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Business Coach : Who Is Helping You Win

Business Coach : Who Is Helping You Win

-So, one of the things is that I will, when I can, meet with them. One time I bought Truett Kathy for a weekend. I wanted to spend the weekend with him, and they were trying to raise money for WinShape Foundation for Chick-fil-A. And so I bought him for a weekend. And I paid quite a bit of money for him. And I remember some of my other owner friends–

-(WHISPERERING) How much money?

-You can’t tell anyone, but it was like $10,000.

-To rent him for a weekend?

-Yep. And there were no massages or anything, so I might have got a tip, but it was an amazing weekend. So, I took my I took my 10-year-old son with me at the time. And I wanted him to have experience with Truett. And one of the guys told me– my friend, she was like, why would you spend that much money on him? You got suckered, man. And I said, I told them, I said, you know, Truett’s going to be here forever. But I want to not only spend time with him to learn from now, but I also want my son to spend time with him. Hiring a business coach to learn takes time.

-You spent $100,000 to hang out– but $10,000 to hang out with your boss?


-That’s awesome. I mentioned this to you. This is huge.

-You and I have never talked about this before.

-We haven’t. This is an epiphany. Now, how important is it in your mind for every entrepreneur to have a mentor.


-You have to?

-If you don’t have a mentor in your life, you’re– a mentor can get you where you want to go faster. You can overcome hurdles. It’s pivotal.

-One thing I’ve discovered a lot times– I go to bed. You know, I go to bed–

-It doesn’t sound like it.

-It’s weird, but I go to bed usually around like 10:10, 10 of 10. Well the other night, 7 o’clock, a young man sends me a message. And it’s a message I want to respond to, it’s 7 o’clock. Well, I’ve already gone to bed because I have to get up at 2. And the one thing about the Thrive experience that I hope people will love is it’s like a business coach 24 hours a day.


-Because I have to go to sleep. And I’ve got try to procreate, you know, and do different things like that. All the things I’m doing This is really want’s great about Thrive is you can log on 24 hours a day and have access to people and different perspectives a different business coach. I think that’s exciting.

-I think that’s so important, even for your mentors. If you just have one person that’s a mentor in your life, you’re going to get their perspective. And I know Clifton Taulbert’s a mentor here. But number of years ago I started to get to know him too, and he was one of those that I value what he says. And his views versus Truett Kathy’s are totally different because of the different backgrounds they have.


-And so I think it’s important to not just have one. But the more mentors you can have in your life, surround yourself with them.

-Define business coach for me, if I’m kind of, I don’t know what a business coach is.

-Well, to me, it’s somebody that has been there before. Somebody who has done it before, hopefully successful. Actually, if you have a business coach that’s not successful, that’s not going to serve you.

-You don’t recommend a super huge personal trainer or a super poor financial investment coach?

-You mean? No.

-No, OK. So, now–

-What what going through my mind was like a real buff trainer. I was like, why wouldn’t you want a big biff trainer. But that’s not what you meant. You meant somebody that’s shaped like a circle.

-Now, you’ve had some famous enrichment tours throughout your career. What do you recommend is the step by step process? If I’m watching right now, I’m like I’m going to go get one. I want to get myself a little Truett Kathy for the weekend. I want to get a little George Foreman in my life. What is the process? Because I know you have a process.

-First of all, the key, and this is where everybody gets hung up on it. You’ve got to ask. It’s that simple. You have to ask. And you have to figure out a way to ask. OK? They may or may not say yes or no. One thing is, make it convenient for them. There was one gentleman that I wanted to me, and I said, I will go anywhere, anytime. You tell me where, and I’ll be there. The other thing is that if you’re getting stuck at the gates with the gatekeeper, then you’ve got to figure a way to get around it.

I mean, I’ve literally, when I wanted to meet with somebody one time. I had heard online it was their birthday, so I mailed them some ice cream, an entire plastic container of ice cream in the mail. And I sent it to him, and he said it arrived, and he saw it on the desk, and somebody said there’s a package, and he said, OK, just leave it there. Until he heard it slosh. Because I didn’t do it overnight. I just did regular mail. And so, he was like, what in the world? And then he saw my name on there and goes, what is this?

So, he opened up, and I said, I heard it’s your birthday. I heard you love chocolate ice cream. And here’s some chocolate ice cream. And I said, but by the time you get this, here’s a straw. Enjoy. And that was enough for him to go, I better call this guy. So, he called me, and I said, you know what, I’d love the sit down and meet with you. And I’ll bring you some real ice cream.

-So, let’s review those rules. One is you basically have to ask them. Two, you have to make it convenient for them, whatever you’re asking for.


-And then third, you have to find a way to get around that gatekeeper or somehow get to him?

-Not just that, but there’s probably lots of people asking. So, how are you different than every other person that comes– and that multi-level marketing guy that walks and says, I want this guy’s time. And so this guy doesn’t know who you are. So, how you going to get around that?

-You can’t do streaking. You couldn’t streak. That’s not a way to be memorable.

-Well, you would certainly be memorable.

-But not get a meeting with mentor, though.

-Probably not.

-OK. Just asking because a lot of people want to know that question.

-It depends on the mentor.

-All right. Well, thank you for your time, and let’s just remember when reaching out to your mentor, don’t go streaking unless that’s the kind of mentor you’re going for.



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