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Business Coach: Helping Hands

 Clay Clark: It’s a weird business coach thing, it’s got, men always think it’s too hot, women think it’s too cold, it’s a general rule, it’s a sexist rule. So what happens is, is that my temperature, I’m so used to it being 60 degrees, occasionally my wife will walk in the man-cave, she’s a great woman, and she’ll walk in there and she’ll you know “Oh it’s kinda cold, I should probably adjust this like to-” something offensive like 62. And I’m going “Someone’s been in my man-cave, it feels so hot in here, I’m like sweating.”

Business Coach 245

And I say all this to say my norm, I’m used to 60, that’s my normal, now Stacy Purcell, our incredible guest inside the box that rocks, she’s used to finding great people every day. That’s what she does, every day she finds great people. So she’s used to finding great people, so for her it’s like a world of abundance, she’s going “Hey calm down there, calm down business coach and business owner, I’ve got tons of contacts, I find great people everyday,” it’s not so hard ‘cuz she’s an expert. And she just told us before we went to the break, she said there was one company that was looking for a top level employee, and you found that person in three days. And so many Thrivers are going “How’s that even possible? Three days?” That’s like 72 hours on average, so Stacy how did you do it, walk us through the story, how did you find top level talent in three days?

Stacy Purcell: Well not only did I find him, but the person interviewed, got an offer, accepted, and resigned from their current job all in three days.

Robert Redmond: Oh that’s a money situation.

Stacy Purcell: So, my client said “Stacy is that the fastest placement that you’ve ever made?” And I said “Well actually that placement didn’t start in three days,” I said “I have had years of contact with this individual, I’ve talked to this person numerous times over the years, I already knew their qualifications, I knew the career path they were on, I knew what they were looking for, I knew the timing of when they were ready to make a move, so I had already had knowledge of this person.” So when my client reached out and said they had this critical need, ‘cuz my firm does quite a bit of work in the live-sciences space, my client needed a scientist, so I reached out to this individual, got him on the phone with my client on a Thursday, my client talked with him, by 6:00 that evening this person was on an airplane, going half way across the country, for the interview that was to take place on Friday, he didn’t even have a chance to go home and pack a bag. Went to the airport, interviewed the next morning, went back home, and then my client made him an offer. He resigned, and all that happened in three days.

Clay Clark: You know what’s happening here Robert, for the listeners. For the listeners who’ve been struggling to find people for a long time, you know what’s starting to happen in the minds of some of our listeners here?

Robert Redmond: What’s that?

Clay Clark: They’re getting nauseous. They’re getting sick. They’re going “How’s this possible?” “Oh I feel so nauseous, how is it possible?” You almost feel bad, you ever been to a basketball game like an NBA game?

Robert Redmond: Yeah. I am a business coach that likes to have fun.

Clay Clark: And you think you’re pretty good ‘cuz you can jump up and touch the rim, or when I was in high school, I could, if the ball careened  right you could dunk it and you’re like “Oh I can jump like 30 inches, I’m a genius, I’m a 6-foot guy that can dunk.” Then you go see a guy who’s like 6 foot, who can just dunk with two hands and just (explosion noise) and you just feel decimated. You feel almost depressed, think about a Thrivers are just feeling kinda bad about themselves thinking about how good she is at recruiting.

Stacy pick ’em up a little bit, what would you say to the Thriver and business coach out there, to the listener out there, who says “I’m struggling to find top talent, please help.” What would you say to ’em?

Stacy Purcell: Well I would, sometimes business owners might be a little hesitant to invest in an executive recruiters services because they might think this is a bit pricey, it’s expensive, I’ll do it on my own. But the reality of the situation is sometimes having that vacant position open is more expensive than investing in an executive recruiter, like the story I just talked about. I found the person in three days, if my client had tried to do that on his own he would still be looking for somebody.

Clay Clark: Well you know Thrivers, here’s a deep thought for you. Do you have anybody in your organization that’s an under-performer? I mean do you have anybody at all at your company that’s just a complete sloth? I’m talking about a carp. I’m talking about, this is the kinda person you can find at the bottom of the lake, right there by the dam, where all the plankton down there, you know, there’s carp, do you have an under-performer?

Perhaps you do, or perhaps maybe you’re trying to hire somebody, but you don’t wanna tell the whole world you’re trying to hire somebody. You wanna hire somebody, but you don’t wanna tell the whole world.

So Stacy if I’m listening, and I have an under-performer on my team, this person is at the bottom of the barrel, they are not good in terms of performance, how can you help?

Stacy Purcell: Well I just did that for one of our clients. I had a client that had an individual in a very senior level leadership role, who was not meeting expectations, so my client reached out to me and said we’ve gotta find a replacement for this person, but we don’t want to let them go until we identify the replacement. So they hired me, and what I did is under the radar, I didn’t place ads, I couldn’t publicly make this position known, but I confidentially reached out to people on the phone and made sure they were qualified, talked to them about my client’s opportunity, identified people that were qualified and interested, sent ’em to my client. My client went through an interview process, they made an offer, they hired somebody, all that was done, contract was signed, person accepted the offer, and then my client had to let the person go.

Clay Clark: Thrivers I’m telling ya what, Stacy can help you.

Now Stacy, what is the website where Tulsa can get in touch with you, or the people in Nashville listening can get in touch with you, the people listening in Toronto, can get in touch with you. We have Thrivers in Singapore, all over the planet. I mean, where can people get in touch with you, what’s the website, what’s the phone number?

Stacy Purcell: It’s with an s, so its, our phone number is 918-488-3900.

Clay Clark: And there’s about two people out there that still wanna use a fax machine, ‘cuz they like that sound (fax machine noise) they just love that, something magical Robert about that sound. If they wanna fax, do you have a fax number now? Or just website and phone number?

Stacy Purcell: Well I do have a fax number, but because we’re all automated, we don’t have a way to store fax resumes. So if you fax your resume we’ll probably never find you again. Or if you’re an employer-

Robert Redmond: That’s the first time I’ve ever heard on the radio “Hey could you give everyone your fax number? In case someone wants to send a fax, let’s get the fax number for ya.”

Clay Clark: Robert, Thrivers can now text any question to 918-851-6920, and the Thrivers are kinda now just discovering this idea. And so we had a Thriver who texted us a question today, that blew my mind, okay. They said “What is the first step that I should take when creating a checklist for certain positions in my company?” This is a Thriver in Florida, and I thought oh my gosh this is a great question that we could ask the staffing wizard, and we could have a little bit of fun with it.

So when we come back, we’re gonna answer the question from a business coach Thriver who text us at 918-851-6920, wanting to know what’s the first step to make a checklist for hiring new staff, it’s gonna be incredible, it’s gonna be awesome, it could change your life, stay tuned, it’s the Thrive Time Show on your radio.


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