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Business Coach : The Help You’ve Searched For

Business Coach : The Help You’ve Searched For

-Here’s something I’ve seen a lot in business, too. Because you didn’t mention capital, or you didn’t mention resources, it’s the values. And Clayton Christiansen, the Harvard professor, he talks about your values as a leader and as a business matter first. Then you stack on top of that the processes and the way you do it. And then, the third thing is you had resources. A business coach will tell you the same things!

It’s like that triangle, and you stack at bottom. Again, you put the values, then you put the processes, then you put the resource. And for human’s, it’s the same way. You have to have the values first before we go out there and start the business. A Business coach can help you prioritize.

-Because when you have the values already anchored down, when you open everything else up, it’s, here, let me show you how I got there. Let me show how I’ve done it. Let me help you with this. And to me, that’s giving back. I might not have all the answers, but I know how to maybe show you or tell you how to get there.

-For any of the Thrivers who are watching this particular episode, they haven’t watched any of your other episodes, can you just explain or summarize how big of an impact a business coach has had in your life?

-I wouldn’t be here. Because probably– excuse me– and I would start back probably with my mother, who was probably my biggest mentor. Because watching her raise eight kids by herself and under those conditions of a leaky roof, no running water, no electricity and never complained about it and just did it constantly, found a way to feed us, to clothe us.

We didn’t have a lot, but we had enough to keep moving. So with her being my mentor, Ollie Jackson was a huge mentor. Because my life could have turned, having a young lady pregnant who might have had the kid. And I had to change in a whole different direction. Maybe I wouldn’t have went to junior college.

That could have just totally changed my life, and I could have been in the streets– who knows, drugs, drinking alcohol, robbing people. And all that stuff was going on around my life. And he was able to step in and tell me, this is what you can do.

-I would say to the Thrivers watching this, too, I would encourage you to try to find a mentor whether it be virtual mentor, the mentors we have on Thrive. We try to bring high-character people that can and provide you a life coaching, as well as business tips and successes strategies. But we all need a mentor.

Now, what’s step one to find a mentor? In all seriousness, if I’m watch this, I want to find a mentor, I’m working there at the car place, I’m working at Starbucks, I’m working at Target. I worked on a construction site. I can tell you, on my construction site we did not have any mentors present. How do I find a mentor?

-There’s one there. There’s one probably closer than you think.



-I just think you have to do some soul searching. If I wanted to find someone that– I feel I need some support. I mean, to me, that’s what’d be a mentor. So you can go and say, hey, I’m thinking about doing A, B, C. What do you think? And feel your way out where you feel comfortable enough to maybe one of your coworkers, maybe one of your family members. You have to go and approach people to find out–

-And you want to–

– –how you get there.

– –approach the right people, right? People who have already had some–


-You know what I mean? The guy who’s going through his 17th divorce, you probably don’t want to be asking them for my marital advice.


-You just don’t want to be doing that, right?

No. You want somebody that’s had some success in that area.


-Because I’ve had my times of not having it.




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