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This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Have you been researching the web for the perfect way to run your business? Are you reading all the podcasts, business books, and studies you can, but not getting anywhere? Are you struggling with finding the linear path to success? Winding roads can get in the way. Rabbit trails can become normal of your everyday. A few important reasons you need to invest in a business coach for your business is to gain financial freedom, gain time freedom, and figure out the road you need to take for success. The Thrivetime Show has all the information you need to run a profitable business. You can get in touch with them for more information at 855-955-7469.

Time freedom is a large goal of running a business. When you started your business, you had in mind that your schedule would be made by you. Also, you really did not want to work under someone else. Working towards your own success was important to your business. After starting your business, you gained profit. Gaining profit also meant an increase in customers so you continue working day and night. A while went by, and you realize that you have no time to do anything you love. This is where a business coach program would come in. Coaches are very experienced in shifting a few things around in a business to gain the time freedom you are looking for. Don’t waste any more time working too many hours in your business because you don’t know which steps to take in order to work on your business. Visit the for all of your questions.

Another area business coach can help you with is financial freedom. Financial freedom goes hand in hand with time freedom. If you are making the profit you wish to be making, you will be able to spend time doing the things you love. There are a few tweaks you can make in your business to start gaining financial freedom. To get prepared, you need to hash out your numbers. Finding your break-even point is important. This will tell you how many more sales you need per month in order to make it to financial freedom. You also need to figure out what the cost is per on-boarded customer. Finding these few numbers will allow you to scale and plan for your business’ future.

Wasting time trying to do everything yourself can have a negative effect on your success. Other businessmen have been through the ringer when trying to grow their own. Learn from their mistakes and grow your business faster. Don’t make the same mistakes that the other business owners have made. Get the right influence.

Business coaches can help you grow your business seven times faster. They have experience in creating their own businesses. They know exactly where you are standing now, and the best step to take next. They are there to keep you accountable in growing your business. Gain that type of investment today. Get the information you need from the Thrivetime show. The co-owner, Clay Clark, is the real deal at 855-955-7469.

Business Coaching – Explosive Opportunity.

This content is written for the business coach radio show

Thrivetime Show.

Can a person actually making the decision to win or lose? Is it a decision or does it have to do with circumstances? Do you have to be born with a gift to succeed? Do you have to have the right contacts or be in the right place at the right time? If so, then what does that say about perseverance, dedication and passion? Winning at business is a choice Clay Clark states,955-855-7469. On his business coaching Thrivetime Show, Clay Clark says adamantly success is a choice.

Clay Clark, the co-founder of Thrive 15, an extreme business coaching company, set out to build a company from the ground up that only grows successful businesses. He believes success comes from the deliberate intention to succeed. It’s an action with a purposeful course toward victory. Failure is not an option. His company, Thrive 15 works hard for you to bring you success. Thrive 15 is all in when it comes to your success. The only way you can fail with him is to not join forces with him.

In his business Thrive 15, he hands you the practical approach to managing your employees. He wrote the business coach book “ Will Not Work For Food”, an open and honest account of America’s current employee problems and the solution to them. He believes you should “ be a yardstick of quality”- Steve Jobs. If you read his book you will learn to only hire A and B employees. That C employees are mediocre and drag your company down and cost you in the end. There is no place for below average in a successful business. “Inspect, never expect.” You have a responsibility as an employer. Inspire those who work for you. These are some of the topics he covers in this book to bring your business success. If you join forces and use the business coach of Thrive 15, you receive practical courses of action and ways to implement them to make you company a huge success. The choice is yours.

You don’t achieve success without perseverance, dedication, and passion. Clay Clark operates from a driving force of passion and expertise when it comes to being a business coach.  He wants to see you succeed a perseverance for excellence and a dedication to you, the entrepreneur, who seek his expertise. His wisdom comes from years of practical implementation of his proven strategies. These proven strategies have changed a failed business to a successful one. Thrive 15 has the power to revolutionize your dream for success, your business to skyrocket to the top.

Again, the choice to succeed is yours. Clay Clark writes about a man in his book “ Will Not Work For Food” who made that choice. This particular man had a goal. To attain it he worked endlessly on his talent.  Though he had setbacks and many did not believe in him he continued his course. He worked hard. He competed. Though he was cheated he did not let his passion for success be extinguished. This was a choice he made. After some time he became a huge success in his field. He made his gift excellent with hours of long practice. He willingly worked hard and made any necessary changes to his course that needed to be made. He made himself accountable to achieving his dream of success. He made the decision to succeed and so he did. Hold yourself accountable to your dreams. Your accountability can start with a call to Clay Clark at 855-955-7469. Be that person of excellence who listens to The Thrivetime Show and learn about the difference a single choice can make between success and failure.


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