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Business Coach : Be Memorable

Business Coach : Be Memorable

[MUSIC PLAYING] -What I want to do today is I want to focus on your why and then we’ll hop into the specific details. We’ve got Dr. Joe here from St. Louis. And how did you decide to get into the medical field? Like, what was your impetus? -When I was younger, I was always very near-sighted. My vision would get worse and worse every year. So I remember going to the eye doctor and walking with blurry vision. And then half an hour, an hour later, walking out with new contacts and being able to see again. I thought that was just the coolest thing, to be able to give someone an immediate response in their vision there. If you want a clearer vision, seek out a business coach.

-When did you grab ahold of that idea and go, that’s what I want to do? When was that? Do you remember? -Probably around freshman year of high school.

-Every business in the world– and I don’t care whether it’s, in your case, optometry or it’s, in my case, photography. Or men’s haircuts or online education or whatever. They all start– if you can just draw these two circles. They all start in the middle here with your why. This is your why. Like, what is the point? And then around it is all of this– to be technical– crap that we have to do. Over here, you’ve got marketing. And if you can just jot this down. I want to make sure you see this. So you have marketing, which– when you’re explaining your vision or I’m explaining my vision to people, at no point did I say, I really want to do marketing. A business coach can help with marketing.

I always thought, I love DJing, so I thought I could teach others how to enjoy DJing or teaching other people to DJ. Or entertaining for crowds. I never thought, like, marketing. And then after marketing, then we have this whole sales deal. And I don’t think anybody thought, well, what I would love to do is deal with the government and then charge customers a few dollars and figure out what percentage of the bill the government will actually reimburse me for with the insurance. So there’s sales. And then after sales, you go, well, I’ve sold something. Now I’ve got to do customer service. I’ve got to commit to providing what I told people to do in a memorable way. And then after that, you have accounting. And very few business owners said, I would love to do accounting, because I am so passionate.

I think when we were asking you your why to begin with, you weren’t going, I wanted to help people see and then do all the accounting. And then, after you do the accounting, then you’ve got to hire some people, over and over and over. And again, very few people say, you know, what I’d like to do is hire people. And then they get pregnant or they get a job or they quit and they do something weird. And I just want to have a constant turnover every two years or every year. That’s what I want to do with my life. And then the final thing is PR. There’s a lot of detail here. PR is public relations. And very few business owners say, I want to help the world see better. A business coach can help you see better.

But I also want to learn how to talk to the media and get the news and make sure I don’t say something wrong. So what we’re going to do today is make sure that we cover all of these bases so when you walk out of here 48 hours from now, you have every single thing that you need to be successful there. But what I want to do today is I want to focus on your why and then we’ll hop into the specific details. -OK. -So, one is faith. And I’m not going to ask you questions about your faith. But I would encourage you just to take a second and jot down, what’s the point? And for anybody who’s watching and maybe has a different point– we’ve talked to Thrivers of all different religions.

But let’s figure that out– the faith. And then the family. What are our family goals? And then let’s figure out the finances. And I’m going to focus today on the finances part of it. And I’m going to pretend that you told me, Clay, take-home at the end of every week, I would love to keep $10,000 every week. I’d love to. Why? Because I want to be able to take my kids to the school they deserve to go to, to the soccer practices they need to go to. In my case, with my dad having cancer, to take the family to the medical procedures they need to, to take them on the vacations. Faith– I want to donate to the causes that matter to me. But if you could just go ahead and jot down a number. You don’t have to tell me. But just jot down a financial number, per week, that you want to get to in profit.


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