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Business Coach Live In The Present

Robert Z – Business Coach Program CEO: You know that song, Cat’s in the Cradle? Cat’s in the cradle, and the silver spoon. Little boy … When you going home and they don’t know when …

Business Coach 135

Well the thing about it is that Tim said it. He said it so eloquently. Because he’s an eloquent man. That is, one of the questions that I get a lot from young business people. That is, how do I know when I’m not doing enough family stuff? I said, well … They kind of look at me and I look at them across the coffee table and I go, your wife or your kids will let you know. What does that mean? They will grab you and say, you’re not here enough.

Be intentional upfront. I love that scheduling. Make sure you have a date night with your wife. Make sure you have family time with the kids. When you’re there, be there. Does that make sense? When you’re there, be there.

Clay – Business Coach Program Founder and Lead Business Coach : Be physically and mentally present.

Robert Z: Turn off your stuff.

Tim – Executive Business Coach: Be where you’re at.

Robert Z: Turn off your stuff. I have seen so many young people be in that time of okay this is date night. The two of them are sitting across from the dinner table from each other, both of them just sitting there on their phones.

Clay: Not good. Look I’m on Facebook. You’re on Facebook too. I like the photo of you. I should upload the photo of you. I’ll tag you. I should comment on it.

Robert Z: You just tagged me because you …

Tim: We actually have our family get togethers and we don’t allow cell phones around the table. Put that thing away for the next 15 minutes.

Robert Z: I know, it’s kind of going old school. Back in the day, when we’d be sitting around the … We’d be at dinner time and the phone would ring. You couldn’t get up and answer it.

Clay: We were sitting around the dinner table, watching Micheal Landon. Little House on the Prairie.

Robert Z: Little House on the Prairie, after The Waltons.

Clay: There we go. Now here’s the deal with thrivers, I’m going to be real with you though. I’m crossing the boundaries. Many of you will get offended by this. I’m going to tell you what, I have the prettiest five kids. I have a scheduled time. I feel that is my duty to do certain things. I schedule time for that. I’m just telling you it happens. Because I’m telling you what, I have certain needs whatever those needs are. I schedule time for that. This is not the Dr. Laura show. This is not the super awkward show. This is the kid approved show. I’m just telling you what, you’ve got to schedule time to crank up that Marvin Gay. Sometimes you just got to schedule time, because if you don’t do it. Just certain parallel activities that have to happen. You got to get horizontal occasionally if you’re going to produce kids. That’s just the thing. A business coach can help you with that.

Robert Z: Well, it is a thing. The thing about is what the take home here is is that the number two on the F six family, you’ve got to be intentional. You’ve got to schedule it. Because I promise you this Clay, when you schedule all those appropriate things. You schedule the date night. You schedule the time with the kids. Doing what they want to do. Make it quality time. Be there. Put your phones up. Don’t be sitting there answering emails while you’re trying to watch Scooby Doo with your kids, right? If you do that, you’re not going to worry. You’re just going to be happy. what else would a business coach do?

Clay: Unbelievable. Stay tuned. We’re talking more about the F six lifestyle when we come back. Boom.

All right thrive nation, welcome back into the conversation. We’re having another Justin Bieber apologetics show here. My name is Clay Clark, I’m the former SPA entrepreneur of the year. Sitting here to help enlighten, to entertain and to educate you. Today we’re talking about the stuff behind the stuff. The stuff that really matters. It’s how to set those F six goals. When we talk about F six goals. You have faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship, and fun. Someone might need to pull on over and write that down.

I’m telling you what. A lot of people, we’re so busy during our day. We’re reactive. We’re responding to emails and calls and texts. Very few of us are being proactive to design a life that we want. Inside the box that rocks today. Sam, our producer can verify here. We have four, we have three human guests. I am one of those humans. We have three humans who are out there doing this thing called life. We have Mr. Robert Redman. He’s a business coach and he’s probably America’s second or third most beautiful man. Robert, how are you?

Robert R.: I am doing great. I’m more curious who’s number one. I’ve been competing for that spot here for just about all my life.

Clay: Well, you look up the ord chart, and there’s your answer. It’s Dr. Robert Zoner. Obviously.

Robert R – Business Coach.: Of course.

Clay: It’s very unbiased. Now we also have Melena Wright here. She is founder of Melania Wright Photography. Melania, how are you?

Melania: I’m great.

Clay: Well, thank you for being great. By the way, rumor has it, you used to be a white water rafter back in the days? Is this true?

Melania: That is true.

Clay: Do you still white water raft on occasion? Is this sort of a habit you want to kick?

Melania: On occasion yeah. I’m about to go actually next week.

Clay: All right. Then we have Megan here. Now Megan, you have a company called Bow and Arrow. What in the heck is Bow and Arrow, my friend?

Megan: Well, we do not sell hunting equipment despite the name. Despite people coming and asking that. It’s a clothing store for women. Sell clothing, shoes, accessories.

Clay: Where are you located? Where can people find more about your sensational business?

Megan: I have a location in Wasso, Oklahoma. A location in downtown Tulsa in the box yard. You can always go online. Social media, Facebook, Instagram, or our website

Clay: How old are you at this point, Megan? I want to know. Thrivers they dream and they fantasize about starting a business. How old are you at this point?

Megan: At this point, I am 25.

Clay: 25. Okay. You’ve got two locations you said. Is that right? Two locations?

Megan: Correct.

Clay: We’re talking about these F six goals. I’m going to kind of go around the horn, picking on everybody here. Okay, so here we go.

Faith. Here are some tips from a business coach: If you have these goals, but you don’t schedule time to achieve them, nothing gets done. Basically anything that does not scheduled does not get done. I’m going to ask this Robert, you are a business coach for business owners all over the country. Many clients from coast to coast. We talk about faith here. We talk about faith. Scheduling time for faith. Why is it so important from your perspective that every business owner, regardless of what their faith that they actually schedule time to practice their faith?

Robert R.: Well, I think it’s important for business owners, entrepreneurs to remember why they’re doing what they’re doing. That can really apply to all the F six goals, but especially the faith goal. Being in tune … again, regardless of what you believe with some sort of higher power. Some sort of just higher force or God that ends up motivating you to do those things that you do everyday. Reminds you of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Clay: You work with the business owners as a business coach everyday. You help people grow their companies, and when you do that you find … Entrepreneurs, a lot of these people wake up at 6 a.m. and they work until what time? You’re working with one guy, he owns a semiprofessional basketball team, is that correct?

Robert R.: That’s correct.

Clay: A league. Is it a semiprofessional basketball league?

Robert R.: It’s the CBL, the community basketball league. It’s a semiprofessional basketball league.

Clay: This guy’s probably working what 12 hours a day? 14 hours a day? How many hours is a typical entrepreneur work there?

Robert R.: I mean, 70 hours a week, 90 hours a week is usually what’s typical. This guy specifically I know he’s working hard. 10-12 hours a day at a minimum.

Clay: Okay, so Megan, I’m going to pick on you here. Now you have these two locations. How many people work on your team at this point? Do you like 7,000 people? Do you have two people? How many people work there with you at this point in your business?

Megan: I have close to 7,000.

Clay: Close to 7,000. Sam, I believe that we accidentally muted her microphone. For some reason, she’s off the grid here. You said, how many people again there?

Megan: 7.

Clay: With these 7 people, and I’m not asking you questions that are going to make you feel awkward on the air here. I’m just going to get in a couple questions.

Megan: All right.

Clay: Do they ever have you know do they ever say can we talk? Could we talk one on one I have some questions. Does that ever happen where the seven team members ever want to talk one on one with you?

Megan: Very rarely.

Clay: Very rarely. Okay. You have kind of a self starting team?

Megan: For the most part, yeah. I’ve been really blessed with awesome employees that are pretty self sufficient. Know the direction that I want the store to go. They kind of jump on board and do their own thing.

Clay: As the company has grown have you found it challenging to find time for the things that you like to do? What kind of things do you like to do? If you have all the money in the world. Just say you didn’t even need to work anymore. Okay, so you made your F six goals. You say, faith I’d like to do is I’d like to go to spend this many hours a week doing my faith. This many hours a week with my family. This many hours a week doing the finances. Fitness, friendships, the fun. If you had all the money in the world. Do you ever find yourself right now kind of frustrated that maybe you don’t have all the time you need. How have you been able to find balance? Just kind of walk us through the mind of a 25 year old entrepreneur with two locations.

Megan: Well, I might get some criticism for this one. I actually have quite a bit of time. I’m at the point in my life where I’ve delegated almost everything out. I am actually trying to find ways to fill my time. If that’s new business ventures, then great. I’ve got such a great team, that … I mean, not very many people can say that. I’m to the point to where everything’s kind of taken care of.

Clay: All right. What did you say there, Robert?

Robert R.: I said that she’s scaled. She has followed our system and listened to her business coach and as a result, she has achieved at 25 what a lot of business owners dream of achieving.

Clay: When did you start this business there? When did you start the business?

Megan: Five years ago.

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