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Business Coach : Learn How To Grow

Business Coach : Learn How To Grow

-Let me ask you this– what keeps you working hard after all these years? You’ve been a coach and business mentor for 20 years. You played for 11. What is keeping you working hard? Why not just go, bah, I’m done.

-What we’ve been talking about all day long. Being a business coach to young men. It’s about passing on what you know to the next generation.

-Somebody’s on the other side of this camera. I talked to a Thriver there today. He’s said he’s never had a mentor in his entire life. I literally cried when I was talking this person, because it was unbelievable what he’s been getting on Thrive and why he logs on. If there’s somebody watching this who’s never had a mentor in their life, and they don’t feel like maybe they’re special– this was the guy’s issue. He was like, I don’t know. I just like success is for someone else, and I don’t feel like you guys are telling me, I can do this. What advice would you have, or mentor-ship would you have, for somebody who’s maybe watching this who’s never had a mentor in their life?

-I just think you’ve got to believe in yourself that you can do this, and there’s going to take resources or people to help you do this. And if you believe in doing that, you can close that gap and find a mentor, because there’s people out there want to help you. There’s people out there want to help you get to where you want to be. And that’s what it’s all about. It’s all about giving back. And if you have something special to give, you’re only cheating yourself by not doing it. And it’s a joyful moment if you’re able to do it, because, boy, the gratification is just– the dollars don’t even– it’s not about the money. It’s about seeing something that you created, or started, and someone else can help you get there and look at all other people you’ve blessed.

-Flip it for a second, Because there’s some Thrivers who are watching this who are financially just rocking and rolling. And they’re just logging onto Thrive. It’s a game. They’re wanting to learn how to make some more money, or grow their business. To the person who’s so busy who doesn’t ever have time to mentor anybody, how rewarding is it for you? Can you describe how rewarding it is for you to have mentored some of these players and people, and see them go on to have success?

-It’s a joy for me. That’s the feeling I get. It’s just– when you talk to them, they go, oh, Paul. Oh, man. This is happening, and this happening. And you can’t believe, man. I got this going on, and this other young man, or this other young lady who’s started their own little deal, and they are looking forward to helping other people. Because we’re in the people business. This is about blessing other people. You can go and get a job and make money. But is the job you have, one, are you happy and excited about it? And two, are you touching other peoples lives while you do it.

Because if you’re touching other people’s lives, it goes to a whole other level that you never see.

-I talked to a lady the other day– I took my kids out for bread. My wife’s into this gluten free, organic– we don’t want to eat the bread. I’m like, I’ll get the bread, but I’ll just sneak around about it. But seriously, I went out for this organic bread. It’s this healthy bread. It’s the Harvest Bread Company. It’s this nice place. And I met this lady. And it was amazing. She was super cheerful. She asked my kids, would you like a sample? Would you like a sample? I have the five kids, you know?

It’s a loaf just to give them all a sample. This lady’s like a religious figure. She’s trying to break the loaf into enough pieces to feed the kids. And she was just so cheerful. And I asked her. I said, what is the deal with you? And she says, well, I honestly feel like my purpose is to bless every person I come in contact–

-Powerful words. Powerful words.

-With the bread. And I’m like, what?


-And she was explaining this, and then she said, yeah, my husband and I, we opened one bread company here, now another one here. And we just have had a lot of success. And we just, each customer, we want to make you feel special. And I was just blown away. I’m like, I’m just trying to have bread. I’m not trying to have a deep Oprah conversation here. It was amazing. Having a business coach along the way definitely helped.

-But that’s usually how much passion that people have about not just sharing their product, but sharing their love, and their passion about something that they want everybody else to experience. And that’s what it’s all about.

-Now I want to ask you this here. Brian Tracy, he’s a best selling author. I’ve read his books, and they’ve really impacted me. He’s a bestselling author. He’s a business coach. And he says, “successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, what’s in it for me?” Now Paul, in your mind, why do you believe that some people become successful and other people don’t? Because you’ve seen guys come in the NBA with talent. You’ve seen people come into the business world with talent. You’ve seen them come in with money. You’ve seen them come in with the pedigree. Some have made it. Some have not. In your mind, what is the reason why some people are successful and some people are not, if you had to really distill it? Some people use a business coach, which definitely helps!

-It’s a lot of areas. I think greed is one.


-Self centered is another. Selfishness. All the things that will cause a person to just be so into themselves can cause failure.



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