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Business Coach How to Make $100,000 Today

Transcription provided to business coach program

Business Coach 103

Clay Clark: Now for anyone listening right now, I’m going to give you $100,000 tip straight from the business coach program. This will make you a $100,000 this year for sure. Every single listener. If you already have a product or a service, it’s a real thing. If you don’t have a product or a service yet, this move cannot work for you. But if you already have a product or service, this move will … If you execute this plan, which costs … We don’t make anything as a result of teaching you this. This is absolutely just for your benefit. If you execute this move, you will for sure make an additional $100,000 this year. The problem is, is that when I tell you how to do it 98 out of 100 … Most people, not you because you the listener, we have some of the best listeners in the world.
So you if you’re listening right now, you are sort of a diligent doer. You’re a rare bird. You’re a honey badger. You get stuff done. Now people listening Z to other shows, I mean there’s other people listening to these other shows right now, whatever those shows may be on the other stations, those people aren’t diligent doers. Our listeners get it done. especially our business coach clients.
Rob Zoellner: Absolutely. That’s why we call them thrivers because they are wanting to thrive. People that listen to this show are listening for those practical steps on how to start and how grow their business and we know from googling it I guess you could say on Forbes, 57% of you listening out there want to start and grow your business and Clay, I can hardly wait to hear about this $100,000 bonus and when we get back from the break … I almost feel bad going to a a break right now but we have this obnoxious thing called sponsors that actually want to give us money to sell their wares and stay tuned. Because I want an extra $100,000 this year.
Clay Clark: Here’s a subliminal message for all the thrivers heading into the break, eat at Oklahoma Joe’s. Eat at Oklahoma Joe’s. Burnt ends. Burnt ends. Baked beans.
All right Thrive Nation, welcome back to business coach school without the bs. On today’s syllabus, we don’t have a syllabus. We’re gonna teach you how to make $100,000 additional dollars. Now Z, you have been a member of the six-figure club for awhile. You’ve done that. You are happy to pay copious amounts of taxes. You and I were talking about this off the air and on the air … You kind of look at it as when you pay a lot of taxes, that’s something you’re actually excited about as opposed to trying to dodge the tax man. Can you explain? Because we’re gonna teach you how to make $100,000 but can you explain your eyes wide open approach to wanting to pay taxes?
Rob Zoellner: Yes. That means you’ve made money. I remember once I was talking to someone about buying something and they went, “Oh man, that sounds like a good write off.”
Clay Clark: That’s a good write off man, that’s why I bought them suspenders.
Rob Zoellner: I looked at them and I just slapped them. Not physically, but mentally.
Clay Clark: Z, so you know technically if you can buy a hedgehog, you can get your whole home zoned as agricultural? Right on. Yeah, I bought myself a pond, an inground pond. I put that in there aboveground pool.
Rob Zoellner: And what that is is kind of the business ignorance that you see out there that people don’t really know have just kind of learned to go well if you can write that thing off, that’s good. I mean it’s all about writing off, right? I mean we’re trying to beat Uncle Sam. It’s just beating the man, just write it off.
Clay Clark: You know man, I no longer pay taxes at Atwoods because I got one of them tax exempt things in there.
Rob Zoellner: Because I got a hedgehog …
I look at them and I say, “No no no. You don’t understand. I don’t want a business that is losing money, therefore giving me the write off.” I want a business that is making money and I’m having to pay Uncle Sam large quantities of cash, i.e. the form of taxes. And they just look at me and they go, “You want to pay a lot of taxes?” I go, “Follow me. If I’m paying a lot of taxes. Guess what that means?”
Clay Clark: You can get two hedgehogs, you can feed them all yourself.
Rob Zoellner: Now you can start hedgehog breeding farms. No, that means that I made a lot of money.  I might want to hire a business coach for this business.
Clay Clark: That’s right. You’re making a lot more than you’re giving away.
Rob Zoellner: It’s just that mental thing that people are just going-
Clay Clark: All right, here’s the deal. Z, I want you to … Because you studied math in college. What was your degree?
Rob Zoellner: It’s called mathematics.
Clay Clark: Wow. And Jeff Rant, you’re a psychologist, correct?
Jeff Rant: Yeah.
Clay Clark: So you have a degree.
Jeff Rant: Yes.
Clay Clark: You went to school, okay. So these are two college graduates here, take 21,000 times 52 weeks and someone tells me what that math is roughly. Because we have a thriver who we’re working with who came in last week and who produced a profit last week of $21,000 … Now previously, their previous high ever was $1,700 a week. And last week they produced $21,000 of profit and this is within a 16 week coaching program. They went from their personal best to … What does that come out to per year is it?
Rob Zoellner: You said $21,000 per week or $21,000 per …?
Clay Clark: Per week. 52 weeks.
Rob Zoellner: That’s a million bucks. Think of all the business coach time you could buy with that.
Clay Clark: It sure is. It’s just over a million. I’m going to teach you how they did it because I’ve thought about switching professions to scale this. This is what happened is this business owner implemented the moves that I’m going to teach you. So step number one, what you need to do is you need to get yourself a Google Map listing. You need to go to Google Maps and register. So you go to google my business, okay. You type it in, just google my business. You’ll see it, register your address, and register it this way. Name it as whatever the name of your company is. So let’s just say that I sell bicycles. Okay.
So my name would … Say my business is called Thrive Bicycles. So you can call it Thrive of Tulsa Bicycles. So you say Thrive of Tulsa Bicycles. You’ve gotta say of Tulsa Bicycles, you can just say Thrive Bicycles. Why? Because that adjusts to Google’s rules and then you want to get ten times more reviews from your actual customers than your competition. Ten times more. As an example, go ahead and google Tulsa orthodontists and you will see what I’m talking about. I have an orthodontist I helped do this.
So long story short, that’s step one. Go ahead and register the map and I guess step two would be to get those reviews. Get ten times more. You can do it. It requires work asking your actual customers to write an honest review. Now the next step, is you want to build a search engine compliant website, okay. That’s step number three. Don’t get caught up in the weeds, we can teach you at our in person workshop. These are all things you can do yourself.
Well this person did it and in Tulsa they weren’t ranking anywhere in the map for the … There’s already millions of dollars of revenue. People are already out there spending money. But they were getting beat by their competition. And Google ranks your site based on who has the most reviews and who has the most content and who follows the rules. So these people came in, and I’m not kidding, this man comes in and he goes, “Hey, I had something I wanted to talk about today.” This just happened last Friday. I had something I wanted to talk about today. He goes, we had $21,000 in profit this week and I don’t really know how to account for the taxes on that. Do we take that out ahead of time?
Not braggadocios at all.
Rob Zoellner: Oh yeah, no no I get it.
Clay Clark: And he did it. And I go, what? Because this is a guy before who’s wondering if he could pay the small coaching fee and now he’s just rocking it.
Rob Zoellner: Beautiful.
Clay Clark: And there’s a thriver in Dallas that I spoke to this morning who said, “Hey, we generated $5,400 of sales this week and I was just wanting to know if we could get into the whole accounting side of things.” And these are two people, now if you make $5,000 extra a week, that’s $250,000 a year. These are real success stories. We’re not talking about smoking mirrors. You have to have a real product or service and in this situation, these are two business owners that really did have happy customers. They followed the systems and bam! They’re selling more stuff, Z.
Rob Zoellner: And the most exciting part of this Clay is if you’re listening out there and you have a business and you’re starting a business, you’re managing a business the great thing about this is this is just time. These things once you know how to do them, it’s just you now scheduling it and getting it done. I mean, this is not like, oh man I gotta you know spend all this money-
Clay Clark: But unfortunately, Z, unfortunately 98% of the people who are not listening to this show, they’re listening to other shows, they will not do it. Even when the business coach teaches them how because of this horrible habit of drifting. So what I told the client, I looked him in the eye, and I said, “You are a thriver. You’re doing the brand proud. I want to get you on the show talking about this because what you’re doing can encourage people but … And he said the thing is, for some reason those weekly coaching meetings, I’m sort of afraid of what you’re going to say to me. And I tell the clients all the time, I said hey, we don’t have to put up with. If my goal is to help you, but if I need to fire you, we can do that.
The minute clients want our services, so if you’re not gonna get it done let’s not waste our time and he says every week man I know that meeting’s coming on Friday so Thursday night I’m pulling an all-nighter like I’m studying for an exam or something, Z. But he wants to get it done so he doesn’t disappoint himself and us.
Rob Zoellner: Absolutely. And our next in person workshop is March 24th and 25th. Do we have any tickets left, Clay?
Clay Clark: I believe we are down to our final two, final two. So if you want it, now’s the time to get it. Don’t procrastinate because you gotta take action now if you want to get these tickets.
Rob Zoellner: all together gives you all the information about you can book your ticket and the best thing about it is it’s $500 and you say, “I don’t have $500.” We have scholarships available. Not for the business coach program but for the business coach conference.  We will not turn you down and you can bring up to three of your key employees and staff with you so you can have a little group of you here. We’ll set you up into small intimate setting. We try not to get anymore than say 50 60 people in at one time and then it’s two days of just awesomeness.
Clay Clark: Very detailed, specific search engine training, marketing training, accounting training, sales training. When we come back, I’m gonna have Jeff get into this mindset training. We’re gonna give him the floor to just get deep into why people are drifting and what you can do … Not you, ’cause we know that you the listener, you have never drifted. It’s the other people. These other people that have drifted.
Rob Zoellner: Apparently. I mean the word’s on the street and some of them are even doing those little cars around the corners. Tokyo drift.
Clay Clark: You’ve been in the car with me and you know that if I haven’t been tasered by the person in the passenger seat, I’m gonna drift right into oncoming traffic. You are the best business coach in the world but you’re the worst driver in the world. Ever and ever. In the universe.


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