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Business Coach : Make Your Dreams Come True

Business Coach : Make Your Dreams Come True
-One thing that’s huge is Ray Lewis– he’s an NFL Hall of Fame linebacker. He’s awesome. Whether you like what he did or does off the field or on the field, one of things that impressed me about his career was that when he retired, a lot of the interviews he gave about why he did it, it was like hey– I’m just simply not willing to put the level of work into it that I need to be at that top level again. But he did it every year. He was the hardest-working guy. He knew what it took to win on the field. You need to find and hire a business coach like that.

But he wasn’t one of those guys who tried to stay on the field while not being willing to put in the work. Once he got to a point where he realized– OK, I want to spend that time I was spending working out with my family and go to a different stage, he didn’t try to stay in the game while not putting in the work. I think a lot of entrepreneurs, we get guilty of trying to stay in the game without putting in the work. Do you see that a lot?

-That’s pride, business coach Clay. Pride really crumbles your ability to grow your business with relevancy. And companies have closed over this thing called pride.

I would always encourage a person to be cloning themselves. Because there is going to become a time where either– one, your mindset is just not there anymore. You’ve chosen that you want to do other things. Maybe you want to travel and do whatever. Maybe your physical health doesn’t allow you to do it. If you’ve not planned for that in a growing business, it will fail.

-Bryan, here’s a notable quotable. Napoleon Hill, the most successful self-help business coach of all time, once said, “Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” How big a role have your visions and dreams played in the overall level of success that you’ve been able to have at this point?

-It’s a huge piece for me, Clay. True entrepreneurs are always having a vision or a theme about what they’re going to do. I operate my business in themes. I like for my team members and my associates and people I’m mentoring to know what is my vision for this? And then I want to follow it up with this is what our theme’s going to be. In fact, our theme this year for my business is to be not just in the community, but be a part of it.

My team is now being trained to, and working from, that very theme– of being a part of our community, not just in it, so we can connect with people. I’ve learned with my team that the extent to which I care about my team is going to be extent to which they care about my clients. And so I want to make sure I have a place where everyone matters. I’m learning all the time that when I come in and I connect with my team, no matter how busy I am, they’re going to go connect with my clients the very same way that I’ve connected with them. So vision and theme are big. They all play off that one thing that we’ve talked about all day, which is culture.

-If I’m watching this right now and I am pumped up– I’ve got big visions. I have this vision. Maybe I’m a little bit unique, but I have this vision of riding a unicorn up to an exploding awesomeness. I have these big dreams, but I’m having a hard time getting any traction. I, for some reason, cannot get on the unicorn. I can’t get any traction. I can’t get any momentum going. What advice would you have for me?

-You know, you’ve got to be the nucleus. And when you talk about your staff or the people that are going to help you build your business, you’ve got to understand how important they are. I learn every day that entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, business owners are out there letting other people train their leaders. And I think that’s a phenomenal mistake. I think the very best businesspeople are training and programming a mindset and cloning themselves through other people directly instead of letting other people do it and hoping it turns out right.

-Let me ask you this, then, here. A notable quotable, again, from Napoleon Hill. He says, “Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.” Turning your dream into reality– repetition of thought– how do you repeat the thought or the big idea or the plan or the purpose on a daily basis so they don’t just drift away and not happen?

-What comes down to living a life worth imitating is that you’ve got to be disciplined. You’ve got to constantly be doing the things that you already know how to do. Some people forget that concentrating and practicing is really what got you where you were at in the first place. And if you forget to do those things or they don’t become important you anymore, you’ll figure out that you’re not very good at it anymore.

And one of the things that I still do is people say– oh, you’ve got tons of staff calling on people, asking them to become clients. What do you do with your time? Same thing. Because I’m never going to ask any of my staff or a business coach to do things I’m not already doing or willing to do myself. And so when my staff sees me doing the same things that I ask them to do, they get better at what they do.


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