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Business Coach : Let It Go

Business Coach : Let It Go


-My name is Clay Clark, and I’m a business coach and the visioneer of Today, we are joined with Arthur Greeno, and we’re going to be teaching about how you can let go of the past. In today’s episode, you are going to specifically learn how to deal with those situations, those struggles and those frustrations that have held you back, those mindsets that have kept you from your success. You’re going to learn how to put those to the side so you can move forward and embrace your success.

A lot of us never even really try. A lot of us never even think big, because we’re so stuck in the past that we just don’t think that we’re worthy of success. And so by changing our mindset, today’s episode could be worth millions and millions of dollars of gross sales for your business. Remember, at Thrive15, our business mentors believe that knowledge without application is meaningless. So as you’re watching today’s episode, ask yourself what can you do to uniquely apply the principles you’re learning today into your life. Otherwise, today’s episode might be more meaningless than an underwater umbrella.

Arthur, in your life, with your mom being an alcoholic, your father essentially disappearing from your life from age 13 to 18– you’ve battled severe scoliosis, the curvature of the spine, to the point where you had to be put also in a full metal body cast sort of thing, how have you been able to deal with the emotional wounds? How are you able to just get over it? Because I know you have people they say, Arthur Greeno, a business coach, happy-go-lucky, successful entrepreneur. Talk to me. On a daily basis, though, bro. Seriously, how are you able to deal with that?

-Everybody has a choice. You can choose to be a victim, or you can choose to be an over comer. And so it is one of those that– there’s a lot of times I sit down and, yeah, it’s frustrating. When my back gives out, even now, it’s frustrating that it happens. But I get to choose, how am I going to show up today? But I just choose not to be a victim.

-I want to just fire off some that I know of. Maybe you have some that come to your mind. But Oprah Winfrey was sexually abused, and to this day she’s one of the most benevolent entrepreneurs out there. Richard Branson, the Virgin phones, Virgin Airways, Virgin Records guy. He’s dyslexic. Can you think of other people that you know that have dealt with emotional wounds, situations where they had something bad happen, that you’ve met over the years, they’ve been able to overcome? Anybody comes to your mind?

-No one comes to my mind directly, but one thing I’ve learned as I hang out successful people is almost every one of them have– it seems like a trend that a lot of successful people have had emotional wounds, but they’ve overcome them. And all kinds of crazy things.

-I’ve discovered that every entrepreneur or business coach I’ve ever spent time who’s had success has had issues, because every human I’ve ever met has issues.

ARTHUR GREENO: That’s absolutely right.

-The only thing is, they just kept on going. And now you’ve spent more time with him then I have, but Jim Stovall is a guy who’s a blind multimillionaire speaker, author, business coach and screenwriter guy. How have you seen him– how does he deal with blindness.

-You know, he just works around it. It’s funny because he is somebody that I look at as my mentor. And he’ll constantly say, I’ll see you later. And I kind of chuckle and go, no you won’t. But it’s just he works around it. And I think that’s what successful entrepreneurs do.

-Works around the blindness. That’s amazing. So in your mind, what should every aspiring entrepreneur, existing entrepreneur, be doing on a daily basis to deal with any emotional wounds. So as an example, let’s say that you get sued, hypothetically. By the way, when you’re running Chick-fil-a, you just get sued. But you have a Chick-fil-a, and–

-When you run any business, you’re going to get sued.

-Yeah if you run any business at all, you’re going to get sued.

-It’s not a Chick-fil-a thing.

-Well, with my business, we have a plumber who cut his toe off. Guys doing some plumbing work, cuts his toe off. I guess that’s just what you do. How do you deal with that emotional? When you’re like so frustrated that you’re getting sued because you’ve been doing things the right way, how are you emotionally able to deal with that?

-Well it’s one of those that you have to kind of settle down and really look at everything, and know that in your heart that you’re doing things right. There’s literally times I’ll stand in the mirror and go, I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m building my business, I’m doing what it is, I mean, I’m doing what I should be doing, and I didn’t do anything. And you know what? I’ve been doing this for 25 years. And yes, there’s been accusations and other things have come up against me. They’re always false, and they’re always ridiculous. And as an entrepreneur, you will get mad about it. You’ll be like, this is so stupid. I can’t believe I’m getting sued over this.

And then someone’s going to finally see it and go, don’t worry about it. It’s taken care of.

-Years ago, I was working with a company. And I was doing my job. And a long story short, they decided I was a consultant. And they decided, we’re terminating all the contracts for all the consultants. We’re shutting everything down. And as the deal worked out, one of the agreements was I was getting free office space at the time as part of our agreement. And all a sudden, I start getting a $7,000 a month parking bill because they were no longer giving me free office space.

So I’m honoring my commitment, and all of a sudden, I’m getting a $7,000 a month parking bill. I know at that time for me emotionally, one of things I’ve learned a lot is if we take the emotion out of it and we focus on the right motion to take, things work out. A business coach can help with the focus.

ARTHUR GREENO: Absolutely.

-And it sounds like that’s what you’re doing. You’re kind of calling a time out and saying, not going to let this steal my joy. I’m going to focus on the solution and move forth.

ARTHUR GREENO: In Aikido, there’s something that they call ground and center, where you’re really kind of focusing on what it is. And I’m not real big spiritual guy of that nature, but it’s one of those that it’s really stopping, taking a deep breath, and going, what is really going on here? Because if you’re going to let everything be run by emotion, you’re going to end up in a lot of water.


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