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Business Coach : 40 Hours A Week Is Not Enough

Business Coach : 40 Hours A Week Is Not Enough

-Well, you look at your business and your why, the cool things about it is once you learn this system, this is what’s exciting. I was meeting with an entrepreneur just this morning, and his why is totally different from yours. But he has to do the same systems. He still has to do marketing, he still has to do sales, he still has to do customer service, he still has to do the accounting, he still has to do the HR, and he still has to do the PR. And it doesn’t matter what business it is. So once you learn this–

One of my clients, he owns a liquor store. He also is a neurologist. He also happens to own three different companies in town that are all very successful. Dr. Z, the CEO of Thrive, he owns and auto auction an optometry, and they’re all the same. So that’s really what I want to focus on burst, is just making sure from the big picture you feel good about that. If you get a business coach, you will be able to own several businesses as well.


CLAY: Is that cool?


CLAY: I want to ask you, from the boundaries– because it’s totally doable to make $10,000 a week. But from the boundaries, how many hours a week are you willing to work in and/or on the business?

-Oh, easily 50 hours.

CLAY: OK, so 50 hours a week. OK. Awesome. So what we’re going to do now is we’re now going to transition into talking about how to find time in the schedule to get all of this done.


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