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Business Coach Ironing Out Your Schedule

Transcript prepared for business coach program at

Business Coach 134

Clay – Business Coach Program Founder and Head Business Coach: When you started, were you working all the time at that. Was there ever a time where you felt like you didn’t have enough time to get it all done?

Megan: Definitely, in the first you know first few years. I’m not going to put a time on it. Probably 70-80 hours a week. Maybe. I was at the point to where I was kind of wanting to rip my head off, because I had no time on my hands. I have found that hiring the right team members and kind of finding out where they flourish. Putting them in those positions really takes a lot off my plate.

Clay: Would you have probably ripped your head off if you had the time. If you had the time frame where you could schedule like at 2 o’-clock on Thursday I’ll rip my head off. Would you have probably done it if you had the time. 

Megan: Yeah. Probably. Yeah.

Clay: Okay, so anybody out there who’s listening right now, who’s maybe 45. You know the average listener we have’s usually 35-45 years old. They’re working all the time and they are not able to enjoy time freedom like you do at the age of 25. What advice would you give to this person who’s kind of struggling, feeling overwhelmed. They don’t have time to get it done.

Megan: Gosh. You know, I was listening to a little bit of the segment that you guys recorded earlier. Like you said, if it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t get done. I think it’s really important to schedule that time for yourself. You know, maybe make sacrifices in another area to really make sure that the time that you do have is enjoyable. I know that a business coach would be so helpful for anyone with a startup.

Clay: Walk me through your schedule. How do you do it? Do you have like a day timer? Do you have a kind of a mystical, we’ll call it the force that you use to schedule your time. You have a certain app that you use? How are you able to schedule your time? What do you do on a practical level? What kind of things do you do to schedule your time?

Megan: I use a lot of Google Calendar is probably my main one. Like I said, I have a lot of free time. A lot of it is just kind of like well I finished that. Let’s move onto this. My main meetings I’ll schedule. Then stuff in between there is free.

Clay: I want to ask you this question Melania. Right here, the founder of Melania Wright photography. What question would you have either for myself, or for Robert, or Megan. Because you’re obviously starting your business. You’re growing your business. You’re building that portfolio. What questions do you have about time management at this point? As you’re building this empire. The Melania empire.

Melena Wright: A question, wow. A million. I guess I got to get up earlier is like one thing. I need to like workout everyday. I know what I have to do. How do you get up at 4:30-5:00 in the morning. That’s what I want to know.

Clay: Okay, well I’ll chime in here first. What time do you go to bed, Mel? What time do you go to bed typically?

Melania: That’s fair. My husband’s a night owl, so typically he’ll make me a night owl. 11:00 p.m.

Clay: Okay, well just being real. If I go to bed at 9. My daughter knows, she’s on the set today. My daughter. If I go to bed like at 9, I’ll get up at 3. You know what I mean. We’ll watch a movie, it’s like 9:22 or something. It’s like 9:22 we’re watching a movie and I’m out. Is that right? You know what I’m saying. It’s a thing. I have to sleep for about six hours. You know if I go to bed at 9, I’m good to wake up at 3. You know what I’m saying?

I think for you, you’re normal if you’re going to bed at 11. You know your new normal might be like what? 5 a.m. or 6 a.m.? I mean it’s kind of reasonable. How many hours of sleep do you need at this point do you think Mel?

Melania: 6-7.

Clay: 6 or 7. Let’s give you 7. When you sleep better, by the way you make better decision. Maybe you know, don’t feel that pressure to wake up at 3 a.m. and be like a viking or something. You know what I mean? You can’t look like a man bear pig like me unless you’re sleep deprived. I’d encourage you to wake up at 6. just a little business coach advise sprinkled in there 

I want to ask you this though here, Megan. Sorry to get into your personal life about what time you go to bed and such. When you’re starting the business. Back in the day, when you were just getting it going. How many hours of sleep were you getting a night.

Megan: Gosh, people are going to think that I don’t work hard at all. Back at the beginning, I’d say I’d probably go to bed around midnight and maybe wake up around 8.

Clay: Really? You got the 8 hours of sleep there.

Megan: I did, still do.

Clay: Robert, I want to ask you this man. What time are you rocking the bedtime? What time are you going to sleep? Yeah, I’m out.

Robert R. – Business Coach: Being an immersed and thrive culture. You just kind of get adjusted like you said. You got to set a new normal. I followed a schedule similar to Mel and Meg before I was introduced to all these new ideas and principles. Now, it’s looking like, kind of like yours Clay. Go to bed typically around 9, maybe 10 at the latest. Usually up about 4-4:30.

Clay: I know this is not a political show. I’m probably going to irritate half the audience here. There’s one interesting thing. Before the man was the most polarizing president on the planet, he started a very successful real estate business. Donald Trump prides himself on never sleeping more than 5 hours. He’s all about like I’ve been asleep less. The thing is, is that you just got to figure out what works for you. I don’t know if you can function at 5 hours or 6 or 7 or 8.

I encourage everyone listening right now. Step number one, action step is definitely to day get out a day timer. Schedule time for your faith. You have to do it. Robert, are you a guy, you like to go to church like what? Looking at you, kind of judging you. Making certain observations.

Robert R.: I’m a church guy.

Clay: You’re kind of like what, 9 days a week you’re going to church. You’re going like twice on a couple days. How many days a week do you like to go?

Robert R.: I go to church every Sunday morning, and recently got involved in a Sunday School class. My Sunday morning’s pretty church full.

Clay: Are you a one day a week guy? Are you going like two days?

Robert R.: Two days is a little too much for me. God’s good. I’m good with one day right now. Business coach dropping theological bombs for you guys. 

Clay:  Well I am a business coach but I’m not here to judge you. I’m telling you this, if you’re not going at least six days a week, I judge you. I’m just kidding. Now the thing is if you are listening right now. Ask yourself when do you want to go. I’m just telling you for me, I really enjoy going on a Sunday. That’s when I enjoy going.

I can’t do home fellowship. You want to get together. You want me to bring carrots. Hey let’s bring carrots. Let’s go to home fellowship. You could bring the cheese and you could bring the carrots. We’ll all get together. We’ll go around the [inaudible 00:54:42]. We’ll do a bible study, which is code for none of us brought a bible, but one guy’s leading the way. A guy’s playing the guitar singing, be to our God. Forever and ever. Hey, listen, there’s six of us. We don’t need to do praise and worship. It’s kind of weird. Stop doing that.

Then, it’s like we ask for prayer request. Because you’re around a group of people you don’t know. You say weird things like, I just pray overall for just abundance. Nothing real. I can’t handle it. Some of you love home fellowship. We’re like, that’s a small group. I love connecting. That’s my deal. You got to schedule time for what matters for you. That’s action item number one. Now, we come back here thrivers. Not only do I promise to play some more Justin Bieber intros and outros, but we are going to be diving even deeper into the F sixes. We’re talking about the next one is family. Scheduling time for family. Should you want to keep each other company with your own family. That could be a move. You want to schedule time for you family.

Maybe if you’re married, date night with your wife. Date night with your dude. Time with your kids. Time to burn pinion wood. You know that kind of thing. Stay tuned to Thrive Time Show, we’re diving deep today into the F sixes. That’s faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship, and fun. How do you find time to get it all done? One more. Stay tuned.

You are listening to the Thrive Time Show on your AM radio. My name is Clay Clark the former SPA entrepreneur of the year. Sent here to help you become a successful entrepreneur. As always, we have a cast of characters that join us inside the box that rocks. We talk about the things that matter to you. We have so many questions for people out there. How do you find life balance? Well it’s called the F 6. F 6. Okay. You want to go ahead and get out a sheet of paper, or maybe an etch a sketch, maybe an iPad or something. You want to write down these six categories. One is faith. The next one is family. You want to write down your goals for your faith, for your family, for your finances. Right? For your fitness. For your friendship and your fun.

There’s not enough time to get everything in the world done. There is enough time though to get the things that you want to get done. It’s all about trade offs. Saying no to certain things. Saying yes to certain things. Scheduling time for what matters.

We’re moving on. We just talked about faith. Now, we’re talking about family. You got to have family goals. I remember my wife and I, we’d been married probably I don’t know like 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 42 minutes. I said something romantic like, wouldn’t be awesome to have like five kids. Something like that. We been married probably six minutes. Whatever. The thing was is that I definitely knew that I wanted to have five kids.

Over time we had been married for about four years, and we decided to start a family. We were very intentional about wanting to have five kids. Many people see us and go, are you guys Mormon? Are you guys are okay? Are you guys okay? Like we don’t know how that happens. People always want to know, are you guys I mean. Five kids. Wow. Was that a good decision? As if they’re not aware that I’m aware of the cost of having kids. That kind of thing.

Maybe you’re listening right now and you’re going I just want to have one kid. Right? Maybe you’re from a family where everyone has five kids. The pressure is to have five, but you want to have one. Maybe from a family that had 11, but you want to have two. I don’t know what that answer is. The thing is that you have to know what you want your family to look like, otherwise it won’t happen.

My wife and I like to go on date nights with my wife. The world does not want us to go on date nights. I’ve discovered the world does not want us to go. The world’s like, is there anyway we could talk about something about work? Could you guys come over for home fellowship. Insert the blank. People are trying to keep us from having date nights, because people don’t know our goals. We have to say no to certain things, say yes to certain things. As a business coach, these are the things I think about. 

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