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Business Coach : What Motivates You

Business Coach : What Motivates You
-I want to walk you through this real quick.

TIM REDMOND: Let me say that real quick. You determine your day the night before. Well, I just felt like this, and I was watching David Letterman and Jay Leno– well Jay Leno is out. We determine how we begin our day. We make that decision the night before. Quite a bit. Go ahead.

-For me, one thing I’ve found is that I know how to motivate myself. But this is something that I do. I notice if I listen to talk radio on the way in to work, I can get angry from the time I leave my house to the time I get to the office. Just the insanity I hear– I’m like oh, man. So what I’ve replaced that time with, for me, is I replaced it with self-help audio or things that motivate me– music that’s inspiring, whatever. So I can usually get pumped up between 4:00 in the morning and 4:30 on my way here. Then, when I get here–

-You’re investing in yourself. You understand that you have to show up full-go, and so you’ve got to prep yourself to make sure you’re ready for full-go.

-Then what I’ll do is I’ll listen to motivational music while I’m doing my paperwork. I hate doing paperwork. So I’m listening to Braveheart or something. And as I’m going throughout the day, I’ve just made sure– at least for me– I don’t really watch the news unless it’s something that’s going to help me make more money or teach me how to make more. And I don’t listen to negatives. I’ve surrounded myself with positive people.

I used to have a lot of negative people that were on me. Would you agree that you have to be intentional about creating this environment of positivity?

-Oh, yeah. Yeah. We both are a business coach. We’re both into that. We’re both doing really good with that. One of the big things we do is we evaluate this environment, and they’re wondering– why? I’m just not motivated. I say– well, look at how you created your environment. So one of the things we’ll do is we’ll actually create, through several steps, a supportive environment, a predictable pattern.

Well, I just don’t like having predictable patterns. Well, you like being a pathetic mass of humanity that’s not going anywhere. Just deal with it.

I’m not judging people for how they are. There’s differences and variety. That’s the spice of life. I love all that. But you learn to set patterns here when you’re getting yourself ready to play ball, when you’re going out to box, you’re going out to play baseball. I used to wrestle. In Oklahoma, we wrassle, we don’t wrestle. You go to make a speech, you go out to present something in a sales deal. There’s preparation beforehand so you can play full out so you can maximize your performance. Every day is like that for an entrepreneur. As well as for a business coach

-When you were building the Tax and Accounting Company with the partner, you guys are growing this thing. Horrible things happen. There’s probably an employee who stole something. There’s probably an employee who lied to you. There’s probably a lawsuit. But you can choose to stay positive. A business coach can help you do so.

TIM REDMOND: Filed suits against us! Oh, yeah.

-How do you stay positive when you’re getting sued?

-You’ve got to have a framework to say– OK. What am I going to focus on, and what does this mean to me? So what am I focusing on? I’ve got a big pile of fecal matter right here, and this week it’s even grown bigger, and it’s even stinkier. So what does this mean to me? This means that I’m going to have to smell this stuff for the rest of my life? I’m going to swim through it? It’s a certain swamp? You know I like to have a preface before.

So am I stuck here? Or how can I creatively reduce this, eliminate this, or profit from this? I’m asking myself powerful questions, not weakening questions. I’m asking myself questions that force me to show up and play full-out in a creative way, versus those things that go– why is this happening to me?

Why am I so stuck in this? Your brain’s going to start to solve toward that. Why am I stuck here? Well, because– You’re going to have 23 reasons why you’re stuck there. You’re putting a straitjacket on yourself. So I’m going to go change the world with a big straitjacket? You’re not going to. Take the straitjacket off.

How can I profit from this? What good is going on? How can I take advantage of this? What other things are going on in my business that I’m ignoring because of this big pile of garbage here– that I’m ignoring all this profit that’s in there? What we do is we get these blinders so that’s all we see– the big pile of garbage here, the stinky mess, and we began reacting to it. Ask yourself these questions. Reach out to a business coach for help.


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