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What Jared and Jennifer Johnson Say About the Thrivetime Business Coach Experience

Jared and Jennifer J. Thrivetime Business Coach Testimonial

We’re Jared and Jennifer Johnson with Platinum Pest and Lawn. A while ago, we implemented a no brainer offer where did the first service was only $1, which was a little scary at first. Obviously, it costs us more than the dollar to go ahead and treat someone’s home. As we started getting new clients, we started getting a lot of customers by doing our no brainer offer, but our paying client accounts were depleting at a pretty fast rate there.
What we ended up doing was pulling from our life insurance plan, and we were able to bridge that gap to now.  We are at a point where those recurring customers are paying, and so we’re seeing our bank account increase at a faster rate than we’ve ever seen before. While it was a little scary at first, we’re really glad and grateful that we did that because now we’re reaping those benefits of offering that scary deal for us.

Kelly G. Thrivetime Business Coach Testimonial

My name is Kelly and I’m the lead pastor of Faith Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Well, I first heard about Thrive 15 from my wife. She was actually a working with Clay and then some other people that I knew that had been working with him. Clay reached out to me and I came in for an initial visit and thought this is really something that would benefit us as a church. I don’t have the money for staff members to run these kinds of things. So, having Clay as a mentor and as a business coach was really something that I was interested in. We’ve looked into hiring people, to do our media stuff and consulting for us, but it would cost us, I don’t know, $3,000 or $4,000 a month to hire someone to do this full time. We wouldn’t be able to get the coaching that Clay has provided.

I couldn’t find someone to do that for me. This is a great situation for us. We have a weekly meeting where I come in and we’d just collaborate. Clay helps me with ideas and coaches me through processes that we’re doing with staffing and hiring and managing our ministry. They also take care of all of our graphics, our computer, our website, any ads that we do, any printed pieces that we do, they put those out in a very fast clip so that we have them. We can get them mailed out or get them on our website really quickly. So, they do all that kind of stuff for us. Another thing, they also do the training of our employees and our media people. If we ever have an issue here in the church, they come by and troubleshoot it for us, so it’s really a one stop shop for us.

I would describe Thrive15 as a coaching mentoring network. I’ve pastored small churches most of my life and have put out subpar material, including websites. I just tried to bounce things off my wife and anybody else who would listen. But, being able to come in and have someone with this kind of experience in this kind of knowhow and expertise in what they do is a great situation for us. The product they put out is undeniable. If you’re like me, you could do it all yourself.I would just say to those of you who are pastors of smaller churches, who are trying to get people to do web stuff for you or try to get people to produce stuff for you, investing in something like this for the fee that they charge really truly is a win win. They win and it’s a win win for me. I think a business coach would be a great thing for you guys to get connected with.


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