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Business Coach : Keys To Success

Business Coach : Keys To Success


-OK. We know success is a choice. Now in your mind, why aren’t most people successful? If success is a choice, are people choosing to not be successful? A business coach can answer that question for you.

-If you’re going to choose success, you’re going to have to do the uncomfortable things. You’re going to have to get up early when it’s not easy. People choose not to succeed because they’re too comfortable in their lifestyle. A business coach can help you help you get comfortable getting uncomfortable.

-So people are choosing to be unsuccessful?



-Well, OK. You know, Thrive is for people who have decided to move beyond surviving. And I think they’re a little bit fiery. They’re honey badgers. They’re going I’m just going to do whatever I have to do to become successful, so I’m not going to be irritated when I hear this sort of message. But we are saying that people choose to be successful, but also some people are choosing to not be successful through their actions.  A Business Coach can help you make the right actions.


-Maybe not their mind, what they’re thinking, but what they’re doing.


-In your own life, how have you chosen to become successful?

-Well for me, it was really the mentality. I wanted to thrive basically. I wanted to be successful. I wanted to be able to provide for my family. And so the first thing is I started aligning myself with people who had that in their life. And then, of course, I would do the things that others would not do to get to that point, like getting up early, staying at work late, adding that extra second mile service. Sometimes it’s about being that friend that other people may not be.

-I’ve noticed at your Chick-Fil-A that you clean your bathrooms about every 15 minutes.

-That’s probably right during the busy times, yes.

-I know businesses that have gone months.


Well, maybe not months, maybe weeks without cleaning the bathroom, really– real talk. You go the extra mile all the time in those areas too.


-Why are you doing this?

-Well, one of the reasons is the Chick-Fil-A customers absolutely expect that. And so what we find is that if we’re not keeping a clean restroom, then, first of all, they’ll go somewhere else. So on top of the fact that they expect that. It’s what we need to do to make sure that the customer’s getting the best experience they can. Because there’s plenty of other bathroom for them to use. But we want them to be going, I’m going to Chick-Fil-A bathroom because when I go there, I know that it’s going to be clean. It’s gonna smell great.

-It flows good every time.

-It’s amazing.

-Amazing flow– just flows.

-Now funny story. One time we’re creating our system on how we’re going to clean the bathrooms. And we’re talking about– we actually went to some other stores, and we benchmarked on what they were doing. A friend of mine from QuikTrip showed me that terminology, which is funny, because we were benchmarking QuikTrip on how they cleaned their bathrooms. And they would go in there and spray all the walls down. And so we went out there. We sprayed all the walls down. And I did it myself. I went in there. I sprayed them all down. It smelled fantastic in there. So I left the bathroom, got my manager, went and brought him back to the bathroom.

-Smells so good!

-And I said, you know what? You’ve got to come in here. You gotta come in here and smell this. And we go in there, and I walked in, and I said, doesn’t it smell great in here? And I look over, and there’s a guy sitting on the potty right there using the restroom.

-He’s benchmarking.

-He was.


And manager looked at me and he didn’t know what to say. And then I realized that there was a guy sitting there. So we stepped outside and just started laughing about it. So the guy felt pretty awkward, so we went and hid.

-So it just goes to show you, if your bathroom is starting to smell nice, bring a buddy in there.

-That’s right.

-OK. For all the aspiring entrepreneurs and current entrepreneurs other there,



What are three things in your mind that every one needs to do if they want to become successful? Again, if I’m an entrepreneur watching this, what are three things that I can do and choose to become successful? A business coach can teach you those three things.

-Three things– one, you need to get a mentor, someone that’s gonna give you wisdom into your life. The other is be ready to do the things that others won’t do. I think the third thing is be ready for everything to fall apart. Because as an entrepreneur, not everything works out perfectly, You just have to be ready for it.

-Gosh. You know, I was talking to my wife today, and I was trying to hit on her, you know. And she’s trying to ask me questions. And I’m just trying to hit on her. And she’s asking me, she’s like, well, how’s production going? I was explaining to her all the great things that are happening. But at the same time, I don’t understand why I can’t get the electricity to work here where we can’t turn on the whole mothership without something crashing– like what is the deal? And it just seems like you have to have that. Otherwise it would just be too awesome.


-And you almost have to have that adversity. I mean, it’s funny, you know what I mean? So I guess my heaven is if we could recreate the Thrive set here, but the electricity would work consistently. That’s really what I’m looking for.

-But that’s a true entrepreneurial spirit. Because it’s probably not going to happen. So you got to work around it.

-And in recap, your mantra– I want to repeat that one more time– was


Improvise, adapt–

-And overcome.

-Overcome. Awesome. Hey, thank you for your time.

-My pleasure.


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