you like it?

-But it works for me. But I’m also not a big techie guy, so I won’t spend a whole lot of time doing it. I’ll use that until somebody else comes to me and says, hey, you need to use this, and then I may switch.

-Now, you’re a big idea guy. You always have a lot of big ideas. You always have these creative solutions and things. Most big idea guys I know are crazy disorganized. Why is that not you? Why are you not the guy who’s always two hours late to a meeting? Why are you not the guy who’s perpetually forgetting to– why is it that you’re able to get things done?

-If you’re going to be successful, you need to honor the other people that you’re spending time with. So to me, when I set up a meeting– I actually had a meeting set up one time, and the guy was two minutes late, and he wanted to sell me on something. And when he came, I said, you know what? We’re not going to do business together. And he said, well, I’m only two minutes late. I’m sorry. I had a phone call. I said, I understand that, but what happens when I need my product here, and it’s not there because you had to take that phone call.

-It’s tough. I think it’s tough, because I think that to all of us– you, myself, we start off as entrepreneurs. We mature, and every once in a while, we find ourselves breaking our own rules for whatever reason that we believe to be justifiable. It’s a kid is sick. It’s on the phone or whatever those things are, and I think it’s important that we all have the same ideals, though. It’s not like when some one is a hypocrite if they hold everyone to a high standard, but you’re striving to that same ideal. You try to honor everyone’s time.

Now, you have to six kids, two restaurants, one wife, multiple businesses you’re involved with in some capacity. How do you balance the demands of faith, family, and finances? I mean, why not just– how do you do it? How do you balance all three? A business coach can help you learn.

-Well, one of the big things is, if it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t get done. If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t get done. That’s the reality of it.

-Schedule it. What doesn’t get scheduled doesn’t get done. Is that–

-Absolutely right. My wife– her calendar syncs with mine. It takes like two minutes for my calendar to load because my wife has every kid’s schedule on the calendar.


-And so when I look at it–


-Yeah, and so of course I have to focus on my color, which being as erratic as I am sometimes, I’m like, OK, which color is mine?

-You and your wife share a color coded calendar?

-Yes. She creates it. I’m the spastic one. She’s a little more organized, but yeah, when it comes to business, you don’t succeed if you’re not organized to some degree.

-I think that’s huge. So you are scheduling out your day. You’re not just running around.


-Do you have a life mantra that you try to live by?

-I do. Well, my life mantra is really improvise, adapt, overcome, and I believe that came from the military, but that’s how I live. If something is not going to work, there’s always a way to improvise, and adapt, and overcome that situation. A business coach will empower you to figure it out.

-That’s amazing that you say that, because I think that serves as a huge skill that every entrepreneur has to have. Did you learn those as a result of growing up poor? Did you learn those recently? Did you learn those–

-I think a lot of it I learned, even when I was young, is that, if I wanted something to happen, I had to figure out a way to make it happen because it wasn’t there for me.


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