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Business Coach: Making A Good Brand

 Business Coach: Making A Good Brand


This business coach information and content is written for the world’s best business coaching show, The Thrivetime Show.

It takes a lot to start a business and it takes a lot to be a business coach. Besides the capital, you have to know your market, how to market your product or service and you have to be the best. You want your customer to say wow about your product  To market your product you will need a brand. Your brand is synonymous with your name, so you will need a good brand. To market your product you will need to be at the top,of google search engine. To do this, you will need SEOs, search engine optimization. You will need a website with some good graphic design. You will want to advertise. You will probably have some copywriting needs. This is all just in the beginning stages. There is so much more once you have all that in place.  Sounds like you will need to invest in some business coach. Imagine using one company for this?  Clay Clark,855-955-7469, founder of Thrive 15 has made the process simpler. Visit the Thrivetime Show and for more insights and answers on for your business.

Clay Clark, college dropout, highly successful serial entrepreneur created Thrive 15, his business coach company to simplify the process. Building business is what Clay Clark is about. Not just any kind of business, but the kind that thrives, not just survives. He is passionate about his strategies and tools he has developed that have been proven over and over to create successful businesses. When applied, these strategies will jumpstart your business and propel your business faster and better to get you where you want to be. Financially independent.

As an expert business coach on the subject of business, he has written many books on the intricacies of business. Big business or small business, he wants to see you succeed. You can read his books, go to the website at the, attend one of his many 2 day seminars, listen to his live radio broadcast, and listen to the podcasts for all things business. You can join forces with Thrive 15, his business coach company that delivers a punch, in case you were expecting nothing out of the ordinary.

Clay Clark is anything but ordinary. He dropped out of college, it was either that or quit his first business, DJ Connection. DJ Connection became a big success. But he did not stop there. He started a men’s grooming salon called Elephant in the Room, another success. Every business he started became a success. He had men and women wanting to know how he did it, why his way works. What wa his secret. What are his strategies. He started traveling and speaking on the subject. Eventually the demand became so great, he created Thrive 15 to teach and help other entrepreneurs like himself. Thrive 15 is a young company and yet another huge success.

Is it any wonder he was named entrepreneur of the year? He was written about in Forbes magazine. He made the top 40 list of entrepreneurs under the age of 40? The list of accolades goes on. Get in on the train of success and call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469. Listen in on the live business radio show the Thrivetime Show where questions get answered.

Business Coach – Investing Options.

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Have you figured out the best way to invest in your business? There are so many different options to invest. You may invest in a marketing guru. You may want to invest in a web designer. I get it. Picking the right investment can be a little tricky and overwhelming. After you find out what you need to invest in, the question is – what comes first? What if I told you, all of the questions could be answered through one single investment? The best investment for your business is business coach. Why is it the best, you ask? A coach will give you the right direction, keep you accountable, and allow you to succeed seven times faster! You need to listen to all the reasons in a podcast by the Thrivetime show. Clay Clark, the co-owner, will show you exactly what you need to succeed.

Wouldn’t running your business be ten times easier if you had someone to tell you what to do? Running a business requires many different hats. Businesses can be about trial and error as well. If you start your business because it was a hobby of yours, you might not know exactly what to do to achieve success. You are trying to get into the right resources. You have exhausted every resource for podcasts, business books, and studies to get the information you need. Still, you struggle with the exact roadmap for success. Business coaching will allow you to cut out the extra research that isn’t beneficial to you or your business. Coaches are experienced in business and can direct you in the right path. They’ve grown their own business’. They have also helped grow countless other businesses as well. Trust in their expertise and don’t be hesitant in investing.

You need to be kept accountable. This is where a coach steps in. When you invest in business coach, you will have a weekly meeting. Each meeting, you will receive an agenda of deadlines to do for the next week. This way, you won’t be answering to yourself. If you get in a routine of only answering to yourself, you will get a bit lazy. Excuses will start popping out of nowhere because you didn’t get what you need to get done. If you go to your weekly meeting, and don’t have your agenda complete, you will feel pressured. You will feel bad for not completing your agenda. This is what a coach is here for. A coach will not let you have excuses. They will be the reason you finish all your work.

Just like I said before, a coach is experienced. Bringing experience into your business means faster success than if you did it yourself. You need a set of experienced eyes to show you why a marketing effort did not pull through, or why your business isn’t moving forward. They are here to give you the proven turn-key systems for success. This will allow you to only focus on the important things that move that needle in your business.

Don’t waste any more time trying to DIY your own business. Let a coach give you the expert direction and correct path to success. There are many resources about business and growth. You don’t need to look around. The only place you need to go is the They have compiled every important detail about running a business into one show. The Thrivetime show has phenomenal information on how to succeed. Clay Clark, the co-owner, wants to answer your specific questions at 855-955-7469.


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